The Silver Branch

Rosemary Sutcliff

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The Silver Branch

The Silver Branch More than a century after The Eagle of the Ninth leaves off two cousins join the Roman side in the fight against a tyrannical British emperor

  • Title: The Silver Branch
  • Author: Rosemary Sutcliff
  • ISBN: 9780374466480
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • More than a century after The Eagle of the Ninth leaves off, two cousins join the Roman side in the fight against a tyrannical British emperor.

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      123 Rosemary Sutcliff
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    One thought on “The Silver Branch

    1. Tijana on said:

      Srebrna grana je vrlo solidan istorijski roman za decu koji se bavi onim istorijskim trenutkom kad se Rimsko carstvo već malo ljulja ali još nije počelo sasvim da se raspada (tako, treći vek). Kod nas je, mislim, dosta loše prošao jer su ga objavili em kao roman za odrasle, što ipak nije, em kao "drugu knjigu trilogije" što takođe nije, samostalan je roman i pored toga što je glavni junak praunuk onog iz "Orla Devete legije". Rouzmeri Satklif piše ne samo pouzdano što se tiče istori [...]

    2. Miriam Joy on said:

      It's very noticeable, after reading a few of Rosemary Sutcliff's books in close succession, how her protagonists are never the 'strong' ones. In Song For A Dark Queen, it's narrated by the queen's harper, not one of her warriors or a member of her family or the queen herself. And within the context of the narrative, that makes perfect sense, but it's a slightly unexpected choice. In The Eagle Of The Ninth, the protagonist is lame in one leg because of an injury, and therefore struggles with chro [...]

    3. Maureen E on said:

      Up until very recently I was unaware that Eagle of the Ninth, one of my all-time favorite Sutcliff books had a sequel. This is not the first time something like this has happened to me, and it's very demoralizing. Anyway, I made haste and got out The Silver Branch to read immediately. And then it sat in my To Be Read pile for ages until I made myself read it because I had to return it. Well, made myself read it isn't quite the right phrase, because I enjoyed every minute of it (except when a cer [...]

    4. Nigel on said:

      Well, the annoying thing about this book was the spoilers contained in the blurb, two on the back cover and another one on the page inside the front cover, giving away two major turning points in the book and effectively telling us something that doesn't happen until the last act, though it is the point the book has been building up to. It doesn't spoil the book by any means but it does nail down the direction of the book for you before you've even picked it up. The first spoiled turning point d [...]

    5. Abigail Hartman on said:

      I cannot quite tell if this ties with "The Eagle of the Ninth" or comes in as a close second, but either way, it is a wonderful story. As with "The Eagle of the Ninth," Sutcliff has an amazing knack for showing emotion in the little things of the story, and for sweeping the reader off to yesteryear. Justin and Flavius are spectacular, and the smattering of lesser characters are each unique - Evicatos of the Spear, Aunt Honoria, Centurian Anthonius, Cullen the Fool, Paulinus, and, larger than lif [...]

    6. Katherine 黄爱芬 on said:

      Justin bertemu Flavius di Inggris dan mrk menyadari bhw mrk msh bersepupu jauh. Ketika mrk mengetahui bhw Alectus mencoba mengkhianati Kaisar Carausius (kaisar buronan Romawi yg mengangkat dirinya sbg penguasa Inggris), mrk malah dimutasi ke daerah perbatasan.Ternyata Alectus benar2 melakukan makar thd Carausius. Sebagian pendukung Carausius menyeberang utk minta bantuan pada Kaisar Constantius. Justin dan Flavius batal menyeberang dan memilih mengkonsolidasikan di dalam negeri dgn menggalang ke [...]

    7. Alexa Ayana on said:

      Sekuel ini masih menawarkan tema persahabatan seperti buku sebelumnya. Justin dan Flavius secara mengalami instan bonding saat bertemu di benteng laut Roma di Inggris. Kenyataan bahwa mereka masih bersaudara jauh adalah bonus persahabatan mereka. Saat Kaisar Roma di Inggris yang mereka hormati di gulingkan penasehatnya Allectus yang sewenang-wenang, dua pemuda ini berusaha untuk menyelamatkan rakyat dengan cara yang paling sederhana yang mereka pahami. Seperti buku pertama, buku ini berpotensi e [...]

    8. Basicallyrun on said:

      I thought this was fantastic - the only reason it doesn't have five stars is because I'm judging it against The Eagle of the Ninth, which I just like more for some reason. I adore the ties between this and The Eagle - I imagine Marcus would've been proud to see the use his eagle was put to. Justin's relationship with his father felt very real to me, too. Neither of them are really in the wrong, they're just *really awkward*. Bless. As ever, Sutcliff writes beautifully, and does a brilliant job o [...]

    9. Ellis Knox on said:

      I have fond memories of reading Sutcliff back when I was in my early teens. Nostalgia doesn't always serve me well, though, so I wasn't sure what I was going to find when I read this book. But it was easily got on my Kindle, and I was looking for a change of pace. I was not disappointed.I'll let others describe the book; here I'll describe my reaction to it. I enjoyed it. It's not great literature, but it's solid literature and Sutcliff had a good eye and ear for historical matters. One doesn't [...]

    10. Jennifer Freitag on said:

      When Justin, an army surgeon, and his soldier cousin, Flavius, discover a plot against their British emperor Carausius, they are forced to go into hiding. There they spend their time dodging the Saxon agents of the traitor while creating secret communications with the Roman Caesar Constantius on the Continent. All the while they build up a rogue Legion of their own, making for their standard a mysterious, wingless Eagle whose history lies in shadow, a glory of past days to lead them on to future [...]

    11. Yannis on said:

      4 stars I guess because why not? It's a solid good history fiction book about as good as the first of the series. It may even be read as a stand alone although the reader will be kinda wondering what is the lost eagle's story but this adds to the mystery. Mystery and the unexpected is something missing in the book coming to think of it. You immediately know the good guys and the bad ones(seriously, the hero sees a guy killing a bug and immediately understands he's a very evil guy and his main op [...]

    12. Kiwi Carlisle on said:

      It must be 20 years since I last reread this childhood favorite. I still love it and so appreciate Sutcliff's treating her readers as intelligent beings. It made me feel good as a tween to be considered a reader who didn't need to be talked down to--who knew who Euripides was and what a pilum was used for. Sutcliff once wrote that her books were for children from 9 to 90. Ave, Rosemary, your 62 year old child salutes you!

    13. Rik on said:

      Really enjoyed this book. Some similarities between this and the first, such as unusual friendship between the Roman occupiers and the locals, made it a little less fresh, but then I did read them one after the other. Again it felt authentic, and does , as the forward says, have real historical context. Makes me want to find out more about this period in history.

    14. Hadiyanti Ainun on said:

      i read the indonesian-translation one. wether the translation one similar or not, i'm preety sure this book truly awesome. its proves that even people in the past aren't always 'jahiliyah'--unknowledgeable. they have their own sitcon. in this case, justin and flavius certainly against allectus the traitorr short, i love this book

    15. Cindy Tomamichel on said:

      A good read, with characters that you care about, and historical detail that is just enough to set the scene. Some lovely descriptions and snippets of detail scattered through the book. Possibly showing its age a little now, as I felt it read a little slow despite having plenty of action. This didn't stop me from reading, and probably enhanced my enjoyment of the details.The characters are well drawn, and she weaves in parts of 'The Eagle' book providing a sense of continuity. Lots of strange ch [...]

    16. Linda on said:

      This well-written Young Adult novel is set in late third-century Britain and is based on actual events. It centers on two young Romans named Flavius and Justin, who are coincidentally posted to the same fort and then discover that they are distantly related. The battles are depicted fairly realistically, for a YA book, but there are also moments of humor and genuine friendship among the main characters.(This is a sequel to The Eagle of the Ninth and the second volume of the Roman Britain trilogy [...]

    17. Rosemary on said:

      This book fits in between The Eagle of the Ninth and The Lantern Bearers -- about 100+ years on each side. I'm very loyal to Sutcliff, but this is not her best work. It has many of the same familiar elements (primeval natural setting, plot tracing the struggle to hold onto a humane civilization amid the power struggle of tyranny and anarchy) but the storyline doesn't have quite the emotional depth of something like Lantern Bearers or the utter magic of Flame-Colored Tafetta. It's overall a littl [...]

    18. Jamie (ReadsInTrees) Dacyczyn on said:

      Another well written installment in thus series. I'll admit that quite a bit if the subtle action bits were lost on me because I kind of rushed through this one a little because I was eager to begin rereading The Thief by MWT. However, it's obviously a classic worth a reread and I suspect I'll enjoy it more the second time around.

    19. Margaret Pinard on said:

      + 52 "It was a raw morning with the mist lying low and heavy like smoke among the brown heather, and the rooty tang of bog and the bitter-sweetness of sodden bracken hanging in the air."p136 exultation

    20. Christie on said:

      Lovely prose, a charming almost anti-hero, vivid descriptions of the settings, I really enjoyed this book. Several of the minor characters are so well drawn, I'd like to see them have their own books. What is Aunt Honoria's back story? Hmmmm

    21. Catherine ~Whatever you are, be a good one~ on said:

      A great historical fiction story of when the emperor of Britain is killed by his right-hand man and two Romans set out to rebel.

    22. Eric on said:

      A good story I think. It's not a direct sequel but the historical fiction written within is very interesting.

    23. Heidi Burkhart on said:

      Fantastic historic fiction. This book can be enjoyed equally by middle school students to adults.

    24. Nika Khoperia on said:

      როუზმერი სატკლიფის „ვერცხლის ტოტი" მეორე წიგნია „მეცხრე ლეგიონის არწივის" შესახებ წიგნების სერიიდან. მოქმედება III საუკუნის ბრიტანეთში ხდება, მარკუს ფლავიუს აკვილას პიქტებში მოგზაურობას [...]

    25. GypsyBookworm on said:

      This is probably my least favorite Sutcliff novel, other than "The Mark of the Horse Lord." I didn't like that one because I found the protagonist horribly male chauvinist (basically if you want a book that is the complete antithesis of "The Mists of Avalon" you will love this book.) This one didn't have any of that, it didn't have any female characters at all, but it was just really boring. I felt like this book had no plot. The book just dragged and dragged and their really was no climax eithe [...]

    26. Rose on said:

      In the second book in her Dolphin Ring collection, Rosemary Sutcliffe brings the dawning of Christianity to Britain, along with the fall of the Emperor. These books are NOT to be missed. I actually own two copies of the first three. They are just so good. History was never so easily absorbed.This book is about a young physician in the Roman army who becomes caught up in turbulent politics of the time. I won't spoil it for you, but trust me, it is amazing.

    27. Sulime on said:

      After reading „The Eagle of the Ninth“ and liking but not loving it, I turned to „The Silver Branch“ with moderate expectations but I was surprised. In my opinion, it is clearly the better novel.Let me explain: In “The Eagle” I could identify with the two protagonists, but they sometimes seemed a bit too “smooth” for me, due to a lack of decisive traits and little flaws. I also had problems with the flow of the action which was rather unexciting because every problem the two hero [...]

    28. Theresia on said:

      This book is the second book of the story of the lost Eagle. The story continues with the two main characters, they are the descendant of Marcus himself. Flavius, a centurions and Justin, the army surgeon. They met on assignment in Britain, at the time Britain has had its own Emperor, Emperor Carausius. They both had time to meet and get to know the Emperor personally, visiting his home and talk to him. Until they had to be sent to the Northen Wall in disgrace, when they reported a confidant bet [...]

    29. A.M. on said:

      It is AD 286 in Roman Britain and Carausius has declared himself Emperor over Britain and northern Gaul. As a naval leader, he has united the warring local tribes and protected them from the sea pirates and he has bigger plans. Tiberius Lucius Justinianus - Justin has been transferred in as a junior surgeon. The first person he meets turns out to be a junior centurion and his distant cousin, Marcelus Flavius Aquila, Flavius. They are both descendants of Marcus from book one.But Carausius’ reig [...]

    30. Grace Ormerod on said:

      The Eagle chronicles are amazing. I grabbed the three-in-one book out of the school library last thing Friday lunchtime because I haven't read the Eagle of the Ninth for so long. I always forget the content of the sequels, it turns out. I had no recollection of reading them before yesterday. But that is obviously my problem.The language in these books would be miles above what most people read today, but I enjoy it. I loved the two main characters in this book, although the focus is clearly on J [...]

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