Convergence: Spiritual Journeys of a Charismatic Calvinist

Sam Storms

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Convergence: Spiritual Journeys of a Charismatic Calvinist

Convergence Spiritual Journeys of a Charismatic Calvinist Sam Storms contends that nothing is important than the CONVERGENCE of Word and Spirit mind and affection principle and passion in the life of the Christian and the Church In this book he demonstrate

  • Title: Convergence: Spiritual Journeys of a Charismatic Calvinist
  • Author: Sam Storms
  • ISBN: 9780977173907
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sam Storms contends that nothing is important than the CONVERGENCE of Word and Spirit, mind and affection, principle and passion in the life of the Christian and the Church In this book he demonstrates from his own life and preeminently from Scripture itself how one can embrace both the centrality of the written Word and the charismatic power of the Holy Spirit.

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      208 Sam Storms
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    One thought on “Convergence: Spiritual Journeys of a Charismatic Calvinist

    1. Brandon H. on said:

      As a Charismatic who could never embrace cessationism and yet at times has found himself quite frustrated with some of the teachings and the fluffy foolishness within the Charismatic world, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was VERY refreshing to read!Dr. Storms has a high regard for the scriptures and for Christian orthodoxy yet he has also seen the reality that God has not ceased doing miracles.I especially appreciated how Dr. Storms compared the two camps and brought out the common tendencie [...]

    2. J.J. on said:

      Very, very thoughtful and insightful. (Full disclosure: I work for and with the author.) This book combines scholarly care and clarity with warmth and compassion for "both sides of the aisle". In detailing how Charismatics and Calvinists—broadly named—can find convergence in the testimony of Scripture, Storms gives a beautiful rendering of Scripture's theology of the "heart". In my favorite chapter, chapter ten, he takes Edwards's rarely explored "Religious Affections" and puts the cookies d [...]

    3. Shane Mcgrath on said:

      Good book. Would agree theologically at least with Dr. Storms. But I would have liked to hear his take on Paul Cain and Bob Jones and their obvious lack of integrity in ministry. Was Storms endorsing them as "prophetically" gifted men who we should model ourselves after? I sure hope not. Is Storms comfortable with endorsing these different movements that are characterized by bad theology, fanaticism, and even cultic practices (Toronto Blessing, etc.). I hope not. What about Jesus, Peters, and Jo [...]

    4. Renjie on said:

      His personal narrative is very encouraging. It's nice to know there are other Calvinists who believe in the continuity of all the spiritual gifts.

    5. Seth Mcdevitt on said:

      Overall, not super great. The best thing Bro. Storms does is identify caricatures of both cessationists and continuationists, and then encourage us not to use them. It is too bad that he does that very thing in his epilogue. Comparing cessationists to the rigid and unbelieving pharisees in John 9. This book offers no help to those wanting to obey the command to "desire in earnest the spiritual gifts," or those who already are continuationists, who seek to be more biblically careful and practice [...]

    6. Mathew Reames on said:

      This book really helped me flesh out my thoughts on the apparent discontinuity with my Theological belief in Calvinism and my experiential and theological believe in the Charismatic understanding of the present work of the Ministry gifts in the Modern Day.

    7. Mark on said:

      Fantastic discourse juxtaposing cessationism and continuitionism. Approached biblically back filled with stories. This is important because you can't shape theology with experiences and stories backfilled with scripture. sola scriptura#

    8. Percival Buncab on said:

      Convergence is a memoir of a Calvinist theologian who once wrote books for Cessationism, yet is now one of the leading Charismatic apologists. Sam Storms presents a fair assessment of both parties, exposing their strengths and weaknesses. He proves that one can be balanced without being neutral. I left my former church because I'm scripturally convinced that they have Charismatic malpractices that even Dr. Storms would rebuke. Having studied the Charismatic arguments, I find Dr. Storm's argument [...]

    9. Joseph McBee on said:

      I think there are only two types of people who will read this book and really get something out of it:Seeking: People who are caught between the two camps and are trying to find their way through the whole mess to a place of unity.Accepted: People who already agree with Storms and find in this book some good theology and something to “Amen”. This is group I am in and as a member of that group; I got something out of this book.I think everyone else, regardless of their camp, will simply rejec [...]

    10. Curtis on said:

      In a fusion of charismatic testimony and reformed scholarly exploration the author takes the reader through a thoughtful and Scripture-based approach to the experience of the Holy Spirit for present day Christians. In the telling of his own story the author reveals the way in which God opens the horizons of even the staunchest of deniers to a place where experiences previously believed to be heretical become the norm for this new Christian life. The critique of the cessationist perspective, bala [...]

    11. Billy on said:

      This book really brings out the "two camps" of Christianity and how they view one another. Sam Storms has a unique perspective having lived deeply in both camps, and somehow moving freely between them 'without getting shot.'If you're looking for the 3rd wave or the 4th wave or whatever, you're going to benefit from Sam's research and experience faithfully bringing together the power of the Spirit and the wisdom of the Word.Great Book.

    12. Molly on said:

      This was one of Todd and my favorite books of the year. He is thoughtful and speaks to both the reformed and charismatic Christian about what we need to learn from each other. He is a professor at Wheaton and quite scholarly. The first half is experiential, the second is very Biblical and more of an apologetic. Good stuff!

    13. Andy Fletcher on said:

      Sam Storms brings the conversation to the table. He brings Cessationists and Charismatics together to share struggles, fears, misconceptions and applies Biblical care to their two sides. Yes. There is room for both to meet and worship, grow, learn together.My only negative is that I think he could have written this book with better editing. It seemed repetitive at times.

    14. Marliss on said:

      I did not finish this book because I have other books I should be reading. But it is an excellent book for those who are interested in the movement towards each other of the Calvinists and charismatics.

    15. Sam on said:

      Great book that talks about the interesting schism between charismatics and conservative Christians. It's also pretty cool that he's my pastor back home. Must be honest though, it gets a bit tough to read from the middle portion.

    16. Johnmark on said:

      Perfect read for who hold (or have held) a skeptical/non-continuationist viewpoint regarding the gifts of the Spirit.

    17. Todd on said:

      So much of what Sam writes seems like my own journey/story. I appreciate his transparency and Scriptural integrity.

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