Mark's Story: The Gospel According to Peter

Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins

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Mark's Story: The Gospel According to Peter

Mark s Story The Gospel According to Peter Mark s Story opens on the evening of the last day of Jesus as man The young Mark hears Jesus prophecies of the events that are to come and bears witness to some of the most pivotal events in human hi

  • Title: Mark's Story: The Gospel According to Peter
  • Author: Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9780399154478
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mark s Story opens on the evening of the last day of Jesus as man The young Mark hears Jesus prophecies of the events that are to come, and bears witness to some of the most pivotal events in human history, including Judas Iscariot s betrayal, Peter s denial of his Master, and Jesus crucifixion and resurrection as the risen Lord In the years after, following in the foMark s Story opens on the evening of the last day of Jesus as man The young Mark hears Jesus prophecies of the events that are to come, and bears witness to some of the most pivotal events in human history, including Judas Iscariot s betrayal, Peter s denial of his Master, and Jesus crucifixion and resurrection as the risen Lord In the years after, following in the footsteps of his friend and mentor Peter, Mark becomes an ardent follower of Jesus and a devoted disciple of Christianity, spreading the Word beyond Jerusalem and into the world Mark urges Peter to recount to him the stories of Jesus life on Earth His messages, His miracles, and His everlasting promises to His people and compiles what becomes canonized as the Gospel of Mark Mark chronicles the growth of the early Christian church, the struggles of Jesus followers, and the persecution they endured from a hostile world Mark s Story is a thrilling account that vividly depicts the last day before Jesus crucifixion and the danger that early believers faced as they boldly proclaimed Jesus as Christ the Lord Their bravery laid the foundation for the early church, and their fervent passion for the Word reverberates throughout the world today.

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      486 Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins
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    One thought on “Mark's Story: The Gospel According to Peter

    1. Jerry on said:

      I'm giving this five stars just because, while it isn't excellent, it's light years better than the one on John. A much more engaging story, and better writing; even if you didn't care for the first book in this series, you might want to give this one a try.

    2. Anna Mari on said:

      I read the first couple of chapters and stopped. I had read the first book in the Jesus Chronicles on John. While I appreciate the amount of scripture that is quoted and the story is woven around it, the story is not that compelling. The writing style is very dry and not very engaging. I decided that I was not going to try to wade through this one like I did John.

    3. Patrick S. on said:

      I was really hoping for more. I don't know if the point of this book was to make non-Bible readers read a "Mark-light" version of the Gospel but over half of this book is just Peter telling Mark what Mark wrote down. I was really hoping for more of the surrounding events that led to writing the Gospel of Mark and sadly that's a weak part of the book. There are so high points that bring a historical context of post-Crucifixion, but they can only carry the book so far. The author does take a few l [...]

    4. Steve Curll on said:

      How do you explain this one. This is fiction about the day before Jesus death and the early church, (Mark and 1st and 2nd Peter.)which contains within the story,the entire books of Mark and 1st,and 2nd Peter. The story involves Peter telling young John Mark the history of Jesus, which eventually became his gospel and the Peter books. Whenever Mark tells peter any of the events that occur,they are reported with the actual words of scripture. By the time you hear the whole story which John Mark ev [...]

    5. Samantha on said:

      I dragged through this book. That's the best I can say. It was awful. I was expecting a fictionalized story. Instead I got an exact copy of the Bible with a little bit of present day English thrown in. I don't think I'll be reading anymore of this series. I enjoyed the Left Behind series because it took Biblical verses and wove them into a great story. This book does not do this. I give it two stars just because of the Biblical verses, but that's all I can say about it. I would not recommend it [...]

    6. J. Ewbank on said:

      This is my first Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins book. It was interesting and is the story abut John Mark who they portray as the author of the gospel of Mark. There are various traditions about who wrote the gospel of Mark and John Mark is one of them albeit not the only one.It was a good book and one that many religious readers will enjoy. It is a novel so it is not portrayed as total fact though it is built upon facts and presents itself well.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and [...]

    7. Julia Pope on said:

      This is the last book in this series I have read. This has been the most I had ever read about Mark. What I learned was, he was the youngest, younger than Peter and Paul and all of the other disciples. Instead of being in the events where Jesus taught them, he sat back and observed. The more he did, the more he wanted to be a part of this. What do I compare it to (and I don't intend to mock the beauty of this story)? Having access to a celebrity, though being in the shadows, and observing how th [...]

    8. Pelican Rapids on said:

      Oh my, what horrible things the holy people suffered for loving God

    9. Brenda on said:

      Tim LaHaye was so faithful to bring glory to the Lord in all his writing. He is now with the Lord, but has left us so much of his work to read. This gospel of Mark has been so interesting to read and to learn more of the one gospel that I have know the least about. I appreciate reading in chronological story form of the life of John Mark, and also Peter and Paul. This book enhances my study of the gospel of Mark.

    10. Molly Murphy on said:

      The problem, or ONE of the problems, is adressed in the subtitle- the Gospel according to PETER. It is called the gospel of Mark because it is- guesss who detective Holmes?- MARK who wrote it. But the book is clearly about Peter, through the eyes of Mark. But on top of it all, it doesn't evevn get into Mark's POV so much. It did in the start, but even then the writing was amateurish and it pretty much just parrots the Bible. "Suddenly the spirit came upon them at Pentecost"- what about all the s [...]

    11. Carla on said:

      this was an interesting book. i enjoyed it, but it was hard to get a rhythm going. it just wasn't the page turner that i had found the "left behind" series to have been. i was surprised by the ending. i was impressed with the research that must've gone into this book. there was a lot of scripture, which i expected and was pleased to find.i guess i was most impressed with the early founders of the Church. for the most part, when persecution came and they were promised release if they gave up name [...]

    12. Laura Lynch on said:

      I found this book in the new release section in the Ringwood library and I thought it would be appropriate for Holy week. From the authors of the Left Behind series (T. LaHaye and J. Jenkins) comes "Mark’s Story". A novel loosely based on the life of the disciple Mark, history and the Bible.The story starts at the night of the Last Supper and chronicles the growth of the early church, the persecution of Christians, the lives of Paul and Peter and the growth of the gospel. As with their other b [...]

    13. Emily on said:

      This book turned out to be quite a disappointment. I've liked LaHaye/Jenkins collaborations before like the Left Behind series. The first portion of this book was almost word for word straight out of the New Testament with nothing in between. I had been hoping for some continuity that would connect the scenes together, but nothing like that happened. The main character was not likable: always whiny and a bit immature. The story did pick up about halfway through, but it still wasn't a good book. [...]

    14. Joanne Richel on said:

      I love Tim La Haye's writings and have just finished his Mark's Story which includes the gospel of Mark and I and II Peter at the end of the book. Just finished John's Story and it was a wonderful rendition as well and included the gospel writings of John and I, II and II books of John and Revelations at the end of the book. La Haye and Jenkins make you feel as though you are right there. I have also read the entire Left Behind Series that they wrote together and this series of the gospel writer [...]

    15. Charissa on said:

      The writing quality left much to be desired (with the exception of the direct quotations from the gospel of Mark, book of Acts, and Peter's epistles which were rich of course, being Scripture). But this book did something else I did not fully anticipate. It made Mark, and the apostles, and the early church come alive to me as REAL individuals like you and me and thereby grew my faith all the more. Reading how Nero tortured and killed the early Christians for sport in the context of reading Peter [...]

    16. Judith on said:

      Mark’s Story: The Gospel According to Peter by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins is the second in a series on the writers of the Gospels: The Jesus Chronicles. It is not the kind of page-turner readers of LaHaye and Jenkins’ phenomenally popular Left Behind series may expect. It takes the perspective of Mark, who was a child when Jesus was crucified, and who followed Peter, recording his memories of Jesus, during the early days of the Christianity. Much of the dialogue is taken directly from t [...]

    17. Leigh Ann on said:

      I really enjoyed this book, especially reading it leading up to Easter. It is a fresh perspectiveof the book of Mark. It explains some of the historical context and what happened after withoutchanging the validity of the story. I assumed it would just be 'Mark' but also included a lot of'Acts' as well. It made you feel like you were there experiencing everything with them and gave mea clearer understanding of the times and also the historical correlations between the gospels and the bookof Acts. [...]

    18. Barbara on said:

      I usually love Tim LaHaye's writing, but this one was just O.K. Some of it was interesting and seemed to have some great insights into what Mark might have experienced, and what his relationships with Peter, Paul, and Barnabas might have been like. Other parts were slow-moving and seemed like you were reading the Bible instead of Biblical fiction. This is the first of his Gospel series I have read. I will probably still look at the others and see if they are different.

    19. Lynne on said:

      Yuk. They did not try very hard to make a story out of this, but rather filled page after page with their own compositions of sermons they imagine Peter and Paul might have given. Also seem to have developed a brief love affair with the word "verily" followed chapters later by incautious use of modern slang. The disappointment is that they could have made a work of this- it read like they were running behind on a dealline.

    20. Lee Anne on said:

      A book to skim. It's a re-quote of the gospel of Mark & I & II Peter. Perhaps those who do not read the New Testament might find it a nice introduction to scripture. They did add the tales of the martyrdoms of some of the early church fathers, although I found Stuart McBirnie's "Search for the Twelve Apostles" much more compelling & scholarly. I'm tempted to wonder if this current effort of LaHaye & Jenkins is not just another formula-written money-making attempt on the part of t [...]

    21. Dempse Kb on said:

      Not as good as Luke's story or Matthew's story. Mark started out as a teen and never matured beyond that. He follows the life of Peter, and we even meet his wife! It starts with the Last Supper where Mark is the son of the woman who own's the house they ate at. He follows Jesus into the Garden of gethsemane, the early attacks of the Christians in Rome including Nero's circus. So pretty interesting.

    22. Kay on said:

      Awesome! Felt as if I was right there and really made personable these great men of faith I have so often read and admire! Actually I can say this of all of these in the Jesus chronicles series! They are a must read and if you are not a believer in Christ you will be when you finish these and if you are you will fall in love with Jesus all over again and on a much deeper level! Peace and blessings!

    23. Toni K on said:

      I really enjoyed "Mark's Story". Dr. LaHaye once again did a fabulously warm interpretation of Mark during his youth and the friendship/relationship he had with Peter, the apostle. LaHaye's development of the upper room and insider information on many occurrences and conversations in the upper room with Jesus were so gripping the reader feels involved within the scenes.I have yet to be disappointed with any writing of Tim LaHaye even his collaborative work is gang buster!

    24. Mark Baker on said:

      A fictional biography of Mark and his relationship with Peter. Unfortunately, it reads more like a biography of Peter, and much of Mark's life is whitewashed. Furthermore, the characters going from modern English to New King James to quote scripture (much less how much scripture is quoted) makes this novel laughable.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    25. Larry Moore on said:

      Some who posted reviews want a perfect world, not here we have to get to heaven for that. This is a novel, yes fiction. Authored by 2 of the best Christian Authors. it is a historical novel where the authors make a story from some facts. It is a good story, as are the other Jesus Chronicles. Enjoy it for what it is, don't criticize for what it is not meant to be!

    26. Melody on said:

      Excellent rendering of the life of Christ as told by eyewitnesses. Wonderful telling of God's plan of salvation for all people--Jew and Gentile. Throughout history, I thank God for the precious people who were willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice that I could have this message of love communicated to me.

    27. Saadia on said:

      I am listening on CD (as usual). The author uses real scripture to keep his story authentic, but he doesn't use the King James version of the Bible that I am familiar with which kind of frustrates me. Sometimes the translation is too different from my understanding, but otherwise, it is a very good story.

    28. Lindameredith07 on said:

      A fictional account of how Mark came to be one of Christ's disciples and his relationship to Peter that led him to write the book of I Peter. While fictional in nature, the authors are biblical experts and weave the facts of the times with the Bible. The text of I Peter is included at the end of the book.

    29. Dr. on said:

      Having read this historical fiction account of the writer of the Gospel of Luke, I found it very compelling and was an enticing. While carrying a disclaimer here that there is speculation on how the events took place, the historical aspect seemed very conservative. I encourage people to read this book.

    30. Brian Eshleman on said:

      The volume on John added insight into the background and personalities. For the most part, this one did not. The bond established between Peter and Mark does develop well in a novel, but, once, there, it doesn't add much to the Bible.

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