The Demon in Me

Michelle Rowen

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The Demon in Me

The Demon in Me Hell hath no fury like a woman possessedAfter her hunky police detective partner guns down a serial killer in front of her psychic consultant Eden Riley realizes that she s no longer alone A voice in

  • Title: The Demon in Me
  • Author: Michelle Rowen
  • ISBN: 9780425234686
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hell hath no fury like a woman possessedAfter her hunky police detective partner guns down a serial killer in front of her, psychic consultant Eden Riley realizes that she s no longer alone A voice in her head introduces himself as Darrak He s a demon But not in a bad way He was cursed 300 years ago and he wants to find a way to break free Eden s psychic energy hHell hath no fury like a woman possessedAfter her hunky police detective partner guns down a serial killer in front of her, psychic consultant Eden Riley realizes that she s no longer alone A voice in her head introduces himself as Darrak He s a demon But not in a bad way He was cursed 300 years ago and he wants to find a way to break free Eden s psychic energy helps him take form during daylight, and she s going to have to learn to live with this sexy demonke it or not

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      487 Michelle Rowen
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    One thought on “The Demon in Me

    1. Sans on said:

      This was my first "demon" book. I've stayed away from them for a while, but dash it all, this just sounded too good. I'm glad I finally caved.The Good: Eden. I loved her! She was tough, empathetic and knew enough to be terrified shitless when the situation called for it. She didn't think she could take on the world (a character flaw that bugs me in most paranormal romance and urban fantasy) and was actively trying to get help when she needed it. She even knew when the help she was looking for wa [...]

    2. Lainey on said:

      The concept was really awesome. You follow a light medium who ends up getting possessed by a demon. But the demon is smoking hot and there's more to him than meets the eye. What I liked most about this was how Rowen brings in the supernatural realm once our main character Eden is introduced to this world. It is really reminiscent to the magic worlds seen in the TV show Charmed, Angel, and even Supernatural and I LOVED that. At times, I found the dialogue to be a little cheesy, but overall, I rea [...]

    3. Mary Abshire on said:

      Pretty decent book. Third person POV. Bad demon becomes good demon. Good person unknowingly becomes black witch via sex. Yeah, that's different. LOL.Protagonist is very relatable, quirky and funny. I like her.Love the part about a Goonies poster!Author didn't say how to get rid of the demon since the one person who could is now dead. Hm. . . The ending was a nice surprise. Her father is a what? ;o)I like this one. Curious to read the next.

    4. Jill Myles on said:

      So I got to read this early, and it was very fun! I have to admit that Rowen surprised me many times - just when I thought I had the story figured out, she twisted it on me again. Love that. :)

    5. Torzilla on said:

      Rating: 4.5/5 StarsThis book took me so long to review, and it's not because I didn't enjoy it. In fact, I think that, if anything, The Demon in Me is a refreshingly new twist to paranormal books.Readers meet Eden, a young woman living on her own. She's struggling to make ends meet within a dying business. Hired as a "psychic consultant", our heroine is exploring a serial killer's home. Imagine her surprise when she stumbles upon our friendly neighborhood demon Darrak, who wastes no time in poss [...]

    6. Wicked Lil Pixie (Natasha) on said:

      The Demon In Me is the kick off to Michelle Rowen’s new Living In Eden Series.Eden Riley is a psychic consultant to the police department, but Eden’s not like any other psychic. She doesn’t really believe she’s a psychic, she gets odd vibes but she can’t just direct things to happen for her. After finding a missing dog which she finds out belongs to the wife of the Chief of Police, Eden is asked to consult with them of the case of a serial killer. Accidentally, Eden finds the serial ki [...]

    7. Catherine on said:

      Eden Riley is a skeptical psychic. After helping the Chief of Police's wife find her missing dog she was pressured into taking a job as a psychic consultant for the police. No one is more miserable about this arrangement than Eden. She freely admits that she doesn't believe she's psychic. She gets hunches that pan out, but she can't make herself have psychic visions. That means she's not psychic, right? Unfortunately for Eden, on her first consultant job she gets a hunch about where a serial kil [...]

    8. valee on said:

      My feelings toward this book are all mixed up. While reading it I just couldn't put it down, I had this itch to keep reading and reading but once I finish it I never felt like it was the best book ever or anything similar. It was a great read though, original and catching, I really liked it. I think it has a lot of potential to become an amazing series but it has also the potential to become one very, very lame. One can only hope next book is better and not one which will ruin everything.I liked [...]

    9. Awilk -never sleeps- on said:

      Michelle Rowan always confuses me. Not her stories, just my own feelings toward them. I like them. Her characters always appeal to me, and her plotting has a good pace. The problem is, I always feel there is something missing, but can never put my finger on it. So now that I have finished this book, the first one in this series, I know I will have to read the others, to find out what happens, but these books will never be favourites that I re-read over and over again. I would also like a bit mor [...]

    10. Barbara (VampAngel) on said:

      Eden Riley is a skeptic psychic. She knows she has a little power, but she has no control over it. She is not a big believer in what she can do, but while working with the Police to find a serial killer, she has a vision and ends up finding him. It turns out to be a horrible experience for her. The killer makes her a hostage and the cop she is working with, the handsome Ben Hanson, has to shoot him. Little did she know, but the serial killer was possessed by a demon and when he dies the demon ju [...]

    11. Melindeeloo on said:

      The Demon in Me kicks off a new series which is not quite paranormal romance and yet not quite urban fantasy either. Leading lady Eden, is a psychic who is skeptical about her abilities - she thinks she's just a bit intuitive since her powers are somewhat erratic. On Eden's first job as a police consultant, her powers work just fine, but as an unfortunate consequence of her first success, Eden ends up posessed by a demon. The demon was cursed by a witch 300 years ago and has been disembodied eve [...]

    12. Amy Jacobs on said:

      After falling in love with the author's other books, I was excited to start another series by her. Michelle Rowen always has the ability to create a new world with witty humor, fun characters and all at a great pace to keep me interested from beginning to end. With this series, we meet Eden Riley. Eden has a small touch of psychic in her that she has been using to help the police in unsolved cases. In her first case with the police, she failed them. Now as she tries again with the next case, she [...]

    13. Smokinhotbooks K.C. on said:

      I was really surprised by Michelle Rowen's latest the Demon In Me. I enjoyed her Fanged and Fabulous series as a very light but forgettable read. The Demon in Me was a bit darker, edgier, and yes, still funny, read.Eden Riley is a psychic that doesn't really believe in psychics (I know, right?) when she is paired with the delicious detective Ben aka golden boy to solve a murder. Fate doesn't seem to like Eden Riley much these days - she is attacked and almost killed by the serial killer hiding i [...]

    14. mlady_rebecca on said:

      I picked this up because I thought it sounded like a novel concept. How many times have the hero and heroine shared the same body? I wasn't disappointed. Eden, a woman who's just a little bit psychic, ends up being possessed by a demon after his previous host is killed by police. She was on scene playing psychic detective, and she just happened to be the closest warm body available when the demon had to seek a new host.Usually Darrak resides in humans, but has little control or contact with them [...]

    15. Nickyrian on said:

      I have not known Michelle Rowen until I have encountered the Dark Kiss (Nightwatchers series). I have craved for her writings ever since then. She has not yet failed me once of delivering such good novels. She has the ability to entertain her audience with great deal of romance, laughter, and supernatural factoids. She is very effective on transporting you from the real world to the LaLa Land. ;-) This book was like the TV series Supernatural. The story was about a demon who was cursed by a dark [...]

    16. Ivanna on said:

      ceritanya lucuuuuuu banyak banget scene yg bikin ketawa lucu banget saat Darrak cemburuEden seorang psikis yg rada ga pede dengan kekuatannya. Di minta oleh seorang detektif HOT yg bernama Ben Hanson (Eden langsung manaruh hati tuh sama tuh detektif.) untuk mencari membunuh berantai yg telah membunuh para perempuan. Eden berhasil menemukan persembunyian tuh penjahat, yg ternyata penjahat itu kerasukan 'setan'. Penjahat itu di bunuh sama detektif Ben, dan setan yg ada di tubuh penjahat itu pindah [...]

    17. Lisa on said:

      funxy.engaging. Those are just a few words I could use to descibe The Demon In Me. This is the first book in the Living In Eden series by Ms Rowen. Eden Riley becomes posessed by a demon who just happens to need her help in breaking a curse that keeps him in need of a human "host" body. Darrak is said demon and when in his "human' form is quite a looker which is making it very hard for Eden to have him exorcised from her so she can get on with her life. Darrak has told her he is a "good" demon a [...]

    18. Ann on said:

      LOVED this book. A 4.5 Stars. This is a new author find for me. I've since downloaded several of her books. Have loved every one of them. The Demon in Me is hot, sexy, incredibly witty and funny. Eden is a psychic working as a consultant for the police. As a result of the murder of his host, Darrack is a demon forced to possess Eden by night but has control over his body by dayjust as long as he stays within 90 feet of Eden. Darrack is hilarious and he and Eden are a fabulous couple. Eden is int [...]

    19. Marianne on said:

      ★★★+Eden is mostly faking her psychic ability until an assignment for the police goes wrong, and she winds up with a sexy, but cursed archdemon inside her head. (and in her bed.)Her mundane life is turned upside down when her newfound powers make her failing detective agency a hotspot for otherworldly creatured. Meanwhile, the Malleum, an organization that fights against demons, want to exorcise her demon companion with or without her consent. And Darrak is actively sabotaging her lovelife [...]

    20. marlene on said:

      the premise of this book had so much potential. the problem was the writing itself. it just seemed juvenile. the book came off like it was written by a teenager. a decent portion of the dialog sounded like it was taken out of a high school girl's bathroom. i am hoping this is one of those cases where the author finds their voice over time.

    21. Sarah on said:

      3-1/2 stars for this one. It started out very reminiscent of Jenna Black's Morgan Kingsley series. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the second half of the book. The likable characters really drive the story.

    22. Mistress ~ ♠ Mistral's Kiss ♠ ~ (Mist) on said:

      A fun read, lots of snappy dialouge (though a touch repetive in parts). A Solid Paranormal Chicklit read. It's the softer side of sears of Jenna Blacks' Demon series, missing the Urban Fantasy action/plotting and S & M.

    23. Deb on said:

      Wow! I really loved this book! The ending, I have to admit, I did NOT see coming! Darrak and Eden make a fantastic couple dispite their problems. I have mixed feelings about Ben. I can't believe I have to wait until October for the next book!

    24. Bry on said:

      Oh man. This story really sucked me in. Eden wasn't a total idiot, and Darrak was well, Darrak.It was very refreshing, despite the rather disappointing sex scene, and I'm probably going to get the next one.

    25. Suzanne on said:

      I enjoyed The Demon in Me a lot. I really took to Eden and also to her demon Darrak. There were mentions of different types of 'others' in this book and I'm hoping we'll meet some more in the next book.

    26. Paranormal Romance on said:

      It took one night, one fateful night to change the heroines world forever. Also a little bit psychic, not enough to depend upon but unnerving enough to signal the fact that she was not entire normal, she's got a gig with the Toronto police to help catch a serial killer. Little did she know that she's catch the stupid man hiding out in his own closet. But he comes at her with a knife, raving about a demon inside and gets shot and killed. The heroine doesn't want to think too much on that situatio [...]

    27. Teagan on said:

      3.5 stars"Just when she thought this situation sucked as hard as it possibly could, it started sucking just a little bit more." A funny, fast-paced, romantic novel about demonic possession. After being attacked by a serial killer, Eden becomes possessed by the demon Darrak who can take form during the day but returns to her body during the night. Usually to offer unhelpful, earnest and funny commentary on everything." 'Darrak' - Rosa began, 'I say your true name in order to bind you.''You told h [...]

    28. Jodie Estrada on said:

      Loved the main character Eden, and how she developed throughout the book with her relationships with everyone and who she is. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    29. Hookedonbooks on said:

      awesome read. Liked Eden and the whole premise and quirky dialigue at times. Plan to read more by this author.

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