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Dragonstar The novels of New York Times bestselling author Barbara Hambly have broken new ground in the realm of fantasy With a sweeping cast of characters whose powers are both awesome and heartachingly limited

  • Title: Dragonstar
  • Author: Barbara Hambly
  • ISBN: 9780307565679
  • Page: 192
  • Format: ebook
  • The novels of New York Times bestselling author Barbara Hambly have broken new ground in the realm of fantasy With a sweeping cast of characters whose powers are both awesome and heartachingly limited, the Dragon series is built around the touching relationship between a husband and wife separated by a flood of violence and chaos Condemned to die for consorting with demoThe novels of New York Times bestselling author Barbara Hambly have broken new ground in the realm of fantasy With a sweeping cast of characters whose powers are both awesome and heartachingly limited, the Dragon series is built around the touching relationship between a husband and wife separated by a flood of violence and chaos Condemned to die for consorting with demons, dragonslayer Lord John Aversin sits in a dank prison cell and calculates the odds of escape, while smelling the smoke of the executioners pyres In Winterlands, Jenny Waynest pays a heavy price for choosing to be human, mourning the loss of her husband, Lord John, and the dangers that engulf her family But in a season of the Dragon Star, strange miracles are about to transpire.As a pitched battle between the Hellspawn and the human rages, Jenny and John will be reunited in a city under siege And there, they will have one last chance to understand all that has happened to them and why, who their true enemies and true allies are, and most of all, for what magical purpose each has been chosen.A vast adventure and a powerful mystery teeming with demons and witches, gnomes and dragons, Dragonstar explores profound issues of faith, fate, and technology while obscuring long held boundaries between good and evil, love and hate, what is human and what is fantastic With this glorious finale to a breathtaking series, Barbara Hambly establishes herself as one of the most visionary and inventive storytellers in the field of fantasy fiction today.From the Hardcover edition.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ Dragonstar : by Barbara Hambly ↠
      192 Barbara Hambly
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    One thought on “Dragonstar

    1. Bookwraiths on said:

      One reviewer on stated that Dragonstar “. . . almost seems to have been written as an apology to fans for the gloom of the first two books.” And I have to one hundred 100) percent agree with that assessment.Here, Hambly begins by John Aversin and Jenny Waynest being rescued from their own particular “hell.” Instantaneously, these two people, who have been not very nice to one another for two books, patch their relationship back up, promising that they will give it their all to mend the [...]

    2. William Leight on said:

      This is a satisfying conclusion to the series, in which Hambly manages to tie up all her loose ends and make the character of Morkeleb, who seemed increasingly marginal in the previous two books, make sense again. He turns out to be an avatar of the necessity of accepting change, which is revealed (well, revealed to those who didn't notice it cropping up in the previous two books) as the theme of the trilogy. Those who are willing to change, and indeed embrace the possibility of doing so, are re [...]

    3. Mitchel Kajiura on said:

      Only worth reading if you're Winterlands completionist. John and Jenny are incredible characters and I adore them, but the story surrounding them is convoluted, confusing and doesn't have much payoff. It's been so long since I read Dragonsbane, but from what I remember, it was great. One should just read that book on its own as a standalone novel and ignore it's three sequels.

    4. Eremite on said:

      A nice conclusion to the series. Though I suspect I could have been satisfied stopping after the first book and never meddling with this whole demonic possession trilogy.

    5. sabisteb on said:

      Dieser Band steht ganz unter dem großen Thema der Selbstfindung. Jenny hat ihre Magie immer noch nicht zurückgewonnen bis sie zu sich selbst findet und sich akzeptiert wie sie ist und lernt ihre Kräfte aus ihrer Vergangeheit, ihrer Gegenwart und ihrem Selbst zu schöpfen.Die Dämonen haben eine Seuche ins Königreich Bel geschickt und begonnen die Körper der Toten zu übernehmen. Der letzte Kampf unter dem Drachenstern hat begonnen und nur Jenny, John und Morkeleb können das Unheil noch abw [...]

    6. Nicole Luiken on said:

      Finished my reread of this series--well worth it. High stakes, tension, wonderful world-building and at the center of it all two mature characters, married couple John Aversin and Jenny Waynest.

    7. Rusty on said:

      This has been a favorite series for me and I've prolonged this read as long as I could. Love the characters. There is bookish John, so near-sighted that he cannot see much without his glasses, and Jenny, his wife who has magic enough to be a dragon but chose to remain a human because she loved John so much. And there is Jenny's dragon friend, Morkeleb, who has forsaken magic and gold to become a Dragonshadow whatever that is. Their kingdom is being invaded by demons who bring some dead humans ba [...]

    8. Rebecca Huston on said:

      Final entry in the Winterlands series, as far as I know. Smart, and at times horrifying fantasy novel involving a war of demons where dragons and humans are nothing but pawns -- and know it. Plenty of action, dire doings, and some truly scary moments. Also, one of the best love stories that I have encountered in any genre. Not for the younger set, and it is advised that the earlier novels in the series be read before this one. Four stars overall, recommended. For the longer review, please go her [...]

    9. Pkeets on said:

      This is an excellent book. I love the way Barbara Hambly makes here characters seem so alive and entertaining. It's part of a series that I've recently discovered, and I had to look for all of them. The characters struggle against the evils and problems within their own lives. They suffer losses, but managed to prevail in the end.

    10. Korynn on said:

      For those readers who have read all the previous volumes this 4th book is long-awaited fulfilling conclusion. There is a epic fight against demons. There is love and death, trial and escape, dragons and gnomes and best of all, hope and healing. To a realm and characters greatly wracked by events in previous volumes, it is a greatly satifying relief, I'm sure.

    11. Abigail Jes on said:

      I LOVED the book. I LOVE the series. I wish there were more, even though at times the stories would slow and kind of drag on. Still, the characters are lovable and there is a great sense of humor woven in.

    12. Terry on said:

      Typical Hambly fare, with nothing coming easily to Jenny and John as they battle the demon hordes of Folcalor and Adromelech. She adds an interesting twist to reach the conclusion of this fine series.

    13. Jason Lang on said:

      Barbara Hambly does an amazing feat rarely seen in this book. She brings her sweeping series to a satisfying conclusion without having that 'tick off the loose ends' feel to it.

    14. Emmanuelle on said:

      Finally. I finished the whole serie.This one was, almost, as good as Dragonsbane (in my eyes at least). Almost the same tone, our favorite characters are there and well. What a love story it is!

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