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Reflex Longtime jockey Philip Nore suspects that a racetrack photographer s fatal accident was really murder and unravels some nasty secrets of corruption blackmail and murder

  • Title: Reflex
  • Author: Dick Francis
  • ISBN: 9780399125980
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Longtime jockey Philip Nore suspects that a racetrack photographer s fatal accident was really murder and unravels some nasty secrets of corruption, blackmail, and murder.

    • Best Download [Dick Francis] ß Reflex || [Business Book] PDF ✓
      313 Dick Francis
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      Posted by:Dick Francis
      Published :2019-01-16T22:35:13+00:00

    One thought on “Reflex

    1. Algernon on said:

      Warning!!! Fanboy rating !I’ve been reading and re-reading the novels of Dick Francis since the early 1990’s and I’m hardly objective when it comes to judging their worth. I am aware that many critics consider him a ‘one trick pony’ who somehow stumbled over a succesful formula for writing murder mysteries set in and around the racing world, and then applied ‘rinse and repeat’ for about forty more novels written in the same manner, with the same type of characters and the same type [...]

    2. Nathan on said:

      I've said it before and here I am saying it again: nobody writes candy mysteries like Francis. His protagonists are likable, the villains appropriately dislikable, and you always learn something. The formula is simple and consistently adhered to, but the books are not the worse for it. This is a fine example of the form.The formula is pretty simple. The genial and easygoing 30ish hero stumbles onto dark conspiracies in the racing world. He's beaten up, but bravely faces down the villains. He nar [...]

    3. Carol on said:

      I always enjoy reading a good Dick Francis novel. Phillip Nore in this one is a really good character. They are pretty clean, the language isn't too bad, and not a lot of sex. Sometimes I even reread the books, because it's like being with a friend you haven't seen in several years. I really enjoy the characters he uses, and also enjoy the series he writes about too. I'm not a gambler, but I really enjoy watching them live, as well as on screen. There is a certain excitement that I don't find in [...]

    4. Harry on said:

      What is there to say about Dick Francis? As I think about all of his books (yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes I've read them all) I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society - either directly or indirectly. The heroes aren't always horse jockies, they can be film producers, or involve heroes engaged in peripheral professions that somehow always touch the horse racing world.But more tha [...]

    5. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) on said:

      What I like best about Francis' early work is that quite aside from the mystery angle, they are stories. Good stories, well told, well plotted, with decent use of the language. They don't depend too heavily on someone explaining the whole deal; while we follow the main character's thought processes, we also follow him as he goes through the labyrinth that reveals the plot. We are shown, not told. Hallelujah. Also, the characters both good and bad are people--with foibles, weaknesses and strong p [...]

    6. An Odd1 on said:

      "Reflex" by Dick Francis is a camera lens term, so add that to the standard jockey hero, whose natural passivity is activated by honest integrity, and asserts justice without officialdom. Narrator Philip Nore 30, was abandoned "just till Saturday" by his mother Caroline, dead from heroin addiction, to be raised by a series of friends. Samantha he tracks down. Charlie taught him photography and willed his equipment. Helping injured rider Steve Millace with his crashed dead dad George's negatives [...]

    7. Jane Jago on said:

      Tight writing and a not too predictable plot make this a hugely enjoyable read.

    8. Jay on said:

      I’m nearing half way in reading Dick Francis’ mysteries. He has a formula that he tends to follow, and this one fits to his formula well. Here a steeplechase jockey solves a mystery involving strange happenings around racing, including a mysterious death. As in most of the Francis books I’ve read, the protagonist gets beat up multiple times. Francis writes fluently of pain and recovery, and I always find myself wincing as I read these sections. And as in all other Francis books I’ve read [...]

    9. Curtiss on said:

      One of my favorite Dick Francis stories.There are two scenes that I particularly enjoyed: the first was when Phillip Nore makes a gift of a candid photo of fellow amateur photographer George Millace to George's widow, and finds himself overwhelmed by her emotional reaction of joyful gratitude; the second is when he discovers the "Price" George had demanded from his blackmail victims. Phillip then decides to demand the same price from George's killer.

    10. Herb on said:

      The reviewer Jim Barlow of the Houston Times once wrote that Dick Francis "writes believable fairy tales for adults—ones in which the actors are better than we are but are believable enough to make us wonder if indeed we could not one day manage to emulate them." I've been a fan of Dick Francis for many years, and so when I was having a tough day, I sat down with Reflex and remembered why I liked his work so much. He's so post-War British. You fall off a horse, you get back on the next one. Yo [...]

    11. Rebecca Tousey on said:

      First book by Dick Francis I read. Now I own them all.I love Dick Francis mysteries. They are well planned with a strong hero. I also love the fact that the mystery is not always a murder. For me. Murders are unnecessary. Missing diamonds, horses dying, and frustrations solved make better stories. He writes about embezzlement, stolen whiskey, and of course, Crooked trainers. Most of his books have horse racing as part of the background. I have been buying them again on kindle when I need a good [...]

    12. Randee Baty on said:

      Life has changed for me enough lately that I can now participate in the book discussion groups at my public library. The book for October is Reflex by Dick Francis and I'm thrilled that it spurred me to a reread of this great mystery.When I began reading mysteries (about 5th grade) I was fortunate that the first three authors I read were Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and Dick Francis. These remain the standards by which all other mysteries I read are judged. Tough acts to follow!In Ref [...]

    13. Martina on said:

      To my shame, I admit that I have heard of Dick Francis only recently. For such an acclaimed author, he is sadly untranslated in the world. However, having finally heard of him and his great writing opus, I became intrigued. Even though the world of horses, races and jockeys has never actually appealed to me, the glowing reviews of his novels induced me to give his work a try. Needless to say, I was impressed, and felt it was my duty to write a review and atone for having neglected Mr. Francis' w [...]

    14. Jan on said:

      Reflex by Dick Fancis, what can I say, another great book by Dick. Miss you Dick. I am sure I read this years ago, but well worth a second read.Jockey, Philip Nore has never known who his father was, and was dumped on different people all his life. He never attended school, and was taught by the different folks he was dumped on. His mother, was a butterfly on drugs, and he believed that she must have died sometimes in his teenage years. Left with Charlie and his partner, Philip had learned all a [...]

    15. Arlis Groves on said:

      Many years ago, I read Reflex, and that started my addiction to Dick Francis mysteries. This book, in particular, spoke to me. As a photographer and a horse lover, I ate up the details about the science of processing film and prints, and having an eye for recording life around a race track. My recent second read did not disappoint. Francis weaves an interesting tale about Phillip Nor, a hurdles jockey who navigates through a maze of mysteries including what happened to a sister he hadn't known h [...]

    16. Lynn on said:

      Dick Francis explores the world of film photography, something that will be totally foreign to today's digital photography generation. As with most Dick Francis novels, the hero is a plucky jockey who can, and does, take a beating and survives to get the upper hand against the villains. The interesting twist is the photographic puzzles he must solve in order to catch the murderer.

    17. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      Really nostalgic, captivating and eerie mystery novel, with everything a mystery novel should have and then some. The characters are not only complex but also memorable and original. The writing style is creative and the traditional film photography medium gives the book an extra original edge.

    18. Tiina on said:

      It was ten years since I last read this book, and it was like meeting a loved friend after a long time. I felt completely comfortable and safe. It's great to read a suspense novel which has nothing gory or disturbing in it.

    19. JoeNoir on said:

      If "Whip Hand" is Dick Francis best novel, "Reflex" in my opinion is his next best novel.

    20. Jean on said:

      Dick Francis is always a good read. The mystery is good and I always feel I learn a little more about what it is like to be a jockey. This book had an interesting twist in that photography was a main theme throughout the mystery. I followed the mystery, discovering the evidence as the hero did. This was a thoroughly satisfying mystery.Who would enjoy it? People who like racing or horses and mysteries. People who like photography and mysteries. If you like all three as I do, then you should love [...]

    21. Jinfan Cai on said:

      赛马骑师Philip童年流离,被母亲推给一个又一个朋友照顾,在寄养家庭中帮忙干活期间,学会了两个能够赖以为生的技能,骑马和摄影。在同行的一位出色的摄影师离奇死亡后,他机缘巧合得到了摄影师的一份遗物,在解密一系列底片过程中,他渐渐发现了风平浪静的赛马界中暗藏的龌蹉交易,危险一步步靠近。另一方面,癌症晚期的外祖母让他寻找他同母异父的妹妹来继承 [...]

    22. David on said:

      A good story it just took a while to get going. Great character development.

    23. Corrina on said:

      Still uncertain about the conclusionGreat mystery but it's still a little unclear to me who done it. I love all the details about photography.

    24. Kashcit Vipashcit on said:

      cheating in horce-racing discovered by sharp man who does not need too much sleep

    25. Marge on said:

      Another great story! This one features a jockey who is also a photographer and he uses his dark room skills to solve a mystery.

    26. John on said:

      His best I've read so far. A jockey who's moving towards a career as a photographer is embroiled in a dead photographer's machinations while alive and the hunt for a sister he didn't know he has.

    27. Cathy on said:

      Interesting that Dick Francis used a different jockey for almost every book. Not sure what other mystery writer does that?His books are horse stories for sure but even non-horse lovers can enjoy the detail and the mystery. Themes for discussion include the Morality of sports especially violence and gambling for centuries and Resilience and acceptance when someone has undergone childhood trauma.

    28. James Adams on said:

      First off, much credit to my mom, she's been trying to get me to read Francis forever. No, seriously, for about 20 years. We are both ridiculously stubborn and, of course, she was right the whole time. Well played, mother.As with all of his books, Reflex revolves around the British horseracing scene, but, luckily for me, you neither have to know nor care about any of that to be absorbed. There are three plotlines here, one about our main characters fading career as a jockey, one about his myster [...]

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