The Taste of Night

Vicki Pettersson

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The Taste of Night

The Taste of Night The Second Sign of the ZodiacBeing mortal isn t easy Being a superhero is even harder Even mortal Joanna Archer was nobody s idea of a victim But now infused with the supernatural power to alter the

  • Title: The Taste of Night
  • Author: Vicki Pettersson
  • ISBN: 9780061339684
  • Page: 353
  • Format: ebook
  • The Second Sign of the ZodiacBeing mortal isn t easy Being a superhero is even harder.Even mortal, Joanna Archer was nobody s idea of a victim But now, infused with the supernatural power to alter the battle between Shadow and Light forever, what she s become is a target And when a toxic virus invades the valley, her allies are targets are well To find the cure that wiThe Second Sign of the ZodiacBeing mortal isn t easy Being a superhero is even harder.Even mortal, Joanna Archer was nobody s idea of a victim But now, infused with the supernatural power to alter the battle between Shadow and Light forever, what she s become is a target And when a toxic virus invades the valley, her allies are targets are well To find the cure that will save them, Joanna must embrace her Shadow side even if it leads her into an all out battle with the demons of her past.

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    One thought on “The Taste of Night

    1. AH on said:

      Imagine a world where comic book heroes walk amongst us fighting the age old battle of good vs. evil. In The Taste of Night, the battle is between the Light and Shadow forces, each divided into a corresponding sign of the Zodiac. Their actions are chronicled by two comic book writers who publish manuals for both the Light and the Shadow sides of the Zodiac.Set in Las Vegas, the author built a world that is not out of the realm of possibility. Las Vegas provides a rich and colorful background, fu [...]

    2. Monique on said:

      Having an attitude and being "tough" are two different things and I don't think that the author or Joanna understand that. You have an "attitude" when you break into someone's house to kill them but then end up having to be rescued You're "tough" if you can get yourself in to and (more importantly) OUT of trouble. I guess I was hoping for another Rachel Morgan, Mercedes Thompson or Kitty Norville kind of character.(Bad ass!) Joanna talks the talk but can't walk the walk. She's a selfish characte [...]

    3. Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim) on said:

      So I keep telling myself that I'm not going to read this as the world just doesn't make as much sense as it should. Then I pick it up and read another hundred pages and wonder what my problem is. I'm not overly fond of the characters. I don't like the writing style very much. And I particularly hate that people don't figure out the whole Jo/Olivia thing.And yet there is something compelling about it. I really want to know what happens next. Will I get the next book and read it too? Yep.

    4. Marcy Jo on said:

      This book was freaking fantastic. As much as I liked the first book in this series, this on just blew it out of the water. There is still a lot of mythology being built around what you're reading, and sometimes you have to pause to think about what is really happening, but it doesn't take take away from the story at all. The characters are so relatable. You just want to hug/pat their head/kiss/beat the crap out of them. And the end? Sheesh. The END. I can't WAIT to read the third book. In fact, [...]

    5. Seth on said:

      This is 100% better than the first in the series, making it about as good as the average first novel. The major plusses are some actual spine in the main character, a nice (if transparent) plot by the Bad Guys(TM), some deus ex machina that fits the comic genre very well, and an attempt to clean up some of the absolutely horrible holes in the world setup.Our heroine, the superhero with no discernable special powers other than the body of a playmate (a real playmate--she was in the magazine about [...]

    6. Megan on said:

      This series really annoyed me. I enjoyed the background of the main character and the build up of book one, but I thought Scent of shadows was better organized, it seemed like a second draft. This book was a bit more sloppy for a few reasons.It really irked me when Warren basically said Regan is a puppet for the 'king of shadows' but apparently Joanna forgot this because of her shock when her dad told her that he knew Regans schemes.I didnt like that Warren is more like the dictator of their lit [...]

    7. Kay on said:

      Ok , I'll admit it. Maybe I was just expecting too much after The Scent of Shadows. Because even though I know this was a well-written, cleverly plotted book - I couldn't help but be disappointed. Before I get into why, I just want to reiterate that this is an amazing series. Vicki Pettersson has created a genuinely unique universe in an already saturated market. I guess these next comments could be considered the nit-picking of a fan.My trouble was with the main character, Jo. While I had quite [...]

    8. Ithlilian on said:

      The Scent of Shadows was one of the first urban fantasies I read, but I knew it was different even then. Many people said the first book was too much setup and not enough follow through, and that it was confusing. I saw it as exciting, unique, and interesting. It was not the typical butt kicking ultra powerful super perfect girl that everyone loves running around killing bad guys. The Taste of Night simplified things a bit, but was still interesting. The best part: the characters.Joanna Archer i [...]

    9. Ambre on said:

      After initially quitting this book in disgust, I went back to it out of desperation- I read a lot faster than the library acquires. Anyway, I was able to get through it after letting my initial reaction fade a bit.I think I have determined that I really wouldn't like this author much if I met her in person. Why? Well, even her "good guys" are entirely willing to throw friends under the bus to get what they want. Everybody in these books resorts to back biting eventually. And, well,the heroine wo [...]

    10. Steph on said:

      The Taste of Night picks up where The Scent of Shadows left off. Joanna (in the body of her sister, Olivia) is still trying to adjust to her life with the merry band of superheros who battle the Shadow Zodiac. She continues to hunt down her rapist Joaquim, a big baddy with the Shadow.Meanwhile in Gotham City Vegas, the Light is chillaxin' in their hideout with the belief that things are quiet because the Shadow must regroup and all is well. Joanne doesn't agree and does what she does best - diso [...]

    11. Sammi on said:

      Like the first book in the Zodiac series, this book kept me involved and intrigued from the beginning. I had dreams about the storyline and the characters, I wished I had two sets of eyes and two brains so that I could read while at work, read while driving, read while in the shower I even wanted to skip sleep altogether just to finish this book! I highly recommend it. It shows that even superheroes have faults and make mistakes.

    12. Chad on said:

      Took this on vacation as an emergency book - it was really bad. Couldn't finish it. I really wanted to like it - I really did and I admire the author for creating a heroine and new world. I just can't get beyond a hero that continually puts people in dire straits (her troop, a little girl, a would-be boyfriend, an old boy friend)

    13. Theresa Materazzi on said:

      A world of comic book characters from both sides good and evil how could you go wrong?! You can't! Progressing through this series keeps me hanging on as I get to learn more and more about each sign. Fabulous! I can't wait to read the next book!

    14. ☀Rachael☀ on said:

      I do like Jo but there is something missing from this to stop me from loving it!

    15. Jennifer on said:

      I enjoyed the second book as much as the first. Action packed and sexy with enough plot to keep you interested.

    16. Adrielle on said:

      This is a fabulous world. Light and dark, good vs evil involving comic book like characters in real time. Love it! I am actually going to reread this series.

    17. Ladawn Bowling on said:

      i think im glad kim harrison is so awesome about posting on facebook when her fellow authors books are on sale. i never would have picked up the series otherwise but now im really into it.

    18. Jessica Pendlebury on said:

      Here's the thing. Urban fantasy can go well and can go wrong. In this book, the setting was interesting, the characters and storyline were pretty fresh. Then the main character acted like she'd had a frontal lobotomy at every turn and acted like she was 15 and not 25. Marked DNF at the 80% mark. I was that close to finishing and just went, yeah- nah.

    19. Red Lace Reviews on said:

      Joanna Archer, representing the Light-side Sagittarius sign in the Zodiac troupe of Las Vegas, continues to juggle her new-found life in her sister's body. Not only does she have to keep up appearances of being the sole progeny to the richest man in the city, she also has to protect society from the Shadow organisation hellbent on terrorising the innocent. Finding herself in a rather peculiar predicament, Joanna reluctantly makes a deal with a Shadow initiate; one that she might come to regret.( [...]

    20. Juli on said:

      Joanna's character development is coming along almost too slowly. The plot holes and poor editing bothered me. (If I have to read the phrase "swallowed hard" every other page or so in the next book I'll be done.) However, I enjoyed the behind the scenes information about the comic book store, the dark humor, Hunter, Tekla and Ben.

    21. Stan on said:

      The main character is an idiot. She always disregards the advice of others and does what she wants endangering her life and others I hate heroes/heroines like this. The second book in this series was series killer I will probably not be reading this series any more.

    22. Kristine on said:

      Definitely one of the best books I've read in awhile. And the writing is so perfectly amazing, I felt as though I was right there the whole time. It's a must read for anyone into the paranormal and/or paranormal romance!!

    23. Haralambi Markov on said:

      After reading “Scent of Shadows” by Vicki Pettersson I was left ecstatic with the Urban Fantasy genre as a whole even more as it was my fourth book into the genre. While “Stray” offered great amount of sexual tension and feline shapeshifters, “Halfway to the Grave” lots of action and sarcasm and “Touch the Dark” mix from mythology, magic and intrigued, it was “Scent of Shadows” that defined the genre for me. Vicki Pettersson pulled out a whole new world out of the nothing, re [...]

    24. Melisande on said:

      This series is not my most favorite but sometimes I need a change of pace in what I read and it fits the bill. I would recommend it to people who like super heroes

    25. Nairabell on said:

      Joanna Archer's life changed when she discovered that Las Vegas was a battleground for the Agents of Light and Shadow, and that she is the Kairos - a warrior who is from both sides, and is free to choose her own allegiance. Now Joanna's life is split between masquerading as her dead sister Olivia and battling as the Light Sagittarius warrior against the shadow. But then Las Vegas is gripped by a terrifiying epidemic triggered by the Shadow, and Joanna is about to learn that the people she has co [...]

    26. Angie on said:

      Picking up three months later, The Taste of Night begins with Joanna settled into her new identity, but still not having gained the trust of the other members of her troop. She's still set on exacting revenge against Joaquin, but once a deadly virus is released in the city, Joanna has a new mission. She meets a Shadow initiate named Regan who seems to be feeding her useful information about them, but of course, Joanna can't tell her team or else be seen as a traitor. She essentially has to act l [...]

    27. Marcia on said:

      This book frustrated me beyond belief, as Olivia/Joanna kept doing things that just kept me wanting to RING HER NECK. I guess that's the appeal though, it kept me on the edge of my seat, that I read almost the entire thing in one night. The book picks up right where the last one ended. Vicki throws all kinds of chaos into the mix, and even though the novel does not progress forward 'quickly', I love how she takes her times, builds her characters and makes me fall in love with every single one. I [...]

    28. Joe on said:

      After reading the first book in the series, I went and downloaded the second to my Nook in and effort to read a series through to the end before starting a new one. I was not disappointed with this plan in the least. It was almost as if it was an extension of the first book, flowing right into it.As I expected, there was none of the slow intro that there is many times in the first book in a series. If you read the first book, you would already know about the paranormal world Jo lives in. This al [...]

    29. Nancy Meservier on said:

      Joanna Archer's life changed forever the night her sister died and she found out about the Zodiac. That in Las Vegas, an underground battle was being fought between the forces of the Light and Shadow, and she had the most important part to play. As the mythical Kairos, Joanna is both Shadow and Light. Her estranged mother was once the Archer of Light, and her father is the Tulpa, an evil creature that runs the Shadow side. Now, the Archer of Light herself, Joanna struggles to adjust to her new l [...]

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