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Michelle Sagara

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Cast in Secret

Cast in Secret Still avoiding magic whenever possible Private Kaylin Neya relished investigating a run of the mill theft Until she found out the mysterious stolen box had been taken from Elani Street where the mag

  • Title: Cast in Secret
  • Author: Michelle Sagara
  • ISBN: 9781426820144
  • Page: 421
  • Format: ebook
  • Still avoiding magic whenever possible, Private Kaylin Neya relished investigating a run of the mill theft Until she found out the mysterious stolen box had been taken from Elani Street, where the mages and charlatans mingled, and it was sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two And since the box was ancient, without a keyhole, and held tremendous darkness inStill avoiding magic whenever possible, Private Kaylin Neya relished investigating a run of the mill theft Until she found out the mysterious stolen box had been taken from Elani Street, where the mages and charlatans mingled, and it was sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two And since the box was ancient, without a keyhole, and held tremendous darkness inside, Kaylin knew unknown forces were again playing with her destiny and her life.

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      421 Michelle Sagara
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    One thought on “Cast in Secret

    1. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) on said:

      Actual rating: 2.5 stars. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this is one of the richest, most interesting, original Fantasy worlds I've ever come across. And yet…Yep, that's right. Because there is only so much boredom I can take. And Bloody Fantastic Elantra (BFE™) or not, I've had it. I've had it with the incessant, irrelevant blah-blah-blah-ing. And with the non-stop, unnecessary, uninteresting info dumping. And with the painfully slow pace. And with the ever-jumbled plot that ma [...]

    2. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ on said:

      Welp, Kaylin is still a stumbling, bumbling idiot who refuses to learn jack and somehow is still alive, despite her nonstop nonsense talking. She doesn't annoy me enough to hate these books, but she definitely brings them down. This time around is about the Thal'anni, the mind reader people with tentacles on their head. One of their kids goes missing and Kaylin has to find the child. Right up her usual alley. Highlights: more dragons, Severn, Evanton, the Oracles, Everly, and all the very intere [...]

    3. Allison on said:

      These books read like police procedurals with a smart-mouthed officer with a blinding weakness for children, but in a world overflowing with mysterious magic and cool species. So not really action-oriented, but gripping if you enjoy investigations that involve talking to witnesses and putting the pieces together. All of that builds to the end, when I find myself reading so fast I forget to blink. All without swords! (However, there are knives.)The investigations are centered on crimes, but the m [...]

    4. Justine on said:

      I don't know exactly what it is about these books, but I really find them enjoyable to read. The fantasy world created by Sagara is incredibly rich and original, and I like the way she adds to the world with each installment. I also appreciate how each book works as a complete story by itself, but also adds pieces to the larger story arc that is developing in the series.This time we got to learn a lot more about the Tha'alani, a mortal race of telepaths that Kaylin has previously been fearful of [...]

    5. Ithlilian on said:

      I enjoyed the first book in this series because it was different, compelling, and interesting. I enjoyed the second one because it was similar, but some of the things that bothered me about the first book started to get to me in the second book. Now, the things that annoyed me in previous books are all that I see, and I'm about finished giving this series a chance. The worst thing about Cast in Secret is that it doesn't give any reason to continue the series. In the other books there were secret [...]

    6. Choko on said:

      **** 3.75 ****I really like this series, the world building and the legend and mythology it creates! I would have given if a higher rating, but this particular case was quite slow to start, dragged in the middle, and the end was somewhat anticlimactic I think I didn't get enough of the lion people and Kaylin acted like a bratty child most of the time. All of the supporting characters are telling her what I want to scream at her - IGNORANCE IS NOT COOL! Nor is it helpful So, the author is aware o [...]

    7. Maria Dimitrova on said:

      It seems that there's a pattern to these book. With each new instalment we get to know one of the races better. I wonder what will happen once we're out of races.I really liked the Thaalani. I also understand why Kaylin and most of the other people in the Empire fear them. I value my privacy way too much appreciated someone who can randomly get in my head. At the same time I'm pretty sure that had I had a similar power I would turn hermit. Just seeing the utter stupidity people do and put on the [...]

    8. Robyn on said:

      I really like each, episodic story, all the while exploring the world of Elantra and Kaylin. One complaint. When are we going to see the romance that is just bubbling away under the surface?? I'm going to be sad if it never materialises.

    9. Jaime on said:

      wishing kaylin wasn't so bewitched by Lord Nightshade and that there weren't so many secrets. Something needs to happen with severn, SOON. Give me something to hang onto Michelle!!! TOO moany secrets to make this an enjoyable read. gotta give me something soon or i might just get too frustratedOkay. I'm finished with the book now, and I'm really disliking the fact that the endings are always so FLIPPIN AWESOME. I'm so frustrated throughout the whole book because I don't understand ANYTHING, and [...]

    10. Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson on said:

      As opposed to the severe info-dumping in the last book; I was a little hesitant to undertake this installment.The action picked up, and I was passified for now. I'll continue with the series when the next one is in the library.

    11. Coffcat on said:

      There's a couple of things I'd like to say about this book: 1. I really liked the story and all of the supporting characters. I like how new characters are being introduced and how we get more interactions with ones we already know. I felt like we got a good ways into the meat of the story. I would really like to see what happens next.2. Big plot hole-"omg everyone is going to die!" so lets just send 2 people to investigate it. ummI think a few more people might have been a good idea. What, were [...]

    12. Latharia on said:

      As with Cast In Courtlight, I really struggled to like this book. I read it primarily because I'd purchased it WITH Cast In Courtlight, after being so enthralled with the story of Cast In Shadow. Well, by Book #3 of the series, the heroine (Kaylin) hasn't developed an iota of common sense, which drives me absolutely batty. Supposedly in this book, the world's fate hangs on her ability to solve a mystery and everyone else seems to have crucial pieces of the puzzle, but they all persist in lettin [...]

    13. Kathy Davie on said:

      Third in the Chronicles of Elantra fantasy series revolving around Kaylin, a young Hawk whom many fear should be killed.My TakeI don't get why the Quartermaster would even imagine that Kaylin would be able to get through a day without rips, tears, and bloodshed. He must know the situations she or any of the other Hawks go into…Eew, eeeewww, spit, wipe, rub, just ee That is definitely an honor I could do without….ewwwwww….It's a case in which Kaylin learns the truth about the Tha'alani. She [...]

    14. Mary B. Grove on said:

      the ending always brings me to tearsIt's a book about resentment, about fear and the suffering it causesd it's a book about hope and forgiveness and joy, things that mark us even more deeply than the pain, if we let them. Kaylin and Severn's relationship feels more ordinary, here. It's less constrained by horror and bitter hate on Kaylin's side, and by guilt, grief and anger on Severn's. The everyday-ness of their interchanges helps balance their work in unraveling the catastrophe that threatens [...]

    15. Nicole Bunge on said:

      Reviewing this is hard, mainly because I can't tell exactly what it is that I DON'T like about these books, but something nags at me. Perhaps it's the heroine's(Kaylin Neya) near-inability to mature. She's capable of these insane leaps of instinctual emotional and magical maturity, but behaves like a stubborn 16 yr old the other 80 % of the time. That being said, the world is well crafted with 4 main races (2 immortal - Dragons and Baranni oh, just admit they're elves already and 2 mortal - ma [...]

    16. Literary Ames Against GR Censorship on said:

      Cast in Secret follows on a few days after the second book in the series, Cast in Courtlight. In this instalment a prophetic dream so strong that all of the Oracles even the apprentices receive the same vision, the end of life itself. One very powerful Oracle focuses on Kaylin and begins painting a picture of her on his wall. He is so powerful that he is disabled by his gift. He doesn't speak, he doesn't sleep and he doesn't react like a normal person, his only form of expression is drawing and [...]

    17. Ann on said:

      By this point in the series I was seriously hoping to see a change for the better in the writing. Hello, editor, where were you on this one? I did not enjoy being told the same information over and over, and over again. Especially while other parts of the story that could have been of interest were underdeveloped. Another beef I had with this one was that there was a whole lot of talking and thinking but you couldn't always be sure who it was coming from and their message was often not clearly c [...]

    18. Amanda on said:

      Sometimes I wonder why I've stuck with this series for so long. I've never been particularly excited about it, but something about Kaylin and Elantra intrigues me. Plus, I've been reading so much urban fantasy/paranormal novels lately that something a little more high fantasy is welcome.Cast in Secret picks up not long after the ending of Cast in Courtlight, and, just like in previous installments, Kaylin, the Hawk from Nightshade with the mysterious magical markings, must track down a missing g [...]

    19. Kelly on said:

      As my rating of two stars suggests, this book was merely okay, which is a huge letdown after the first two books in the series. However, I'd be lying if I didn't say this was wholly unexpected. The main character, Kaylin Neya, is so introspective, it drives me nuts. She has always tended toward this self indulgent pastime. In this particular novel, it felt as if half the story took place in her thoughts, asides and dysfunctional exchanges with ‘more intelligent’ characters. I found myself ge [...]

    20. Sarah on said:

      This is a really strong installment of the Elantra books. It starts as a crime investigation of 2 seemingly unconnected missing persons cases and then dives into the elemental magic system, the nature of the oracles, and the world of the Tha'alani, a telepathic race that socially functions as a collective. I enjoyed the plot of this one much more than the 2nd book but didn't *really* enjoy it until the final climax, which I could barely read, it was so exciting. And ok, after this book, I think [...]

    21. Miscjoy on said:

      I am still enjoying this seriese only thing that keeps this from being a 5-star is I'm not seeing much evidence that Kaylin is learning/growing from all of her experiences. In the moments where she is being magically tested, she exhibits a wisdom and intuitive sense that is encouraging. However in her everyday demeanor, she continues to be difficult. There's only so much foot-stomping petulance, naive bumbling, and willful ignorance that I can take before it gets tiresome. Although it was nice t [...]

    22. Nichole Mohler on said:

      Kaylin is sent to investigate a routine theft, but when she gets there, she can tell that it is anything but routine. It involves one of her least favorite things. Magic. After checking into the theft, she is summoned to a place she has never been, Ybelline's. The Tha'alani need help, and she is the only one they can turn to. I love these books! Kaylin is a complete mess until it becomes a life and death situation, then she pulls herself together. I loved how this book was more about the Tha'ala [...]

    23. Laura (Kyahgirl) on said:

      3.5/5; 4 stars; B+The continuing story of Elantra and the races was interesting. The part in the middle of the book when Kaylin meets the 'water' was really confusing. Glad she's finally coming to peace with the Tha'alani. These books are not compelling to me because I find the relationships between the characters is stunted but they are still entertaining fantasy.

    24. Moira on said:

      28.4.2015 - 4*Co se mi strašně na této sérii líbí, kromě hlavní hrdinky, je svět. Je neuvěřitelně propracovaný a živý a autorka se věnuje každé rase, kterou zkoumá čím dál více. Která mě překvapuje svou originálností a historií a vším. K tomu dobrý děj, styl psaní, který mě dokáže pohltit, získalo si mě to. :)

    25. Heather Faye on said:

      This will be the written review for Cast in Shadow Chronicles of Elantra Book 1 by Michelle Sagara West and it's series partners, Cast in Courtlight Chronicles of Elantra Book 2, Cast in Secret Chronicles of Elantra Book 3, Cast in Shadow Chronicles of Fury Book 4, and Cast in Silence Chronicles of Elantra Book 5.I read this series three times. It was engaging but had a few annoying issues. The world of Elantra was well created and very detailed. I admired the multiple species and the troublesom [...]

    26. Lynsey (A Bookish Life) on said:

      Sagara's writing felt a bit wordy and self indulgent in this instalment. There were some excessively long dialogue scenes and just long scenes in general, taking a long time to change to new locations, settings and characters. I was also very confused at one point about what was going on, who was speaking, (I think she was speaking to water at one point? Or witnessing a conversation between water and the Keeper of water from a long time ago???). Anyway, I was lost, so I had little choice than to [...]

    27. Karissa on said:

      This is the third book in the Chronicles of Elantra series by Michelle Sagara. It has been getting mixed reviews but I have to say I really enjoyed it. I mean you couldn't barely pry me away from the book, so that should say something about it.In this book Kaylin and Severn are trying to track down a couple young girls that have been kidnapped. There is some nice character development between Kaylin and Lord Nightshade. You learn a lot more about the race of the Tha'alani, which is pretty intere [...]

    28. Lokki on said:

      Kaylin is back and once again she is in over her head. This time the clock is ticking as she tries to solve the mystery of a missing magical artifact and it's connection to the Oracle's prophesy of the destruction of Elantra. Called out to what she thinks is a simple case of theft, Kaylin finds herself on the trail of not one but two missing children, a trail that leads her to the Tha'alani. Kaylin must face her prejudices towards the Tha'alani as she tries to solve the mystery before Elantra ge [...]

    29. Yodamom on said:

      Intense, action filled with a tease of romance. Wow. Some spine tingling moments that had me in goosebumps. They just keep getting better. Kaylin and Severn visit's the elemental garden, (not it's real name) and see thing she is told not too. Her vision sends her down a dangerous path of water and death. Her heart aches for children, she must save the child she feels is in danger, no matter what the cost. She has to face her fears and hatred to accomplish this, it is not an easy thing to do. She [...]

    30. Kara-karina on said:

      As it tends to happen around Kaylin, this story is about children. Missing children. The best thing about it is that the child is Tha' alani, which is a race of alien looking psychics, whom Kaylin is very prejudiced against, and she has to fight her fears and learn the history of Tha'alani and their suffering from the hands of other races who're just as afraid and as prejudiced against them as Kaylin herlself. It's a good lesson in humanity. We also see The Oracle Hall for the first time, and it [...]

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