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Wolfsd mmerung Blutsaugende Aliens herrschen mit eiserner Faust ber die Menschheit Immer nachts kommen sie auf die Erde herab und suchen sich ihre Opfer Nur wenige Menschen leisten noch Widerstand und die Freie Zon

  • Title: Wolfsdämmerung
  • Author: E.E. Knight Frauke Meier
  • ISBN: 9783453526198
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blutsaugende Aliens herrschen mit eiserner Faust ber die Menschheit Immer nachts kommen sie auf die Erde herab und suchen sich ihre Opfer Nur wenige Menschen leisten noch Widerstand, und die Freie Zone ist hart umk mpft Als man den jungen David Valentine eines Tages bittet, undercover in die Organisation der Aliens einzudringen, z gert er nicht lange

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      156 E.E. Knight Frauke Meier
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    One thought on “Wolfsdämmerung

    1. Jim on said:

      Typically I'd rate this as a 4 star book. The first book of a great series gets an extra star for introducing me to a wonderful world & this book gets an extra one for introducing two more characters that continue through the series & add a lot. One is a female action hero, the other well, I don't want to spoil the surprise. Read it!Again, the world is realistically, but quickly drawn. It's a fairly fast read, but contains enough detail to paint the world in perfect detail. Knight does w [...]

    2. Stephen on said:

      3.5 stars. Very good follow up to Way of the Wolf. This book focuses on Valentine joining and learning the ways of the Cat (the spy/assassin/intelligence gathering arm of the resistance. E. E. Knight has created a superb, post-apocalyptic world as the setting of a terrific battle between the surviving humans and the vampiric, life aura stealing Kurians. Post-apocalyptic, vampire, military SF at its best. These books are a lot of fun.

    3. Justin on said:

      David Valentine returns home for a break in Choice of the Cat, but his rest is short-lived, as he quickly becomes the victim of military bureaucracy and is given a special assignment: he is to partner with a special agent who goes by the code name Smoke. Smoke, a small, attractive female killer with mild psychotic tendencies, is a specialized soldier called a Cat. While we learned a little about Cats in Way of the Wolf, we get to see what it’s like to be one in Choice of the Cat. Valentine (no [...]

    4. Happy Bookaholic on said:

      Pre-readeview? Back for more punishment, but only because as awkward as the first book was, it showed promise and I just want to return to the time of the first F-ing scene. This is BS, Knight. Next time start at the beginning. F—. My hopes for excitingly violent scenes were raised by the opening chapter and the rest, though decent and at times good, did not live up to its promise.Now about this "beautiful" Cat Love schmove from the first book. Where is she? Conveniently killed off so he can s [...]

    5. Unwisely on said:

      Opened in a completely unexpected to me way; but still managed to hold me. Okay, I guess we're going through all three of the fighters? Sure, why not.The male-ness of the romantic plotline got over the top in this one. Also you realize that the author wants to make women and men equal, but can't quite actually envision it. I sort of appreciated the effort, but the way David gets his panties in a twist about Alessa defending herself from sexual assault and spend the rest of the book saying how br [...]

    6. MICHAEL Jones on said:

      Solid follow-up to Way Of The Wolf. David Valentine learns that even in a post apocalypse world your bosses will screw you over to protect themselves.

    7. Sensitivemuse on said:

      It’s best if you read Way of the Wolf before going into this one, as events flow from one book to the other. It was off to quite a slow start although I thought the idea of the Twisted Cross was interesting and worth the read. The action does pick up but not for a while as the reader follows Valentine through his training to be a Cat (uber stealth soldier). I’m still on the fence about Valentine. Actually, let me take that back. He’s starting to annoy me. However I can’t just drop the bo [...]

    8. LadyCroft86 on said:

      I enjoyed this second book of the Vampire Earth series more than the first book. This one had a constant story and didn't skip around. We also get to meet Ali, a Cat Hunter and see what that is all about. There is no stop to the action in this book, there's always something going on, which means bad guys dying! I really enjoy Ali's character, she is amazingly violent which makes for exciting fight scenes, but there are times where you really want to smack her and yell "hey stupid". (view spoiler [...]

    9. Fantasy Literature on said:

      David Valentine returns home for a break in Choice of the Cat, but his rest is short-lived, as he quickly becomes the victim of military bureaucracy and is given a special assignment: he is to partner with a special agent who goes by the code name Smoke. Smoke, a small, attractive female killer with mild psychotic tendencies, is a specialized soldier called a Cat. While we learned a little about Cats in Way of the Wolf, we get to see what it’s like to be one in Choice of the Cat. Valentine (no [...]

    10. Norman on said:

      I REALLY wanted to like this book a lot more. The first book in this series was a lot of fun, and made me care about the character and the situation that Earth was in (being over-run by these aliens that fed off of life energy). But the first book seemed to me to be one story that just kept flowing from episode to episode. The writing in this novel felt more as if it the episodes were distinct, and were set in chronological order so as to make one story.Don't expect anything to surprise you in t [...]

    11. Ozsaur on said:

      This one gets off to a slow start but once it takes off, the action is almost non-stop. Choice of the Cat is less episodic than the first book, so the plot is more cohesive, especially when the investigation into the Twisted Cross begins.There are fewer pastoral descriptions than in the first book, but there is more about the occupied lands, and the way things work outside the free territories. Valentine's new trainer, a Cat named Ali, is a great character and I would have loved seeing more of h [...]

    12. Nathan on said:

      as they start fleshing out the characters/main character and you start learning about the aliens, that have invaded earth it starts getting a little strange and feeling like it is going toward a religious story instead of staying a good Sci Fi read.The idea of different branches of the military resistance having animal traits is a interesting concept, but definitely written by a American in the way that the animals are portrayed, at times it felt forced with perhaps needing a little more fleshin [...]

    13. Benjamin Thomas on said:

      I'm glad to have thoroughly enjoyed the second in this series. I always worry when I read a series because so often the first is full of newness and energy that demonstrates a real passion on the part of the author. But often the second becomes an attempt to recapture the magic and trying to fulfill obligations to publisher deadlines, etc.Not the case here as Valentine, the protagonist of the series makes some major decisions and life changes. Lots of unexpected suprises and character developmen [...]

    14. Bill on said:

      This follows up the action from Way of the Wolf, the first book in the Vampire Earth series. We now find David Valentine being railroaded by an officer who wants to keep his record spotless in spite of a couple of his own poor decisions, and Valentine makes for the perfect fall guy. Rather than face the stigma of a court martial, even one he has a good chance of winning, Valentine resigns his commission as a Lieutenant and signs up to be a cat, a covert unit of loners who sabotage, spy and other [...]

    15. Brian on said:

      When last we saw David Valentine, he was an up and coming Wolf in the Southern Command, fighting against the alien Kur race who use "Reapers" to feed off the auras of humans. This time around, Valentine gets caught up in military politics and is forced to resign from the Wolves. However, he quickly takes up with another military faction, the Cats, and learns their stealthy ways. He uses his newfound skills to go after a new group, the Twisted Cross, before they can build up their forces to go af [...]

    16. Tularia on said:

      Definitely an upgrade from the first novel. Less proofreading errors too! I loved learning more about Duvalier; she's become a terrific character with a lot of potential down the road. I'm hoping she makes it a few more novels at least. The later introduction of the Golden Ones (more intelligent Grogs of a different 'breed') and in particular the development of the relationship between Valentine and Ahn-Kha is quite notable and makes it worth the read. So much more is learned about Valentine sim [...]

    17. Scott Vout on said:

      I Really wanted to give this a 3.5 but of course no half stars available.I fell into the EE Knight trap by reading his series of Dragon books - i found them to bea very goood read so i decided to give this series a go.I read book one of this series a few years ago and it was ok. Took me this long to get back to it.This one was better then the first in my opinion as the main characters is now established.This book grows him and his world more.Plenty of action as well as a potential future love in [...]

    18. E. on said:

      Book 2 of the Vampire Earth Series: David Valentine has served well as a Wolf until he becomes the scapegoat for a superior officer's poor decisions and resigns his commission rather than face a court martial. He is recruited to train as a Cat and learns new skills to aid him in his continuing quest to free Earth from the Kurian oppression. His travels lead him into the realm of the Twisted Cross and he discovers unlikely allies in the Golden Ones, a different species of the Grogs that have trad [...]

    19. An Odd1 on said:

      ***** "Choice of the Cat" (The Vampire Earth #2) sees Wolf warrior David Valentine turn Cat saboteur. E.E. Knight's 2067 future frontier after has fast action, tense excitement, and wry humor. I don't know what real war is like, but these books sound close. Earth has little technology since invaded by life-energy sucking creatures who direct blood-sucking monsters. Now Twisted Black Cross directs more hooded vampires by linking each with a human. When our hero chances to help one of the gold fur [...]

    20. Russell on said:

      This was an excellent follow up in the Vampire Earth series. It really picked up on the action quick and didn't have as much down time as I felt the first book had. The world was fleshed out more and I continue to be interested in reading more.I'm very glad that longer time was spent on Val becoming a Cat than a Wolf. That's the most interesting part of the book for me. And his new Golden Grog friend. The whole set-up of the world is complex and ridiculous, the story isn't anything too compellin [...]

    21. Monk on said:

      Two-thirds through, the thought of picking this up again was about as appealing as hopscotching to the gallows. Thin characters and a storyline that procedes at a leisurely pace to nowhere. I enjoyed the first book of the series a great deal, but the drop off for the second book is precipitous. Might not even take this one to Half Price Books sense in spreading misery over the holiday season.

    22. Allan on said:

      A good second instalment in The Vampire Earth series that picks up where Way Of The Wolf left off. The war with the invading Kur and their allies continues and sees our hero progress from Wolf to Cat as he tries to thwart a new kind of vampire.The characters and plot are again strong and the pace is unrelenting so if you like vampire tales with a difference, then this series is well recommended.

    23. Suz on said:

      I liked this one better than the first but I can't say whether it's because I'm getting to know the primary protag better or not. I really enjoyed the two new characters that were introduced. I liked the implications for future story lines with these new characters. I was glad about how the climax of the story went and I'm looking forward to seeing how that's going to effect the long story arc.I enjoyed it, more than I expected to.

    24. Bobbi Blood on said:

      After getting to know the characters and understand the concepts presented in book one of this series, I've grown to like said concepts a lot more. The modern military based idea can still get a little tedious, but I found that this book added enough humor and magical elements to balance it out. This one definitely deserves all five stars.

    25. Shanetammy Petersen on said:

      E.E. Knight's series is a fun read. It's dramatic with plenty of appropriate catharsis and peppered with a few historical and litterary allusions that are fun to pick out. I enjoyed the first book and even though this second book was occasionally a little more clichéd it was still a nice distraction.

    26. Cody Littrell on said:

      Almost as good as the first one. Enter the female role of Duvalier. The life weavers do some pretty cool stuff. This books confirms that Knight wasn't jsut a one-hit wonder. Anyone know if he's got more that the Vampire Earth series?

    27. Jessica on said:

      I enjoyed this book but I didn't think it was great. Mostly it just wasn't my cup of tea. I liked the characters but would have preferred a more of a chance to get to know them. If I didn't already have a mile long list of books to read I would consider reading more books in this series.

    28. Bryan on said:

      More exploration of E. E. Knight's post-apocalyptic Earth. A little less death and despair, but some hard questions and lots of entertainment. Besides, Valentine has a katana this time. Continues in the same vein as the last book, and doesn't miss a beat.

    29. Dale on said:

      Good installment to the series. I very much enjoyed learning more about the Grogs. It will be interesting to see how Knight uses this device in further plotting. The Kurs now have to deal with an external resistance as well as an internal revolt.

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