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Primeval The New York Times bestselling author of Ancients and Leviathan returns with another adrenaline rush the latest thriller in the Event Group Series Twenty thousand years ago when man crossed the land

  • Title: Primeval
  • Author: David Lynn Golemon
  • ISBN: 9780312580780
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The New York Times bestselling author of Ancients and Leviathan returns with another adrenaline rush the latest thriller in the Event Group Series Twenty thousand years ago, when man crossed the land bridge to North America, creatures called They Who Follow made the great trek as well But once in the new continent, the giant beasts disappeared, whether into hiding or extThe New York Times bestselling author of Ancients and Leviathan returns with another adrenaline rush the latest thriller in the Event Group Series Twenty thousand years ago, when man crossed the land bridge to North America, creatures called They Who Follow made the great trek as well But once in the new continent, the giant beasts disappeared, whether into hiding or extinction, no one knew Centuries later, a battered journal the only evidence left from the night of the Romanovs execution turns up in a rare bookstore As the U.S and Russians vie for the truth, and the lost Romanov treasure, they collide with a prehistoric predator thought long extinct It s up to the Event Group to lay to rest the legends On an expedition into the wilds of British Columbia, Colonel Jack Collins and his team make a horrifying discovery in the continent s last deep wilderness, where men have been vanishing for centuries.

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      427 David Lynn Golemon
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    One thought on “Primeval

    1. Jonathan Wilson on said:

      4.5 Stars Can always count on this series to be good. It manages to blend science, history, action, humor, fantasy, mystery and science fiction into a fantastically interesting world.

    2. Mark on said:

      We begin in the wilds north of Seattle, only it's twenty thousand thousand years ago and there's an ice age. Early man is hunting mammoth and running from saber tooth tigers. Luckily, in the moment when your grandpappy was about to become cat food, some giant brave handsome hairy pithecus shows up and wrassles kitty with his while OUR forebears haul tail into the woods. It's a little hard to see why, but boom, an ageless inter-species friendship is formed. Slam forward to today and the Russians [...]

    3. Lori L (She Treads Softly) on said:

      Primeval by David L. Golemon is the fifth book in his Event Group Series. There is a lot of back story to set up for this one. It begins in 20,000 BCE with people and creatures crossing the Bering Strait land bridge. Then jumps to Russia in 1918 where Tsar Nicholas has a plan in place to save some of his children, Anastasia and Alexei. Then the action is back east of Glacier Bay, Alaska. Next it's 1962 and Operation Solar Flare has begun. Finally, before the present day, it's 1968 and the novel [...]

    4. Dee Haddrill on said:

      Originally read 7 Sep 2011; listened to via Audible 15 Mar 2015; listened to via Audible 11 December 2017This time, the legend in question is Bigfoot, the children of Russian Tsar Nicholas, some jewels, and a missing nuke, but the main focus is on Jack's sister, Lynn, a CIA agent who is taken captive by some big time Russian mafia types. Jack and his team go to great lengths to rescue her.Still completely loved this one, but I do have one complaint too much time was spent on other people rather [...]

    5. Emmie on said:

      Great series. Love the way the author uses interesting myths and legends and builds a book around them. Utterly gripping and engaging. Cannot wait to see what the rest of the series will bring.

    6. Diane on said:

      While the story was quite interesting, I was very much put off by the many misspelled words, sloppy punctuation, and grammatical errors throughout the book. This publisher is in dire need of a good proofreader.

    7. Gevera Bert on said:

      This book was kind of slow and hard to get into, even though it was about Bigfoot and the children of the murdered Tzar. Also lots of typos, missing punctuation and sloppy editing.

    8. Mark Garn on said:

      I enjoy Mr. Golemons' stories. I have them all on my kindle, after reading a couple other books, I treatmyself to another in his Event Group series. When you struggle through a book that barely holds your interest it's nice to get into one you can't put down, Golemon writes those kinds of books. Sometimes I just want to go the next book, but I would rather have something to look forward to, savior the anticipation. I have thought the "Event Group" would make a great T.V. show!

    9. Rosemary on said:

      Good read Great plot development, maybe a little confusing at times. I would have enjoyed more on Those Who Follow and how they related to the Tsars children. But, overall good.

    10. Jeannie Mancini on said:

      Pacific Northwest Legend Comes Alive When Tsar Nicholas, son of Peter the Great, learns that he and his entire family are to be executed, he locates imposters for his two youngest children so that some of his bloodline will survive. Under cover of darkness in a covert operation in 1918, he devises a plan to have the children whisked away to the Canadian wilderness accompanied by one of his most trusted guards, with two wagons full of American Gold Eagles and his prized treasure, what is known as [...]

    11. Leah on said:

      sosaysthewhale.wordpress/2Twenty thousand years ago, when man crossed the land bridge to North America, creatures called They Who Follow made the great trek as well. But once in the new continent, the giant beasts disappeared, whether into hiding or extinction, no one knew.Centuries later, a battered journal–the only evidence left from the night of the Romanovs’ execution–turns up in a rare bookstore. As the U.S. and Russians vie for the truth, and the lost Romanov treasure, they collide w [...]

    12. Victoria on said:

      Golemon’s Event Group series is one of the rare ones that improves with each successive novel. After enjoying Leviathan, I kept my eyes out for this one - the fifth in the series. Here Golemon offers a thrilling combination of Bigfoot and the real fate of Princess Anastasia. My personal favorite character - the so-called villain and Frenchman Henri Faubreaux features quite prominently here - adding to the overall excitement. Golemon’s characters as a whole reach a better dynamic here and the [...]

    13. Kimberly on said:

      I was a little skeptical at first about reading this book because I haven't read the other books in the series as of yet. However the author wrote it in such a way that the reader can jump into the series anywhere and not be completely lost. Yes there are a few missing holes where I would like to know more about this history of The Event Group but it's understandable that I have to read the other books in the series to do so.Now I'm a girl who loves monsters. I love the lore behind Bigfoot and s [...]

    14. Mary on said:

      Once again I find myself torn between a good rating for a decent story and a not so good rating for weak writing. I'm not sure why I do this to myself but I do generally enjoy this author's stories. Once this story got going it was pretty good even though there were few surprises for me. What droves me nuts was the poor writing technique particularly the overuse of "that" and "and then". Where is the editor? The book started out fairly well written so I thought "wow, the author finally got himse [...]

    15. Caleb on said:

      By itself, this is probably a 3 star book, but the previous entries drag it down a star because they're so much better.This is the main problem with using myths as your source material: they can't all be on the same level. So this series went from potential world destruction, to potential government destruction to bigfoot and some diamonds. I think the author realized this as well since he used a family member to drag the Event group on. But even that is a blatant admission that this is isn't re [...]

    16. Emjay on said:

      I truly enjoy this author - I've read some of his books in the Event group series. As a reader I'm drawn to the characters and look forward to seeing how the story lines play out. As soon as I'm done with one in the series; I start the next one. I started in late August and have read Event, Legend, Ancients, Leviathan, Primeval and am half way through Legacy. The books start slow and deals with past events (hang in there), it then brings you to the present and deals with a top secret US governme [...]

    17. Keith on said:

      I enjoyed it but I found it hard to rate. Note:In Novel: He looked at the river and saw no sign of the wreckage. The Grumman and all of their supplies would wind up in Vancouver by the end of the week. The Stikine River flows west from the Coast Mountains in British Columbia to a Pacific Ocean passage north of the city of Wrangell in Alaska. Look at a map. There is no way any wreckage would come close to Vancouver or even Prince Rupert, which is closer.If you are going to Alaska via the Port of [...]

    18. Karey on said:

      This was my first Golemon book. Upon finishing, I Kindle-purchased every single book he had written. It was THAT good!! If you want adventure, mystery, and a monster or two, this is your book. Couldn't put this down. He took the legend of a Bigfoot type creature and created a believable story--not usually well done with this subject matter. I love how he takes myth/legend and creates compelling stories around them. And he opens his books with this science-guy type storytelling where you feel lik [...]

    19. Debbie on said:

      I don't usually review books I haven't finished, but I can't read any more! The writing is sloppy and riddled with grammatical errors. I have to give the author a thumbs up for getting this published.Here are some clunkers from the book:"Even with the massive four-decade search for the lost superweapon, Solar Flare, the cover-up of an event of that magnitude would be kept secret-until fifty years later.""As much as they questioned him on where he had been, the more Charlie clammed up.""'Jack has [...]

    20. Naomi on said:

      I have mixed feelings about this book. I really liked it so i would give a 3.5, too bad wont let me, but considering who Jack was trying to rescue it would've been a great time to show his skills, him running from the good guys while chasing the bad guys to get the damsel in distress back to safely. I would've love to see Jack putting Carl skills to the test, even Henri's, everyone trying to catch him-or catch up with him since his men would follow him to hell if need to-while he proved to be t [...]

    21. Kristin Lundgren on said:

      This was another great one in the Event Group series. Taking place in the wilds of British Columbia, he combines a "natural" myth from that area, along with historical questions from two different eras. No one could pull off a three pronged thriller like Goleman. Once again, his minor characters shine, with so much personality they burst from the page in living color. He is the best at that - giving even minor characters life, and making you want to get to know them. Spunky octogenarian Alice Wh [...]

    22. David Elkin on said:

      Another great romp by Mr. G. However, though the "historical" factor was there, this was less than about the Event Group's mission and more about the characters in the series. In some ways, I missed the history. However, the characters interaction were outstanding. Not that there was not history be it 100 years ago or 40,000 years ago. A good tale but number 5 did not grab me the way the first 4 did. Looking forward to reading number 6 soon. I do think it helps to read the novels in succession.

    23. Donna on said:

      I loved this book! What a dynamic combination of events. For all of us who would love to believe that bigfoot really does exist, and even for all of those who think it utter bunk, this book really delivered. David Golemon has combined Big Foot, the Romanov dynasty, Russian mobsters and of course our intrepid heroes and heroines! This is a suspenseful fast paced read, that will keep you on the edge of your seat guessing what will happen next. Both historically and scientifically possible this boo [...]

    24. Justin Felgar on said:

      Truly one of the best thrillers by Golemon!!After someone from his past is kidnapped, Jack Collins and the rest of the Event Group team race against time to travel to the Canadian wilderness to uncover a dastardly plot by a shadowy group of Russian mobsters. Are they after the legendary Romanov treasure? Or something more deadly?These concerns soon become moot as the team becomes aware of a darker, more ancient enemy that stalks the woods, one that takes no prisoners.Thrilling from start to fini [...]

    25. Michael on said:

      This effort is a great improvement over the last two installments, though the obsession with caves and water escapes continues. The Russian tie in was a little obvious but did fit well into the story. I admit I was really pleased with the handling of the Sasquatch element of the story, and would be happy to see them return in a future storyline. A few loose ends that had been dragging on for too long were resolved or developed so they can work better in future adventures. I was happy to see that [...]

    26. Sandi on said:

      I keep reading these books because I like the subject matter (aliens, and mermaids, and spies, OH MY!) and even several of the characters (most likeable supervillain EVER!). They're generally entertaining and interesting. Unfortunately, there were fewer pleasant surprises here than usual. With the exception of a very fun antique sea plane, the plot was pretty predictable and the "moles" might as well have been labeled as such, their identities were so obvious. :/

    27. Jared Della Rocca on said:

      Another great novel by David Golemon using the Event Group. This one centers around the Twins of Peter the Great (a set of large diamonds) and Operation Solar Flare, a nuclear device to be used against the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis. As usual, the action keeps a good pace and the purported history is always intriguing. David Golemon's novels will always be at the top of my reading list.

    28. Randy Evans on said:

      Jack's little sister is kidnapped. Her finger is sent as proof of life. Jack is mad. Jack must chase bad guys while running from good guys. As he looks for his sister Jack and a few friends must follow the clues to the bad guys not knowing they have one in their group. Along the way they escape death more than once,find a treasure, find a lost nuke and have to deal with bigfoot. The fifth book in the series "The Event Group" is non-stop action, don't pass this series by.

    29. Ron on said:

      Now this is the type of adventure tale I enjoy reading. Golemon mixes ancient history and modern history, tosses in the right amount of skullduggery, a continuing cast of characters that he works on growing in each book, a returning "villain" and an "exotic" location with a mystery to be solved. Then he manages to pull off a fun reveal with last-minute heroism. A better, fun read that the previous two in the series.

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