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Jill Kargman

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Arm Candy

Arm Candy Queen of the beach read Washington Post Express Jill Kargman returns with an uproarious tale about searching for love and starts anew on the cusp of forty For two decades thirty nine year old Eden C

  • Title: Arm Candy
  • Author: Jill Kargman
  • ISBN: 9780525951599
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Queen of the beach read Washington Post Express Jill Kargman, returns with an uproarious tale about searching for love and starts anew on the cusp of forty For two decades, thirty nine year old Eden Clyde has been enjoying wealth and glamour as the muse and lover of Otto Clyde, the ultrafamous and much older king of the art world Genetically, she hit the lottery Queen of the beach read Washington Post Express Jill Kargman, returns with an uproarious tale about searching for love and starts anew on the cusp of forty For two decades, thirty nine year old Eden Clyde has been enjoying wealth and glamour as the muse and lover of Otto Clyde, the ultrafamous and much older king of the art world Genetically, she hit the lottery, but Eden is unlucky in love eighteen years ago she put aside her dream of true love and marriage and turned a blind eye to Otto s philandering in exchange for a life without want In her younger days this seemed like a fair bargain, but as forty looms overhead and as the beauty for which she s known begins to fade she feels the cost of the arrangement finally taking its toll on her happiness Eden leaves their cozy downtown loft for New York s frostier upper east Side, where she begins to search for the girl and the life she left so many years ago With the encouragement of a raucous but lovable group of girlfriends, Eden soon finds herself embroiled in a heated love affair with Gotham s most eligible bachelor the much younger Chase Lydon But just as their relationship is getting serious, an old flame resurfaces Does Eden want the life she s living and loving right now, or the love she left behind On the brink of her fortieth birthday, it s time for Eden to follow her heart, but this time not even Eden is sure where that will lead Poignant and laugh out loud funny, and written with heart and humor, Arm Candy shows that although forty may sometimes feel like the ultimate F word, its never too late to find true love.

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      154 Jill Kargman
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    One thought on “Arm Candy

    1. Alice on said:

      This woman's sole accomplishment in life was being beautiful and attracting men. Seriously. Oh, she also had a son. She didn't do anything herself. She was an artist's muse. She didn't run his business. She didn't build her own modeling business on the side. I listened to this book while I packed up stuff to give to Goodwill. I kept wondering if this woman could do some charitable work. She didn't. She took long walks. She despised women who dieted because she could eat like a horse and stay thi [...]

    2. Sara Coon-Thompson on said:

      Ouch. I've read some pretty nasty reviews on this book, one that I rather liked. I liked the characters and the many pop culture references that I could relate too as only reading the book 10 years after it was written. The quotes before every chapter are cute and funny but can sometimes be a drag if you let the comments on growing older get to you. I myself will have the pleasure of turning 40 in 2 years and I also can't say that I'm thrilled with the upcoming number, I can get over it as I don [...]

    3. Rio (Lynne) on said:

      I didn't like all the "Forty is the new F word" comments. If the author feels that being 39 means you are old and your life is over, I feel bad for her. I guess she thought it would be comedic, but instead I felt she was slapping me in the face with each "quote" at the beginning of each chapter telling me that at 40 you are falling apart, your best years are behind you, blah, blah, blah. I'm not even 40 yet and it depressed me. Besides that, the story might have been entertaining, but I couldn't [...]

    4. Randy Briggs on said:

      I rarely put aside a book before I finish it; it's kind of an unwritten rule for me. I didn't even get through three chapters of this one. The best thing about it were the quotes at the beginning of each chapter."This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly; it should be thrown with great force."--Dorothy Parker

    5. Rebecca on said:

      I have never wanted to punch characters in the face as much as I have when reading this book. Every single one of them.

    6. Jolene on said:

      Main character a little too focused on her age. Every other word in the book it seemed was lamenting the fact that she was turning 40 - omg woe is me! But it was a good fluff read.

    7. Tarah Schaeffer on said:

      What’s it about……The book is set around a woman named Eden. The novel starts with he moving from her small home town to the bright lights of the city of New York. She starts out as a sales associate at a Tower Records close to her apartment. While working there one day she meets an aspiring musician, but their romance quickly fizzles, due to the fact that as he starts getting more exposure by the local media. Which in turn it means he has less time for Eden. She then moves on to Wes who sh [...]

    8. Gail Cooke on said:

      There are some voice performers whose name on a cover attracts just as the names of authors do. For this listener multiple award winning narrator Joyce Bean is one of those. Just as Will Rogers never met a man he didn't like I've never heard a Joyce Bean reading that I didn't like. She's an Audie Award winner, brought home several Earphone Awards and a Listen Up Award from Publisher's Weekly. She's tops again with ARM CANDY.Who says romance can't be fun? Certainly not Kill Kargman who injects he [...]

    9. Renee on said:

      Perfect beach read - even though I wasn't on the beach. The book is a mindless little romance about a woman discovering love at 40 and the true importance of things. The book was exactly what I expected and enjoyable to read. Will keep Kargman on my ''beach read'' list.

    10. C on said:

      This was my first Audio book. I had a long solo drive ahead of me so I thought I would give it a try. I found that I am not an audio book person. One because when I am driving my focus is not always on the book and I miss some of the story, second because it was a solo reader, I could not keep all the characters straight with who was talking when. This reader did use a few different voices for different characters but it was not enough of a difference for me. As for the book itself I found it wa [...]

    11. Katharine Wells on said:

      I had to power through the second half of this book. It was grueling. The dialogue nearly killed me; like the constant ramblings of a fourteen year old girl. I did LOTS of eye-rolling while reading this. I've never given a one star review until today. I desperately wanted to like this book. The heroine was very unlikeable. She complains about her ageewholeok. Ok, we get it already! Aspiring authors: If this can be published, so can you!

    12. Karen on said:

      Kargman's book is as lightweight and frothy as the foam on cappuccino, and just as delicious and short-lasting. Her story of an almost-40 muse of a famous artist, now facing some harsher realities a very fun read. The situations move quickly, the descriptions of NYC life are fun, and the book is generally quite entertaining. The characters are not developed well enough to make them really memorable or realistic, but who cares? You don't always need or want great literature at the beach.

    13. Elisa on said:

      Enjoyed listening to the story. It was't the greatest but it also wasn't the worst I've listened to. I was glad that there was a happy-ever-after ending but wished more time was spent on it.I'm changing my review . . . when I first finished listening to this audiobook I thought I'll never think of these characters again but NO . . . I'm walking on the treadmill tonight and a raisin commercial came on . . . 8-)

    14. Scott Collins on said:

      I thought it was fairly well written, but I realized at the end of the book I really didn't care what happened to any of the characters. Not the main ones, not even any of the minor ones. In fact, I found I disliked most of the characters from both categories. Everyone just seemed so superficial and snobby. Just my take.

    15. Anne Attanas on said:

      It's true what they say--don't judge a book by it's cover. The copy I actually have is pink, so it's cuter, but at the end of the day, this book is utterly unsatisfying. The characters are flat and unbelievable and story is resolved too quickly and neatly and in a nutshell, is unbelievable. If you like this genre, stick with Candice Bushnell and Birdie Clark.

    16. Anjiebringhurst on said:

      Book on tape so there's not much selection. However, this one was entertaining and kept me engrossed in the story line. Basically it's about a beautiful woman getting older and looking back on her life to see she chose materialism over what really matters in life. Quite a bit unneccesary usage of the F-word. I seriously detest that word. Can't writers think of something better to use?

    17. Renee' Tran on said:

      The story of Eden from late teen to 39 (with the fear of turning 40). There are many references to her turning 40. She experiences the ups and downs of many modern women (except being famous) who finally figures it all out. The last few chapters I thought were wrapped up pretty quick considering the others prior.

    18. Briana Alzola on said:

      This book is exactly what you expect it be -- it's not a book that makes you think or analyze or anything like that. Instead, it is a book that allows you to take a break from thinking. I found myself much more connected to ALL of the characters that were not the story's protagonist. I found her whiny and unaccessible.

    19. Misty Battle on said:

      Wonderful story of a woman struggling with getting older and finding the true meaning of love. Beauty only lasts so long as this model/muse begins to learn after trading true love for fame. As we watch her struggle to find her niche, most women will be able relate to the agony of growing older versus the wisdom of experience.

    20. Linda on said:

      Our crappy weather makes me crave true literaturet. Arm Candy is a delightful coming of age tale (does it count when the protagonist comes of age when she hits 40?) I'd definitely recommend it for fans of Jennifer Weiner, Jodi Piccoult, etc. a good beach read and a great, "it's 40 degrees below zero with the wind chill and snowing YET AGAIN" pick-me-up.

    21. M on said:

      Unreadable, even as mindless beach-sitting fluff. Besides the ridiculously named characters and towns -- you get gems like someone's smile being described as "like Nancy Kerrigan's." I stopped reading before page 30. Avoid.

    22. Dawn on said:

      What a horrible book! If only I didn't have this urge to finish a book once I start it. Poor Eden. She's so beautiful, it's like a curse! Wah wah wahI'm beautiful. Never without a manjumps from one man to the next. wah wah wahI'm old.

    23. Jenny Trostel on said:

      The book is worth reading just for the quotes about age at the beginning of each chapter. A funny story about a woman who is the 'Arm Candy' for an older man and then leaves him and finds her own 'Arm Candy' with a younger man.

    24. Eli on said:

      Really 1.5 stars, maybe 1. The real question is why do I keep reading these books, but I still want to know why so many books w/sniveling, self-indulgent heroines get published. Word of advice: when your ex-lover's mother asks you how you are, do NOT reply, "Well, you know, almost 40."

    25. Farah on said:

      I didn't realize that this was a chick lit until I started reading it and it's a bad one at that. I felt like I was reading a high school girl's attempt (or a very bad English major's attempt) at her first novel and she didn't succeed at all.

    26. elliereads on said:

      Jill is so great on Odd Mom Out, and the show is so funny, I had high hopes for this book. I give it a "meh."

    27. Cheryl on said:

      I would give this 1.5 stars. The characters are shallow and you don't really get to know or like them. The writing tries way too hard to be clever and "hip".

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