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Stuart Woods

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Dark Harbor

Dark Harbor Stone Barrington and Holly Barker Woods busiest heroes pair up again this yarn finding Stone traveling to Dark Harbor Maine after his cousin Dick Stone and his family are found murdered at thei

  • Title: Dark Harbor
  • Author: Stuart Woods
  • ISBN: 9780451218704
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stone Barrington and Holly Barker, Woods busiest heroes, pair up again, this yarn finding Stone traveling to Dark Harbor, Maine, after his cousin, Dick Stone, and his family are found murdered at their house The local police think it was a murder suicide, but when Stone learns from his CIA contact, Lance Cabot, that Dick was working covertly for the CIA and had just receStone Barrington and Holly Barker, Woods busiest heroes, pair up again, this yarn finding Stone traveling to Dark Harbor, Maine, after his cousin, Dick Stone, and his family are found murdered at their house The local police think it was a murder suicide, but when Stone learns from his CIA contact, Lance Cabot, that Dick was working covertly for the CIA and had just received a big promotion, Stone decides to look into matters himself Accompanied by Lance, Holly, and Dino Bacchetti, his trusted former NYPD partner, Stone heads up to Maine.

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    One thought on “Dark Harbor

    1. Diane on said:

      Good series! entertaining,fun,page-turner and action pactgood storyline,well developed characters and well written (paperback!)

    2. Diane Wallace on said:

      Good series! entertaining,fun,page-turner,action pact,intense,good storytelling,well developed characters along with some of the same regulars (paperback!)

    3. Lori on said:

      I'm almost -- but not quite -- embarrassed to admit I read Stuart Woods. If I could believe they were written with tongue as firmly in cheek as when I read them, I'd be OK with it. But I think the portions that make me laugh out loud were written with a straight face.Alas, Stone Barrington isn't exactly a guilty pleasure. Just a silly one. (His name should tell you just about all you need to know about him. That and the fact that he sleeps with every woman he makes eye contact with.)I often read [...]

    4. Tim on said:

      I think even rating this story "ok," may be a stretch. lots of bumpkins here to the point of irritation. 4 of 10 stars

    5. JBradford on said:

      My brother turned me onto Stuart Woods, although I had red one of his books before, and I generally grab every book of his I happen to find. His novels are an easy read with interesting characters, even if they do not have much depth to them, and I am intrigued by Woods’ ability to have pages of dialogue without the inane “he said,” “she said” accouterments, with the reader never being at a loss for who was saying what to whom. I cannot do this myself, so I have necessary respect for s [...]

    6. Steve on said:

      2-14-2018 This is my 6threading of this story. I think it's time to keep it shelved for 5 years.4-6-2016 Still a favorite of mine!12-30-2014 read it again in 18 hours while fighting pneumonia. still a favoriteby the way, OY is backwards for YO. just saying2-2014 just realized i read it 6 months ago. didn't remember that either OY or too bad for me. It remains a 5 star for me. Love this story.6-28-2013 Did re-read of the book. It remains a good read, even the second (or third time).I am also a su [...]

    7. Buscenter on said:

      I picked up this book because of the cover. It was the first book that I read of his and it was great. I share my books with my mother and we have since read all of Stone Barrington novels. Highly recommended

    8. Michelle (meshe) on said:

      Synopsis: Stone Barrington investigates the secrets of a CIA officer's suicide in this next thriller in the bestselling series Stuart Woods's newest bestseller, Dark Harbor, brings us the perfect mix of sexy intrigue and swift suspense that have earned him legions of fans over the years. In this latest thriller, Stone enters the picturesque town Dark Harbor off the coast of Maine, where the shocking deaths of three people have cast a long shadow over this island haven-a locale as mysterious as i [...]

    9. Scott on said:

      This is my second Stone Barrington novel by Stuart Woods. The plot was plain, generic, and formulaic. It reminded me a lot of TV detective shows. For those of you who are old enough, think of an episode of The Rockford Files. If you did not watch that, think of Magnum PI or Hunter. If that is too far back, think of Law and Order. If perhaps you haven't watched any of those shows, turn on the TV and watch an episode of Law and Order - it is on 24 hours a day on several cable channels.For those of [...]

    10. Amy on said:

      I found some Stuart Woods novels at my parent's house when I had nothing to read, and thought "hey, why not?". Thus began my strange addiction to Stone Barrington novels. I want to say that Stuart Woods novels are terrible, because in a way, they are, and yet I keep coming back to them, and thoroughly enjoy every page of them. So, I guess I'm going to have to say that Stuart Woods novels are pretty great. Not deep. Not exceptionally well written. But damn entertaining.

    11. L on said:

      Slim pickings on the audio book shelves at the public library. We made it less than halfway through this one. No urge whatsoever to cheat & listen to the last few minutes. I don't give a crap who killed Dick Stone.

    12. Jeanne on said:

      A bit slow at times and not too hard to figure out "whodunnit". Narration by Tony Roberts bumps up the rating -- 4 out of 10.

    13. Donna on said:

      4.5 stars. Stone Barrington's first cousin Dick Stone committed murder/suicide with his wife and daughter. At least, the scene is posed to appear that way but Stone learns his cousin is really a CIA operative who recently changed his will and left Stone the executor. He also left Stone his house in Maine so Stone journeys there with best friend Dino and begins asking questions. When local women turn up missing and then dead, Stone must figure out the connection, if any, to his cousin's death.I f [...]

    14. Paul on said:

      I took time to refresh my palate with this mystery. I'd seen this author's name, Stuart Woods, and a month or so ago I was in an out of town bookstore, waiting for my wife, and picked up a novel of his off the New Arrivals shelf. I had time to read a couple of chapters, and enjoyed it, so found an earlier book of his -- this book, Dark Harbor -- in the Bloomington library, in an audiobook. I enjoyed it enough to read another book by Woods in the future, but not enough to send emails announcing t [...]

    15. Mandy on said:

      This was the first Stuart Woods book I had ever read, and I found it hugely disappointing. The characters were stiff, the dialogue was unnecessarily repetative, the plot improbable, and it was clear from close to the beginning whodunit.That said, it was the author's 31st book, and my parents have owned several of his books (and I respect their opinions -- they wouldn't own so many if he was a dud, right?), and any author can have a bad day. So I went ahead and read one of his other books -- stil [...]

    16. Emma on said:

      Absolutely nothing redeeming or thoughtful about this book. The characters are one-dimensional and lack emotion. The plot is boring and predictable. The writing is repetitive and dull. The only good thing about it was listening to the audio aloud with a friend and laughing at the ridiculousness of it.

    17. Barbara Loggia on said:

      Like this author so liked this mystery of one of his repeat detectives who must find the killer of his own cousin's family. He gets the house, the servants and a good mystery to solve. Even when I knew who done it, the book was a fun read to the end.

    18. Natka on said:

      I found this book very difficult to enjoy. It was poorly written, characters undeveloped and unattractive. It had a potential of becoming an interesting and exciting novel, but appeared to have been written by an author, who stopped enjoying writing.

    19. Beverley Lombardi on said:

      good story but too much sex. I listened todio book and the reader is great.

    20. Andrea on said:

      Sometimes Stone Barrington are pretty simple, the Adventures of Stone Barrington moves in fits and starts with characters from previous novels and frequently new character is introduced, to reappear again and again.So is it with Stone’s cousin Dick Stone. Dick is introduced postmortem.Stone receives a FedEx package from his cousin Dick, with instructions to Stone put the package in his safe and not open except in the event of his death.So the reader is introduced to Stone’s cousin who had ow [...]

    21. JoAnn Plante on said:

      This is one of the best books I've ever read. It was realistic, fast-paced, and the characters seemed real. It felt like it was a story right out of the newspaper. Although not a lot of scenery description, the reader can feel and sense the surroundings. The story is very logical and is told in the voice of the character which adds to the overall feel of the story. I hated to put it down and I will definitely read more of this author's books. It's a great read!

    22. Mom on said:

      Predictable crime story containing the suspects on a Maine island, unredeemed bad guys, boring saintly good guys, saintly except for gratuitous steamy, unpleasantly graphic sex scenes. Who would know rich people are so dull?

    23. Veronica A Pitts on said:

      InterestingA friend suggested this story. I'm Happy I chose to read it. The caricatures are intriguing as well as the storyline was. I intend to start reading theFirst Stone Barrington book. Hopefully you will be satisfied with the storyToo

    24. Emma on said:

      So many problems with this book. Holly Baker only appears in the first 100 pages so Stone can be sure to have sex right away. The entire book is geared towards giving Stone a more playboy lifestyle. Least interesting Stone Barrington book so far.

    25. Karen on said:

      I give this book 3 1/2. It just kinda wrapped it all up at the end.

    26. Stefani on said:

      Good Stone Barrington book - easy read for summer just needed entertainment.

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