The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

William Blake Michael Phillips

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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell No work has challenged its readers like Blake s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Blake s Proverbs of Hell by turns iconoclastic bizarre and unprecedented have been employed as the slogans of student

  • Title: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
  • Author: William Blake Michael Phillips
  • ISBN: 9781851243662
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • No work has challenged its readers like Blake s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Blake s Proverbs of Hell by turns iconoclastic, bizarre, and unprecedented have been employed as the slogans of student protest and become axioms of modern thought Most extraordinary, though, is the revolutionary method Blake employed in making the physical book The Bodleian Library holdsNo work has challenged its readers like Blake s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Blake s Proverbs of Hell by turns iconoclastic, bizarre, and unprecedented have been employed as the slogans of student protest and become axioms of modern thought Most extraordinary, though, is the revolutionary method Blake employed in making the physical book The Bodleian Library holds one of the first copies that Blake printed using a technique he called illuminated printing, and it is the only work in which he signifies its importance.This new facsimile edition of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell includes a plate by plate guide to the texts, interlinear figures, and larger designs in a commentary accompanying the transcript of each reproduced plate Drawings from Blake s manuscript notebook, which were used as a basis for the designs, as well as working proof impressions, are also included, demonstrating the evolution of the work This edition also reproduces a single plate from each of the other eight surviving copies, revealing how over a period of than thirty years Blake altered the way he finished each copy An introduction explores the book s literary and historical background, Blake s printing process, and the book s anonymous initial publication.This expertly edited work is available for students and scholars in paperback and for collectors in a special hardcover edition Both versions allow Blake s vision to reassert its breathtaking power.

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      309 William Blake Michael Phillips
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    One thought on “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

    1. kaelan on said:

      This, quite frankly, is one of the greatest pieces of literature I’ve ever read—in fact, extend 'literature' to include philosophy and theology as well. It's mad, complicated, mystical suffice to say, it's essentially mind-expanding.Works of genius, I find, fall under two basic categories: those that form the pinnacle of a particular genre; and those that, more generally, push the very limits of human achievement. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is genius in the latter sense.A facsimile edit [...]

    2. Carolina on said:

      I’ve always loved provocative poetry. Not sensationalist I-don’t-even-have-a-good-reason-to-do-this provocative poetry, but rather pondered provocation disguised in insanity. That’s what The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is. Blake’s conception does not reject religion altogether. Instead, Blake criticizes religious institution and its morality scheme, in which all is black and white. For Blake, the world has multiple shades of gray and there’s no evil or good in either side of the spectr [...]

    3. Scarlet Cameo on said:

      Pensar en William es pensar en obras con un trasfondo religioso. Este es un poema que la primera vez que lo escuche (mi primer acercamiento a él fue a modo de audio) pensé que era un ensayo,no fue hasta que vi las palabras en papel que note que era un poema, que cada cambio de voz representaba una estrofa, y eso fue una de las cosas que más me gusto respecto a este poema, por que no se limita a representar una metáfora, sino que la desarrolla completamente.Creo que para este punto de nuestra [...]

    4. Ayse Kelce on said:

      Ablamın kitaplığında bulup şans eseri okumaya karar verdim ve bir saatte bitirdim.Öncelikle şunu söylemeliyim ki iyi ki şans eseri de olsa görüp okumaya karar vermişim çünkü tam benim seveceğim tarzda, sık sık okuyucunun kendisini ve sistemi (bu eser için daha çok dini sistem ve yaşam döngüsü denilebilir) sorgulamasına neden olan bir kitaptı.Benim için tek sıkıntısı çeviri olarak okumamdı denilebilir. Çünkü eserin yorumlarını okuduğumda şiirselliğinin ön [...]

    5. Max Maxwell on said:

      Hm The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, eh? I read C.S. Lewis's The Great Divorce before I read this, and I think his preface there sums up my thoughts on the work:Blake wrote The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. If I have written of their Divorce, this is not because I think myself a fit antagonist for such a genius, nor even because I feel at all sure that I know what he meant.And yet I, too, do write of their divorce. I think that The Marriage is a very engaging and invigorating intellectual work, co [...]

    6. James on said:

      Blake was one of the greatest artistic geniuses, and this book is the clearest expression of his ideas outside of his sublime but gnomic prophetic books. This work on the other hand is brief and accessible, and is as good an introduction to Blake's visionary genius as one is likely to find.

    7. Mimi on said:

      I love Blake. He always manages to touch something in my heart. There's a reason the only poem I know by heart is one of his. And whether it's with words, or with paint (The Night of Enitharmon's Joy is a personal favourite), or with his etchings (another personal favourite: 'Europe supported'. At first, it looks like a picture with 3 pretty, naked girls, then you realise it is harsh social commentary, that still rings true today), he always manages to make you think.The Marriage of Heaven and H [...]

    8. Tünde Ecem Kutlu on said:

      i like william blake. i like his ideas on imagination and opposition. i’m not much of a romantic reader but william blake is always a lovely exception for me.

    9. Catalina on said:

      "Without contraries is no progression. Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, love and hate, are necessary to human existence".I believe Blake wants to prove the duality of human nature and the immoral purpose of religion to "destroy existence" by trying to "reconcile the two". You'll find well known arguments by now, but revolutionary and highly controversial for the time this was published, like: - the body is not distinct from the soul; - religion is a human product used to "enslave the [...]

    10. Adam on said:

      After a month of reading books about mysticism and religion (both anti- and pro-) and dipping in and out of articles on the philosophy of religion, I decided to read this thing again [the rippling consequences of dating a literal Witch for a short while then angrily dismissing her entire worldview during an argument and then feeling spectacularly guilty about being so judgmental and frankly sad about no longer feeling her embrace on a couple nights a week are not to be underestimated]. Given the [...]

    11. Katie on said:

      DNF. Quit at the "Proverbs of Hell" because yikes. Absolutely baffling, and honestly, the art and calligraphy didn't impress me either. Though I do think the format is a cool one in books.

    12. Caleb on said:

      Extracts:Every thing possible to be believ’d is an image of truth.As the caterpillar chooses the fairest leaves to lay her eggs on, so the priest lays his curse on the fairest joys. To create a little flower is the labour of ages. All deities reside in the human breast. If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, & breeds reptiles of the mind. A man carried a monkey about for a she [...]

    13. Annie Machuca on said:

      Que poemario más originales. ¿Será que William veía el futuro o es acaso que nada a cambiado desde 1790? Lo que si se es que pinta un infierno tan pintoresco como Dante.

    14. Nancy Nguyen on said:

      This was so great! It's filled with amazing parables and such wisdom (which can only be conjured by intertwining "good" and "evil," wink wink). I can only imagine this work being extremely revolutionary even now, so I can't imagine the reception during the Romantic period. This work makes me feel so special. Blake's like saying that we all have something to celebrate within ourselves (of course, he meant that in the most divine way possible), and you don't have to be religious to appreciate that [...]

    15. Rima Rashid on said:

      Beautiful crafted plates and put together into this text. Blake's desire to rearrange the devil's relationship with God and to abolish the concept of a heaven and hell, a good and bad, is well executed but I don't know if he means for us to take him seriously. Or rather, can we take him seriously? This is definitely a text that you need to experience in the format of his plates which he so painstakingly painted in his home.

    16. Javier on said:

      The Proverbs of Hell are a chilling and disturbingly saccharine peek into the psychological profile of the Human experience. Check out the Dover edition which has reproduced the original plates in facsimile and full color!

    17. Aslı Can on said:

      Cinsel Kimlikler'de Blake ile ilgili bölüme gelince Blake'i tanımak adına kitaplarını okumaya karar verdim. Adından da anlaşılacağı üzere iyinin de kötünün de insan doğasına ait olduğu ve uzlaşamayacakları kanısında Blake. Birbiriyle biraz çelişkili bulduğum aforizmalar oldu ama bunu Blake'in kendisine söylesem, olabilir, doğaldır dermiş gibi hissediyorum. Bilerek yazmış bile olabilir, kim bilir.

    18. Martin Hassman on said:

      Po knize jsem sáhl jen kvůli části Snoubení nebe a pekla. Toto vydání zahrnuje i jiná autorova díla, která mě nakonec moc nezaujala. Ale druhá polovina knihy, byla super a splnila moje očekávání. A té části patří ode mě čtyři hvězdy.

    19. booklady on said:

      Started to read this so as to fully appreciate The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. Could barely stand to do so. Abandoned.

    20. Andrew on said:

      i simply can't add to many of the immortal lines found in the book such as, "When the doors of perception are cleansed, everything will appear as it is, infinite." thank God for the voice known as william blake.

    21. Rodrigo Esquer on said:

      This is one of the most profound of the so called Illuminated Books by William Blake, a gnostic and ground-shaking masterpiece

    22. Prema Arasu on said:

      Blake's visionary "Bible of Hell" is partly satirical, partly serious and I understood almost none of it, but it was beautiful.

    23. Daniel Schechtel on said:

      Once read in year 2011 (or 2012?), reread today, still a Masterpiece which blew my mind and left an indelible trace upon my Soul and my concepction of the Cosmos, of Life and of Poetry.

    24. verbava on said:

      у блейка, виявляється, дуже непогано з почуттям гумору.

    25. Shima on said:

      I had the privilege of seeing one of the handpainted versions of this book and it's absolutely gorgeous. There are so many endearing little unique details to a handwritten book that are absolutely impossible to have in print ones. (Also, having the librarians bring it out of "the vault" for me was possibly one of the coolest moments of my life so far.)The text can be a little hard to get your head around, but in general, Blake paints himself as the prophet preaching for the unity of heaven and h [...]

    26. Adil El Azraki on said:

      This, the most immediately accessible of Blake's longer works, is vigorous, deliberately outrageous, and at times comic, onslaught against many of the stock opinions of orthodox christian piety and morality. The seeming simplicity of bake's satiric attitude, however, is deceptive.Initially, Blake accepts the terminology of middle-class Christian morality ("what the religious call Good and Evil") but reverses its values, In this conventional use of evil, which is manifested by the class the class [...]

    27. Justin Kelly on said:

      A touch of racism(phrenology), a splash of fascism("might is right"), and a whole lot of mad ravings from multiple personalities. It's difficult to make any sense of this scribble. I think his heart was in the right place, but it seems he got the players all wrong. This work is like Nero drunkenly touting from on high that everyone is a dumbass except him. What is it called when you unknowingly condemn yourself by fitting the exact description of the personality you are mocking? Whatever it's ca [...]

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