Invasão de Privacidade

Harlan Coben

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Invasão de Privacidade

Invas o de Privacidade Desde o suic dio do seu melhor amigo Adam adoptou um comportamento distante e praticamente irreconhec vel Por isso os pais deste adolescente concordam em instalar um programa no computador dele que v

  • Title: Invasão de Privacidade
  • Author: Harlan Coben
  • ISBN: 9789722341165
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • Desde o suic dio do seu melhor amigo, Adam adoptou um comportamento distante e praticamente irreconhec vel Por isso os pais deste adolescente concordam em instalar um programa no computador dele que vigia todos os seus passos Simultaneamente, a m e do jovem que se suicidou descobre algo acerca da noite da morte do filho que mudar tudo, mas ent o a nica pessoa que a podDesde o suic dio do seu melhor amigo, Adam adoptou um comportamento distante e praticamente irreconhec vel Por isso os pais deste adolescente concordam em instalar um programa no computador dele que vigia todos os seus passos Simultaneamente, a m e do jovem que se suicidou descobre algo acerca da noite da morte do filho que mudar tudo, mas ent o a nica pessoa que a pode ajudar Adam desaparece misteriosamente Um thriller tenso, repleto de liga es inesperadas e que nos faz questionar at onde ir amos para proteger aqueles que amamos.

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      395 Harlan Coben
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    One thought on “Invasão de Privacidade

    1. Suzanne on said:

      I just downgraded my rating from 4 to 3. This was a good holiday read, always quick to move along as all of HC reads are. I know a few characters pop up in many of his stories, but I couldn't place who the DA was marrying, although I could place the character of the DA. I have the worst book memory! Who can help me here?!I do prefer the Myron Bolitar series to his stand alones, but his reads are always a good pick for me. Perhaps a bit convoluted, but it's all in a days work where this author is [...]

    2. Celia on said:

      Very mediocre thriller. Ridiculous plot (the "crazed" killer was laughable), and very cardboard characters - the parents trying to decide in a very stagey way whether or not to install spy software on their son's computer and then discovering a strange exchange of instant messages, the bitch lawyer who has never had kids, blah blah blah. The writing was the last straw really - the paragraph below is the dramatic ending. A confession has been made - Hester is the bitch lawyer, LeCrue and Duncan a [...]

    3. James Thane on said:

      Over the last few years, Harlan Coben has pretty much cornered the market on the middle-class suburban New Jersey family thriller genre.Hold Tight explores a number of difficult issues that confront lots of families, including the matter of how to balance parental oversight with giving your children the room to grow and become strong independent individuals, the question of how one attempts to balance a career with your family responsibilities, and the difficulties of managing as a single parent [...]

    4. Nora|KnyguDama on said:

      Valio valio valio! Pagaliau perskaičiau Harlan Coben knygą, kuri man tikrai patiko! Pirmas faktorius, kad knyga tokia gali būti man buvo itin suskaitytas, apiplyšęs ir daug kartų "remontuotas" viršelis. Bibliotekininkė man knygą davė tik su viena sąlyga - turėjau ją dar kartą suklijuoti, mat vėl puslapiai biro. Be problemų ir su malonumu. Taigi, patirtis darė savo,tad didelių vilčių nedėdama kibau į "Laikykis stipriai".Paauglys Adamas neteko savo geriausio draugo, kuris nus [...]

    5. Sheri on said:

      Hold Tight (Harlen Coben)Psychological/ThrillerAdam Baye has become remote and withdrawn since the suicide of his friend. His parents, Mike & Tia decide to spy on him by installing software on his computer, to monitor every keystroke. One day they read a cryptic email and then Adam disappears. Mike decides to track down his son and the suspense begins.Fast pace page turner, a definite all night read. Sub plots that are filled with suspense blend perfectly up until the dramatic end.

    6. Jen on said:

      In Harlan Coben's latest thriller, Hold Tight, Mike and Tia Baye experience a chilling couple of days because of a decision to put spyware on their son's computer.When Mike and Tia learn through an e-mail that Adam is going to attend a party with drinking and drugs, they set out to intercept him and prevent him from going without letting on to the fact that they know, and even more importantly HOW they know. But something goes awry when there is no party. But where is Adam? That's when Mike star [...]

    7. Corey on said:

      Harlan Coben does it again, Hold Tight was him at his BEST! Hold Tight tells the story of 3 different families who all end up in troubles of their own, and they all end up coming together in the end. 1# Michael and Tia Baye, who's son Adam, who has become very distant and acting strangely different since recently losing a close friend, so they install a spy program on his computer to find out why. 2#Ron and Betsy Hill, who's son Spencer (who was also Adam's friend I'd mentioned above) had commit [...]

    8. Mandy on said:

      Not my favorite from Coben, but nonetheless a fast paced thriller as are all of his novels.

    9. A.J. on said:

      When Alfred Hitchcock said that whodunnits can basically be summed up in an epilogue, he wasn't exaggerating.I've tried, my friends––I've tried so hard to accept the mystery/thriller genre. I've taken classes, read the best authors, examined everything from Edgar Allen Poe to Elmore Leonard. I figured that since I've got a reading list pretty stacked with horror, fantasy and scifi, I might want to shake things up a bit, add a little variety, and take a look at Harlan Coben. That, and he happ [...]

    10. Marika Gillis on said:

      Tia and Mike Baye make the controversial decision to install spy software on their teenage son's computer after they notice he has become increasingly withdrawn. They discover more about their son than they ever bargained for.Next door, Lucas Loriman is in desperate need of a kidney transplant. In an effort to find the best matched donor, a shocking secret concerning Lucas' paternity surfaces.A well-loved teacher makes a terrible mistake by humiliating one of his students in front of her classma [...]

    11. Ginger on said:

      We've all heard the phrase "Must See TV!", well this is the book equivalent to that phrase!! As a parent, how far would you go to protect your teenager? Is there a gray area?? To spy or not to spy? Is spying an invasion of privacy or a parent's right to know?? We, as parents, want to protect our children but where do we draw the line? Mike and Tia Baye feel the same way about their 16 year old son, Adam. They cross the lineor do they??Another wonderfully crafted story by this author. Twists, tur [...]

    12. Deanna on said:

      Can you ever know too much about your children? When does keeping an eye on things turn to spying? In this day and age a parent does have to be vigilant about what their child is doing.cially online. However, we want to have our children grow up feeling they have a right to privacy, so it's a really fine line.In "Hold Tight" Mike and Tia Baye are concerned about Adam, their sixteen-year-old son. Adam seems to be pulling away from them and acting secretive. He's been very distant since the suicid [...]

    13. Mike French on said:

      Very enjoyable and entertaining from beginning to end. I am a fan of Harlan Cohen and HOLD TIGHT did not disappoint!

    14. Chuck on said:

      Yes, this is me, not writing on a fantasy novel. I've actually, I think, read all of Coben's novels. He is the the author of the everyday, writing characters who lead lives like yours and mine. He also explores how fragile our everyday lives are--how our dedication to lives and family and children can come undone by the smallest thing--an unkind remark from a teacher, a car accident, or the fact that we resemble someone else and are mistaken for them.In Coben's world, the consequences are dire, [...]

    15. Yulia on said:

      Coben should again be commended for his accurate portrayal of men, women, teens, and tweens. But I have to wonder what Coben's personal obsession is with having all the characters in his books marry their first love (aw shucks, how sweet), having these marriages end almost never in divorce but in the untimely death of a partner, having those who cheat duly (and violently) punished for straying, and constantly reminding readers that his couples keep no secrets from each other and, when they do, a [...]

    16. Brigitta Moon on said:

      This was a book that lived up to it's title. There were multiple stories going on that I just could not see how they were connected. Each page made me go to the next. The characters are so well formed that even in death you could envision their lives, their struggles and pain. The way Harlan Coben has written the scenes in the book is movie like, not just going from scene to scene or event to event; he describes scenes and events within a scene. I listened to the audiobook in the car and read th [...]

    17. Denise C on said:

      There must be a trend now in new novels to expose the horrors of the technological age, and this one is no exception. I rarely read them if I can help it, but I decided to give this one a try since I have liked Harlan Coben's books in the past.I finished it in one reading. It wasn't as bad as some books I've read lately; I didn't skip any pages. However, there were several points where I was taken right out of the story, which is not good for any author who wants to sell future works. In some ca [...]

    18. Sean Peters on said:

      Tia and Mike Baye never imagined they'd become the type of overprotective parents who spy on their kids. But their sixteen-year-old son Adam has been unusually distant lately, and after the suicide of his classmate Spencer Hill - the latest in a string of issues at school - they can't help but worry. They install a sophisticated spy program on Adam's computer, and within days they are jolted by a message from an unknown correspondent addressed to their son - 'Just stay quiet and all safe.' Meanw [...]

    19. Andrea on said:

      This book really only deserves 2.5 stars, but it carried me along on such a wave that I leaned toward the higher number rather than the lower.There's a lot going on in this book - maybe too much for its own good. Yes, the threads all tie together in the end, sort of, but I think one or two subplots could have been eliminated without too much problem. And I think some of the "connections" ended up being a bit too convoluted to really be convincing. I also felt like there was too much "gee whiz, w [...]

    20. Lisa on said:

      I am a fan of Harlan Coben's, but this wasn't my favorite of his books. Yes, the plot had many unexpected twists and turns and kept me guessing up until the end. But I thought he wove too many stories together, making it hard to follow. Also, I thought the story line with the daughter was wrapped up a little too neatly at the end. If you're a parent, this book explores some current moral dilemmas in parenting--namely, how much is it permissible to invade your child's privacy? Coben blends his ch [...]

    21. Ellen on said:

      Hold Tight by Harlan Coben.I've read and enjoyed so many of H.C. books that this one took me by surprise. I was ready to be caught in the headlights by his terrific writing but that was not meant to be. This was dark but not in a mysterious horror filled way. The situation of a teenager committing suicide and its aftermath for surviving members of his family as well as friends was not for me. Sorry but this mournful story is going back to the library unfinished. I found the topic overwhelmingly [...]

    22. Terri Lynn on said:

      Mike Baye, a transplant doctor, and his wife Tia Baye, a lawyer, seem to have it all- nice home in the suburbs, plenty of money, nice vehicles, good jobs, living spouses, and two kids- 11 year old Jill and 16 year old Adam but under the surface, as always in Harlan Coben novels, there is an undercurrent of danger, dysfunction, and evil. Adam's close friend Spencer Hill committed suicide using legal sedatives stolen from his parents'medicine cabinet 4 months earlier. Adam has changed and had begu [...]

    23. Cheryl on said:

      Really 3 and a half stars. A little too many twists in one book. It was also a bit confusing at times, remembering all the characters and how their lives were intertwined. The story did hold my interest. It wasn't a police procedural, but was more of a look at relationships between parents and children. All of the mysteries in the book seemed to center around that theme. I will be reading more books by this author.

    24. Tom Swift on said:

      Another fast paced thriller from Coben. Not his best, by he is a great story teller.

    25. Ian Mapp on said:

      Breathless is the word that I would use to describe this. Coben has carved a niche on the holiday/plane thriller and delivers another book that ticks all the boxes, provided you dont think about things too much.As with much of his work, it starts with a computer. Mike and Tia load spying software on their son, adams, computer. His friend has killed himself and they are worried about him. Quite right, as he soon goes missing,Fine start and Coben layers on the intrigue. In split narrative, we have [...]

    26. Lain on said:

      Wow, wow, WOW! I challenge anyone to begin this book and then manage to put it down before the very end. Reading it is like eating Lay's potato chips you can't read just one (page, that is!). Gripping, exciting, interesting, unique what appears to be two or three separate stories weave in, out and around each other until the final pages, when all is wrapped up but not in an unbelievable, deus ex machina way, but in a "Oh my gosh, so THAT'S what was happening" way. I loved the juxtaposition of mo [...]

    27. Steve on said:

      With anything that Harlan Coben writes, you expect certain things:- A frenetic pace- Strong characterization- Plot twists and surprises- An engaging story that makes it hard to put the book down.This novel had all the above and more. The book is one of his best, making you identify with the frantic parents of the missing child and see snippets of what is happening with the teenager throughout the story. Perhaps, what makes this novel stand out is the underlying theme within this book. With Hold [...]

    28. Adam on said:

      My wife and daughter and I recently went on a long road trip, and we needed some audiobooks to keep us entertained. The second one we listened to was "Hold Tight," by Harlan Coben, read by Scott Brick."Hold Tight" started out strong, with a number of intriguing plot elements and a few central mysteries that kept us involved. However, Coben's writing and plotting seemed to get lazier as the book went on, and the last several chapters felt like poorly constructed first drafts. Or an attempt to mee [...]

    29. The Book Whisperer (aka Boof) on said:

      I listened to this on audiobook which was great fun while bombing up and down the M1 and the M4 in the last few days (traffic jams are so much less blood-boiling with a thriller to listen to).I really enjoyed this. I must admit that some of the voices that the male reader acted were amusing - especially the 10 year old girls the female lawyer (I wouldn't like to meet her in a dark alley, sounding like that!). He also appeared to have a cold and hence Adam became Adamb etc. However, nasal congest [...]

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