Doctor Who: The Hounds of Artemis

James Goss Clare Corbett MattSmith

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Doctor Who: The Hounds of Artemis

Doctor Who The Hounds of Artemis When Lord Woolcroft and his team break open the fabled Tomb of Artemis sealed for thousands of years they are astonished by what they find inside The Doctor and Amy have come to Smyrna in to in

  • Title: Doctor Who: The Hounds of Artemis
  • Author: James Goss Clare Corbett MattSmith
  • ISBN: 9781408427460
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Audio CD
  • When Lord Woolcroft and his team break open the fabled Tomb of Artemis, sealed for thousands of years, they are astonished by what they find inside The Doctor and Amy have come to Smyrna in 1929 to investigate a mystery The Doctor knows something very bad happened there something caused a lot of people to die and an entire, magnificent Temple to be found and then immeWhen Lord Woolcroft and his team break open the fabled Tomb of Artemis, sealed for thousands of years, they are astonished by what they find inside The Doctor and Amy have come to Smyrna in 1929 to investigate a mystery The Doctor knows something very bad happened there something caused a lot of people to die and an entire, magnificent Temple to be found and then immediately lost again But he doesn t know what is picking off the archaeologists one by one, or how it is connected to the terrifying howling in the night And as he and Amy get closer to the terrible truth behind an ancient evil, he begins to wish he d never found out.

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      332 James Goss Clare Corbett MattSmith
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    One thought on “Doctor Who: The Hounds of Artemis

    1. Kimberley doruyter on said:

      well not indianna jones, but i wouldn't want the doctor in a fedoraat fez was bad enough.

    2. Callie Rose Tyler on said:

      3.5 STARSI feel like the setting and plot of this story would have made it a 5 but the way it was told was ridiculous. The attempt was to tell the story through two prespectives the first being the 'present' perspective (when the events are actually occuring)which is wonderfully narrated by Matt Smith. The second, is read by a woman who does a very very poor representation of male voices, particularly the Doctor's (by 'poor' I mean it ruins the entire story because it is laughably terrible). Thi [...]

    3. Leila Anani on said:

      Dr. Who audio book of the Matt Smith/Amy Pond era read by Matt Smith and Clare Corbett.This one starts off really well - 1929 Turkey a team of archaeologists are about to open the (cursed of course) tomb of Artemis - and when the open the seal out pop Amy and the Doctor. Having visited the Tomb of Artemis and being a big Classics fan I thoroughly enjoyed the set up here and the dog headed hybrids terrorising the locals.I must confess though that the story peters out, an alien parasite masqueradi [...]

    4. Amanda on said:

      I enjoyed the story, and the reading my Matt Smith, and felt his parts thoroughly creep me out inside the temple of Artemis, however whenever it went to bits that were supposedly diary entries by Amy Pond, well it just kind of killed the mood the rest of it had. Still I enjoyed more of it than not.

    5. Amy on said:

      Mediocre story that did not benefit from the long pauses between narrators or the combination of character (Matt Smith) and outside narrators.

    6. Megan on said:

      I was really looking forward to reading this one due to the name (you'd think I'd learn by now not to be lured in by a book's name alone). The Hounds of Artemis. There's a bit of Sherlock-esque to it with the hounds and Geek mythology to it with Artemis. Artemis was always my favorite goddess growing up. So I was hooked. And I got fucked. Again.This book is read by Matt Smith (who plays the 11th Doctor) and Clare Corbett (who hasn't done anything in the TV show Doctor Who but apparently has voic [...]

    7. osoi on said:

      Короткие аудиоистории грешат слабеньким сюжетом и скучными второстепенными персонажами, однако ж я не теряю надежды выцепить жемчужинки из потока бибисишного шлака. Я уже немножко отошла от первоначального excitement’а касательно любого появления Доктора в моей жизни оОМне [...]

    8. Camille on said:

      This story was bad, but not as bad as everyone says. I'd give it 2.5 stars if I could, but I think it's just worthy of a 3.It's told from the separate points of view of the Doctor and Amyrt of. It features Clare Corbett reading from the Amy's diary, scattered with segments performed by Matt Smith. This aspect didn't bother me, and to be frank I thought it was quite creative; both actors gave fine performances, and it was a joy to hear Matt Smith's voice in something 'new'. The story, however, wa [...]

    9. Adam Graham on said:

      A two rare two handed BBC audiobook where Matt Smith and Clare Corbett read the book with Ms. Corbett reading from Amy Pond's general. The story has the Doctor and Amy arriving to uncover the purported tomb of Artemis with an expedition that's been plagued by disappearances.This is a very good story of the haunted archaeological dig story but done superbly well There's a great deal of atmosphere and suspense throughout, leading to the opening of the tomb and some very creepy moments. There's als [...]

    10. Lori on said:

      I listened to the audiobook as a way to distract myself on my long commutes and boy was it distractingbut in a bad way. It was just barely enjoyable, only because of the Matt Smith parts. Yes parts. He doesn't read the whole thing. :( The lady reader wasn't bad-well her Doctor was awful-but I did not enjoy the whole set up with the diary. It would be different if writing in a diary was something Amy Pond normally did. It is not so it was strange to have her constantly writing. "Well there are th [...]

    11. Jo Bennie on said:

      It is 1929 in Smyra, Turkey. The archaeology expedition of Lord Woolcroft are breaking the seals on the lost Tomb of Artemis, closed to the world for thousands of years, but there's someone inside. Out step the Doctor and Amy Pond, only a few feet out but definately on the wrong side of the door. The Doctor has come to discover the answer to the mystery of the expedition that made a young archaeologist's name when he was the only surviving member. A curse is stalking the expedition, people are [...]

    12. Nicholas Whyte on said:

      I had been very much looking forward to this audiobook, featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond, after Goss's brilliant Tenth Doctor story, Dead Air. In the event I was very slightly disappointed, in that rather than the promised Matt Smith / Karen Gillan double bill of readers, Smith is joined instead by Clare Corbett (who had two minor but still memorable parts in the Tom Baker Hornet's Nest audios). But that was really the only problem; it's a great tale of archaeological investigations in [...]

    13. April on said:

      If you can get past the admittedly strange alternating narrators and the idea that for some reason Amy Pond would decide to write in a DIARY while in MORTAL PERIL; the story is entertaining. It's a bit like the 3rd doctor episode: The Daemons (with the mystery unearthed in an underground tomb). Matt Smith's parts are really enjoyable (though he still struggles with an Amy Pond accent) but the diary portions definitely feel forced and have unnecessary lead-ins for each "The NEXT entry in Amy's di [...]

    14. Matt Niehoff on said:

      Not that this was a bad story per se, but the way it was presented with alternating narrators and trying to have it be through a diary entry of Amy felt a clunky way to cover that they couldn't get the actress to read the part for herself. Whether that's the case or not, I don't know, just generally didn't enjoy it that much. If this was the height of Doctor Who audiobooks I might be willing to give it a 3, but there are much better ones out there so this maybe this wouldn't be a bad launching p [...]

    15. Tasha on said:

      A relatively short (at just over an hour) but exciting story, The Hounds of Artemis provides a great listen which would most certainly live up any boring car journey. The Doctor and Amy are at the site of an archaeological dig in which the Tomb of Artemis is opened. As expected with a Dr Who adventure, the contents are the tomb aren't quite what was expected. The audio book is duel narrated by both Clare Corbett and Matt Smith (the Eleventh Doctor). Personally I enjoyed listening to Matt's parts [...]

    16. Annie on said:

      Good story, I loved Matt Smith performance of the story in the audio book. I didnt like Clare Corbett performance as much but it made sense in the story line and I really listen to these because the Doctors read them. They read them with the same flare as in the show. So for me it is like visiting an old friend. Which all means I am less forgiving for any one who is not the Doctor but is reading his line. Again it did make sense for the separate voices in this story, so I still rated the story w [...]

    17. Trent on said:

      I'm a sucker for lycanthropy, but this was one of the best books I've read so far in the Doctor Who audiobook series. The premise was interesting and felt more unique than the last two stories.My one complaint about this story is the framing method. About half of the story comes to us from the perspective of a woman reading Amy's diary -which is all well and good until the journal entries start happening "live." It's a bit difficult to believe that Amy would be writing while running away of hidi [...]

    18. Jennifer on said:

      The setting and plot were appealing. I feel Doctor Who lends itself well to the early 20th Century and this tale of 1920s Middle Eastern archaeology worked well with its cast of recognisable yet individual charactersIt was very badly let down by the presentation with Claire Corbett reading the part of a descendant reading Amy Pond's diary in Amy's voice - a diary written, we are expected to believe, quite literally on the run. This alternated with Matt Smith reading. He was of course splendid bu [...]

    19. Amy on said:

      Not my favorite Who audiobook, but I'll give 3 stars to anything Matt Smith narrates. I thought using Amy's diary as something to express her side of the story was a little dumb. I mean come on, you're in an evil temple and you feel compelled to write in your diary? Have you learned nothing about time travel? But the concept of evil in an ancient temple and monstrous dogs was entertaining enough to make this a good work listen.

    20. MJ on said:

      My biggest issue was not that two people (Matt Smith and Clare Corbett) read this or that Clare Corbett's character was reading from Amy's diary to get Amy's POV. What I found totally unbelievable was that Amy wrote in her diary during several scenes where she was running for her life. Who has time to stop and jot in a book while being chased by monsters?Other than that, I enjoyed the plotline.

    21. Donna on said:

      I enjoyed this short but sweet story of Amy and the Doctor exploring the tomb of a goddess. Of course, as per usual, they find much more than a dusty room and ancient artifacts. They actually find Artemis, or is it an alien? In any case, they're forced to flee as she comes to life and sets her hounds upon them.I liked that this story was narrated by Matt Smith as the Doctor and Clare Corbett as a girl reading Amy Pond's diary. I thought this was a clever way to frame the story.

    22. Erin on said:

      This one was good. It bothered me though as it was about the Goddess Artemis, and I kept cringing about the things that were blatantly incorrect. Luckily it wasn't the real Artemis, so that's alright.The narration was odd as it kept switching between Matt Smith reading it and Clare Corbett. So sometimes it was a little off putting.But it was an interesting quick little listen.

    23. Cameron Mitchell on said:

      Poor writing, choppy narrative, characterization that is rather inconsistent with that of the show The two narrators were both adequate, but the way the story chopped between each of their parts made for a confusing narrative and an unclear plotline. Overall, not worth the hour it took to listen to this.

    24. Shawn on said:

      A clever if somewhat clunky adventure by the Doctor. Told mostly in diary entries made by Amy Pond, this is a pretty good story. I would have liked it just straight adventure, as the diary entries don't add anything extra to the story telling and don't sound much like the character of Amy. Could really have been anyone.

    25. Jessica Meyers on said:

      I thought this book was just ok. I didn't care for the way the story was told with the mix of the doctor and Amy. Some of the concepts were silly and I found myself being irritated with parts of the story. Especially involving Amy and her journal. The book was entertaining but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    26. Lark on said:

      I enjoy listening to audio books when out walking, and this one was fun. For its short running time, it packed an awful lot of plot, mostly because it switched narrative form rather frequently from plain narrative to bracket narrative to journal entries to letters A tomb, a doomed expedition, an alien masquerading as a goddess, a touch of transmogrification and there you go.

    27. Anna Kļaviņa on said:

      My first 11th Doctor adventure!I love 10th Doctor and 11th Doctor won my love too but I was scared away from the show by River Song. The hounds of Artemis, is average Doctor's story but Matt Smith's narration makes it more enjoyable. He has very pleasant voice.

    28. Mikael Kuoppala on said:

      A mystery on an archeological dig draws the Doctor and Amy in, offering top-notch fantasmagoria, witty dialog and fast-paced storytelling. This is one of those stylish but not horribly original Doctor Who stories, but it’s interesting and well written. Enough to hold your interest I’m sure.

    29. Shannon on said:

      I listened to the very good narration of this book. Clare Corbett didn't quite get Amy Pond's voice down pat, but she did a good enough job. If you're a fan of the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond together then you'll like this book. I definitely recommend listening to it.

    30. أثير on said:

      The best audio adventure of Docotor who so far, ahem only heard Matt's ones. It captured his character very well more than any other, and the story is so "Doctor Who". The Doctor seems to like archeologists in here, is it River's affect ;) ?!

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