My Footprint: Saving the Planet One Pound at a Time

Jeff Garlin

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My Footprint: Saving the Planet One Pound at a Time

My Footprint Saving the Planet One Pound at a Time My Footprint documents Jeff Garlin s hysterical journey to lessen both his physical and carbon footprint

  • Title: My Footprint: Saving the Planet One Pound at a Time
  • Author: Jeff Garlin
  • ISBN: 9781439150108
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover
  • My Footprint documents Jeff Garlin s hysterical journey to lessen both his physical and carbon footprint.

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    One thought on “My Footprint: Saving the Planet One Pound at a Time

    1. Peter Derk on said:

      Have to say, enjoyed this more than the average comedian's book.Jeff Garlin is a funny guy. If you aren't already sure of that, I recommend checking out his podcast, By the WayA couple great episodes: With Larry David, the funniest thing I can remember: earwolf/episode/larry- With Henry Rollins, who is always interesting:earwolf/episode/henry- With Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad and Home Fries creator:earwolf/episode/vince-Jeff Garlin is probably best known for his role on Curb Your Enthusiasm, wh [...]

    2. Kirby on said:

      I was torn on this one. I really like Jeff Garlin's acting style and stand up. I was actually going to his shows at the UCB a lot while he was writing this book, so I had heard some of this material before. But I have to say, the language that is so lovable coming out of his mouth just does not translate to paper that well, in my opinion.He is the first to say that he is very ADD. And in person, that is part of what makes him so great: he has these kooky vocal inflections and giggling fits and a [...]

    3. Maggie Wiggins on said:

      As an avid Curb fan, I picked this up mostly because I hoped Garlin would mention Larry David. He does, and he also makes me realize how much of Garlin's talent goes into Curb (a lot, it turns out). As a producer, writer, and actor for the show, his influence is pretty heavy. He's realistic about losing weight, and imperfect like the rest of us, so I was able to eat a donut while reading it and not feel bad about myself. The only issue I had with the book was the blatant message-sending. Garling [...]

    4. Jinny Chung on said:

      Garlin gave me a copy himself, signing it, "Jinny -- you're a big bowl of wonderful."And that's only the first appearance of the words "big bowl", of many many many.Garlin invites us to read his diary, which chronicles the progress of his weight loss (actually, he wrote the diary for the sole purpose of publishing a book for all to read, but, that's beside the point.) He is humble, obnoxious, shameless, insightful, crude, endearing, matter-of-fact, hopeful -- but most importantly, the man is hon [...]

    5. Sonia Reppe on said:

      I started reading this at Borders and it was so funny I had to buy it. Jeff Garlin is probably best known these days for his hilarious role on Curb Your Enthusiasm, but he's been in TV for a long time, including two episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond (my favorite show). Life on the road as a stand-up comic starting when he was twenty wrecked havoc on his eating habits and his body, but he is also a compulsive eater. I feel sorry for his dietary struggles. He can't find a good balance. He goes o [...]

    6. Raz Godelnik on said:

      This review is of the audiobook:Jeff Garlin is a funny guy. Well, he's a comedian. But he's also a serious guy and in August 2008 he decided to set up an impressive goal: Reducing both his physical and carbon footprint. His journey is documented in a new audiobook released today by Simon & Simon Audio: My Footprint: Carrying the Weight of the World.Garlin is a comedian and actor and is probably best known for his work on the great series 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', where co-stars with "Seinfeld" [...]

    7. Jimmie on said:

      I'll start by saying I think Jeff Garlin can be hilarious. I don't watch "Curb," but it turns out he's been in other things I've really enjoyed (especially "Mad About You").Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to really save this book. Even though they tend to go well with my attention span, I really do hate most books that are organized into letters, diary entries, e-mails, or (god forbid) text messages. I think it's the lazy author's narrative structure. (Exceptions do exist, of course: "We Need [...]

    8. Tiffany Day on said:

      Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Wall-E), admitted compulsive overeater, uses his comedic skills to detail his struggles in reaching his goals of both living a healthy lifestyle and reduing his carbon footprint. Garlin does a great job of expressing the realities of life as a person with weight struggles and by likening his battles to those experienced by drug and alcohol addicts he illustrates that for many people, weight loss is far more than simply a matter of dropping a fork and getting of [...]

    9. Michael Marcela on said:

      I thought this was a good book overall. It has some laugh out loud moments. I found the times where Jeff describes going off his diet and gorging himself disturbing and I wondered if it was true. I have always been a big guy but I know there was no way I could eat like he described. The part of the books that talk about going green were to me, largely unnecesary and took away from the book. It seemed like it was added to make the book longer.What is great about this book is the message it gives [...]

    10. Earline on said:

      Really torn between 3 and 4 stars on this review. I picked up this audiobook because I love The Goldbergs (yes it’s sad that I really haven’t been exposed to Jeff Garlin’s other work) and I love that the audiobook is read to Leonard Nimoy. The diaristic format isn't the most interesting to me, but I understand and identify with utilizing the act of writing in order to motivate you. For me the most powerful part of the book was the conversation Jeff has at the end with his psychiatrist abou [...]

    11. Joyce on said:

      Documents comedian Jeff Garlin's hilarious journey to lessen both his physical and carbon footprint. Garlin dedicated the filming of an entire season of Curb Your Enthusiasm to completely make over his lifestyle in two major ways--by lightening his physical and his ecological footprints. After many false starts, he believes that writing a book about the experiment is the only possible way to help him lose weight and go green. The hardest part of the endeavor is overcoming his food addiction--esp [...]

    12. Kristina on said:

      Having craft services provide a constant stream of food must be tough if you are a food addict. Yet, why does Garlin need his assistant to be a babysitter, keeping him away from excessive pizza? The conflict between Garlin and his wife about their "green" construction rang true, but how many times did I have to hear about those windows. Garlin writes this book as a diary so I guess that is how it happened. Yet, it seems a bit whiny and annoying. I don't watch "Curb"; I had heard about this book [...]

    13. Rebecca on said:

      I liked Jeff Garlin. Whenever he is on a chat show (esp. TDS) I always know I am in for a good interview and laugh. But after reading this book, I realized that I don't think I have ever watched any of his other projects. I have no interest in CURB, which is the show he was/is doing while he wrote this book. And I have no interest. Though I do agree with him on his action towards being green, I didn't feel like the book went anywhere. Plus his goal to loose weight and his constant state of ADD o [...]

    14. DeAnna Rigney on said:

      I saw Jeff Garlin promote his book on the Daily Show and thought it sounded interesting and funny. It was. Garlin's lighthearted style is very casual, and he draws you into the problems he faces everyday when one is addicted to food, from craft services on Curb Your Enthusiasm to just going out to eat. He seems like a good guy trying to overcome his addiction, and he's honest about the one thing most people don't want to say about losing weight, which is that it is very hard. Garlin decides to t [...]

    15. Meghan on said:

      The star of WALL-E and the costar of Curb Your Enthusiasm writes about his revelation that he's too fat. After WALL-E comes out in theaters, Garlin realizes that he consumes too much (as the environmental message of the movie hits home) - at the same time, he also realizes that he's addicted to food. The book follows his struggles to control his eating and to reduce his carbon footprint. It's funny and dark, while also obviously written by someone who is not a professional author. The diary form [...]

    16. James on said:

      I listened to the audiobook. If you’re a fan of Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm you’ll love this audiobook. Jeff talks about trying to lose weight and lower his carbon footprint during the filming of the seventh season of Curb. It’s a funny romp of his over-eating, talks about going green with Ed Begley Jr run ins with the scheming Jerry Seinfeld, and his hate for sarcasm. Somewhere in there you can find a positive message that anybody can do it. All this and he’s reading it to Leo [...]

    17. Patrick Ryss on said:

      Jeff Garlin is hilarious. This book is definitely better if you can hear his voice while you are reading. Already a fan of Curb your Enthusiasm reading this made me like Jeff even more. I annoyed my girlfriend multiple times by laughing out loud while she was sleeping. Very quick read and very entertaining. Not dense in environmental or weight loss information, more about Jeff's experience and struggle with the two. The x's are a little weird and kind of confusing but overall an amazingly funny [...]

    18. Kristen McQuinn on said:

      I liked this better than I thought I would. I thought I'd be bored to death. Mostly because I am not as conscious about being green or losing weight as I ought to be. And I didn't know who Jeff Garlin was. Still don't, really, except that now I can say I know he's in Curb Your Enthusiasm. So I wasn't too excited about reading this book at first but I ended up liking it well enough. And I did learn a few really good tips on being green. It still isn't my cup of tea but I am glad this was picked f [...]

    19. Karen on said:

      I wouldn't say this is "hysterical" but it's humorous. Reflecting on it a few days later, it's actually kinda depressing. A very honest look at what it's like to be a compulsive overeater. Mixing in the environmentalism aspect is a little odd, but I even gleaned some insight into that topic as well. He does a good job describing how bad the bus system in LA is. And it's also good companion when you're watching Season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    20. Missy on said:

      Total impulse buy after watching him on the Daily Show. It was a quick, entertaining read. Jeff Garlin is funny - love him on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Sounds like Larry David is actually a really good guy. Jerry Seinfeld, on the other hand, is a jerk. Anyway, sorta interesting, but probably wouldn't run out and recommend it unless someone is a huge Garlin fan or is struggling with food addiction.

    21. Suzie Q on said:

      funny little light read nothing to serious just a chubby guy who is a recycle nut trying to lose weight and reduce the weight of his carbon footprint and literal footprint in losing weight.Follow him through his ups and downs of mostly unsuccessful weight battle.This inspired me to rent the Curb Your Enthusiasm dvd since he is in it and that was funny, quirky like a lett planned out Seinfeld since it is created and stars Larry David the creator of Seinfeld.

    22. Kaleena Menke on said:

      I'm pretty sure I only picked up this book because Jeff Garlin did a bit on The Daily Show that I thought was funny. The book had it's good moments, but several times I was wishing that I could just quit. The book is about Jeff's journey towards a smaller personally and ecological footprint (a great goal!) but I thought the funniest part of the whole book was the cover choice. Walking on a treadmill? Treadmills are one of the few ways to exercise that require an energy input!!! How ironic.

    23. Jim Davis on said:

      I love Jeff Garlin and I think he's hysterical to watch and listen to, but he's wildly unsuccessful getting that voice in the page. I laughed once in the first 75 pages and quit. He needs to do a podcast where he just tells all his funny showbiz stories and invited guests to join in. His attempt to connect his weight-loss battle with reducing his ecological footprint is contrived and boring.

    24. Amy on said:

      Many of the anecdotes in the book, one may have heard in Jeff Garlin's live comedy shows during TC Comedy Festival. Laugh out loud funny but also with the pathos of dealing with an eating disorder. Garlin lays his life right out there, offering insight into just how far people might go to satisfy an addiction. The author is genuinely kind and genuinely funny!

    25. Becca on said:

      Pretty negative book overall. You read about his failure to overcome compulsive eating and lose weight over and over again. It did help me understand better what it would be like to be a compulsive over eater. In the end it had a message of very slight and slow improvement over time. I wouldn't have finished it if I hadn't been stuck on an airplane.

    26. Liz on said:

      I really really enjoyed this book and whizzed through it in about a day and a half. It combines three of my favorite things: food/health, the environment, and Jeff Garlin! What's not to love? It's also fun when Jeff mentions his UCB shows. I love Jeff Garlin and can relate to his plight to get healthy and be green in just about every way.

    27. Erica on said:

      You can hear Jeff Garlin's voice in this memoir, about his struggles with overeating, his path toward a greener life, and his health issues and love for his family. He is funny and warm and far from perfect. I think he's done a great job with this book and I appreciated the journey and even learned a few things.

    28. Doreva on said:

      I really wanted to like this book, but could not, due to its excessively rambling style. However, I don't watch the show Curb Your Enthusiasm. Perhaps Garlin's book fits with the style of his TV character and fans might enjoy it more.

    29. Chad on said:

      A very good book which sadly took me much longer to finish than I would have liked it to. It was refreshing to read about his struggle with food which many of us deal with and how he deals with it and through him I realised that we are kind of the same in dealing with weight issues.

    30. Ellie Revert on said:

      Love the author--saw him on The Daily Show--he is great friends with Jon Stewart, and we loved this friendship! He's a neat guy, and we are now catching up with "Curb Your Enthusiasm" thanks to him, and we are loving it!

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