Taming Eliza Jane

Shannon Stacey

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Taming Eliza Jane

Taming Eliza Jane When a man sets out to tame a strong willed woman he d best hang on to his hat Will Martinson the town doctor already has a heap of troubles on his plate what with a pregnant whore an ailing frie

  • Title: Taming Eliza Jane
  • Author: Shannon Stacey
  • ISBN: 9781599985084
  • Page: 358
  • Format: ebook
  • When a man sets out to tame a strong willed woman, he d best hang on to his hat Will Martinson, the town doctor, already has a heap of troubles on his plate, what with a pregnant whore, an ailing friend and a sheriff with a bad habit of shooting people The last thing he needs is a strong hankering for a woman who thinks it s her duty to turn a man s life upside down EliWhen a man sets out to tame a strong willed woman, he d best hang on to his hat Will Martinson, the town doctor, already has a heap of troubles on his plate, what with a pregnant whore, an ailing friend and a sheriff with a bad habit of shooting people The last thing he needs is a strong hankering for a woman who thinks it s her duty to turn a man s life upside down Eliza Jane Carter is a woman on a mission She s going to improve the lives of the women in Gardiner, Texas before moving on to the next town But when her finances take a turn for the worse and her chaperone heads for the hills, Eliza Jane is stranded in a town full of riled up menfolk, a gun happy sheriff and one handsome doctor who makes her question everything she ever believed about the love between a man and a woman.

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    One thought on “Taming Eliza Jane

    1. edzkie♥§*.*§♥ on said:

      This book was utterly a surprise. Just saw it on one of my GR shelf favorite. Got intrigue by the cover (although its not that eye catching and I'm trying to figure out all the silhouetteLOL!) and I want to give it a try as my first book from this author before I starts her series of family book.I love both the h/h, love the Gardiner people, the chickens and the Chicken Coop wise matchmaker old lady (although she doesn't stay long). Eliza Jane, divorced women libber's come to town to spread her [...]

    2. Ruth on said:

      This is such a fun read. Light, sassy, naughty writing, with lots of "oh shit"s and "darlin'"s. You can almost hear the spittoon pinging in the saloon and jangling spurs. The men have practically no social skills, the women charge extra for spanking and the Sheriff's diplomatic skills begin and end with drawing his gun (no, not that gun!!!). The steamy bits aren't really steamy, but the story doesn't suffer for it.It's wonderful to have a western heroine who stands up for herself, and others, bu [...]

    3. Dina on said:

      "My" Will: That's all I have to "say" for now. Full review will come later

    4. Karla on said:

      What a pleasant surprise! One of the most endearing love stories I’ve ever read. Think Maverick/Cheyenne Social Club/Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, all rolled into one. Eliza Jane, divorced women’s libber has come to town, and now the townsfolk are in an uproar, and she is at the center of it all. The trigger finger happy sheriff, Adam, and town doc/deputy sheriff, Will, have made it their business to keep her in line. One wants to shoot her, and the other one wants to bed her. Quite the c [...]

    5. ♥ Beth on said:

      4.5 stars!I am surprised that there are no GR reviews yet on this book! It was such a great read! It wasn't really what I was expecting, but I loved it and definitely recommend it! A light and fun romantic historical western with a quirky cast of characters that held my interest throughout and kept me laughing. I can see this one as one of those old fashioned westerns I used to watch on TV. The only thing that I would wish for was a little more detail and heat in the bedroom scenes, but overall [...]

    6. Kristen on said:

      The Taming of Eliza Jane was a delightful and light read. I found this book to be quick, easy, and a lot of fun. The cast of motley characters were not deeply layered in characterization, but the plot, dialogue, and humor more than made up for it. After all, this book's purpose was not a serious study in character development or the perplexities of life.I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet and funny romance. I recommend it to anyone who whats a simple, light, and fun escape.

    7. Peg Hughes on said:

      EnjoyableI love historical romance tho so far I've read mostly Georgian - th I s was a fab change, a west e tnx t h at I thoroughly enjoyed. I'll marry Will if she doesn't want him

    8. Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) on said:

      This book was faintly ridculous, silly even, but I really enjoyed it! It was a great funny and romantic little western romance full of quirky characters, from the Sheriff who threatens to shot everyone who annoys him, the benevolant and wise whore house Madam and her "chickens" and the over zealous bible basher. A book to read to get a smile on your fast which had some genuinely laugh out loud funny bits.Favourite Quote:"Doc likes to sit in his fancy leather chair and have me ride him like a hor [...]

    9. Ann (Noumena12) on said:

      Okay. I almost didn't read this book because I'm not a fan of historical romances. This book might have changed my mind. And I'm sure hoping that I will be reading about Adam (and Rebecca????) very soon.Interesting notes: One of the tags for this book on is that it is a "contemporary" romance. So, of course, I had to go find a definition of "historical." Definition of Historical Romance (multiple sources): "Historical romance is set before World War II.[1] Many historical romances include conte [...]

    10. MaryReadsRomance on said:

      2 1/2 StarsAn ok light romance entertainment read with a direct and basic writing style. Characters and plot are a bit dated and reminiscent of Gunsmoke and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Texas vernacular was ok but sometimes a bit jarringly off (I have lived in Texas). Sex scene were basic and not frequent but were romantic and not jarring. Had a very well done surprise ending. The ending left such a good afterglow that it pulled up the entire book's rating for me. If the author's later b [...]

    11. Hilly on said:

      2 stars.This wasn't much of anything. Nice-guy hero/Naive heroine in the ol' West.I didn't dislike it, exactly, I just didn't care for -- or about -- anyone or anything in it. Except I admit to being curious about the sheriff. Which is odd, because I already read the sequel ( Becoming Miss Becky ) and that story wasn't anything memorable either. I may reread that one, in fairness because I read them out of chronological order.

    12. Joy on said:

      I really enjoyed one of Stacey's contemporaries, so I moved on to her westerns. In this book, an early women's rights activist shows up in Gardiner, Texas, ready to raise consciousnesses. In addition, she more or less raises riots (her main method seems to be telling wives and whores to withhold sex for leverage), leaving the town doctor (one of the few men who actually like her) to help her when her trustee leaves town with what's left of her money. This book was enjoyable but lightweight. I am [...]

    13. Vee on said:

      This was a light and fun romantic historical western. Eliza Jane is a woman on a mission, trying to change the lives of women for the better, as she travels through towns, liberating women, she arrives to Gardiner Tx, and to Will. I loved the character of the sheriff - he had a twitchy finger and wanted to shoot everyone, especially anyone who called his horse ugly - he is the H of Becoming Miss Becky.

    14. Kim on said:

      cute little romance book, made me think wild west and stuff, but i think this was after the wild west. before womens vote, but after abraham lincoln. but it was a cute book, a womans lib rolls into town to share her message, meets the doc who is full of darlins and stuff. some funny moments regarding a whorehouse, and a sheriff that shoots people who calls his horse ugly.

    15. Julie on said:

      I had to check and make sure I hadn't already read this book because it's too much like "Becoming Miss Becky." Same location, many of the same characters, same formula. At this point, I'm not sure I'll finish this one.

    16. Lori Meehan on said:

      3.5 I enjoyed this book Eliza Jane and Will had great chemistry and Adam was hilarious. I would of given this book a 4 but I thought it dragged some in the middle. The last 4th of the book had me by the neck and I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read Rebecca's book.

    17. Rochelle on said:

      2.5 stars.Shannon Stacey should stick to writing contemporaries!

    18. Laylah on said:

      lack of focus, not much of sexual tension, very inferior to the author's later books. 2 1/2 stars

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