The Last Run

Greg Rucka

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The Last Run

The Last Run The game of espionage catches up to everyone in the end Now in Greg Rucka s sensational new Queen Country thriller the world s most lethal woman embarks on one final and all too likely fatal mission

  • Title: The Last Run
  • Author: Greg Rucka
  • ISBN: 9780553804751
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The game of espionage catches up to everyone in the end Now, in Greg Rucka s sensational new Queen Country thriller, the world s most lethal woman embarks on one final and all too likely fatal mission For nearly a decade Tara Chace has been Britain s top covert agent But Chace is past her expiration date Her body hurts Her nerves are scrambled She s ready forThe game of espionage catches up to everyone in the end Now, in Greg Rucka s sensational new Queen Country thriller, the world s most lethal woman embarks on one final and all too likely fatal mission For nearly a decade Tara Chace has been Britain s top covert agent But Chace is past her expiration date Her body hurts Her nerves are scrambled She s ready for a desk job, the quiet role of mentor to a new generation of special operations officers But before her replacement can be chosen, there s one last job for Queen and country and it may be the last thing she does Ever The assignment begins with an enigmatic message from Iran a message made all the perplexing not just by its cryptic code but by its apparent dispatcher But what if the long dormant cipher is a trap meant to entice Iran s enemies into the open There s only one way to find out and only one agent who can do it Tara Chace Soon Chace is on the ground in Tehran leading an extraction team toward a high profile defector But obtaining him is one thing, getting him out of the country will be another For with the likelihood of a double cross at every turn, Chace knows that chaos can erupt in a heartbeat And when it does, it s far worse than even she expects Now, if she s to have a future, Chace must survive any way she can And that means one thing hasn t changed Tara Chace is never the hunted She s always the hunter.

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    One thought on “The Last Run

    1. Jake on said:

      This is more of a 3.5-star review. WHY CAN'T I HAVE HALF STARS, ?I love Greg Rucka. I've pretty much braingasmed over everything he's ever written, novels and comics both.Even his misfires (Fistfull of Rain) feature endearing characters who make me give a shart.The Last Run is the third (and last?) of the Queen & Country novels, and the novels serve to cap the story started in a pretty lengthy comic series. It's a decent, entertaining read, and I was satisfied with the end to the series. HOW [...]

    2. Ed on said:

      This is my first novel by Mr. Rucka. It's a humdinger of a spy caper. Starts out sort of slow, but once it gains traction, the pace is crisp, the characters likeable, and their cause just. I like Tara Chace, the hardboiled, gutsy heroine. But she's also her own lady. The modern setting of the Iran add to its flavor. I plan to read more in the series.

    3. Maddy on said:

      PROTAGONIST: Tara Chace, Minder One (special agent)SETTING: Iran SERIES: #3 of 3RATING: 3.5Rucka’s Town and Country series has always felt like the author was ripping the story from today’s headlines. In A GENTLEMAN’S GAME, he wrote about attacks on the London subway system before they actually happened. The second book in the series, PRIVATE WARS, was set in Afghanistan; THE LAST RUN is set in Iran. I liked how the book began, with a very succinct history of the life of Tara Chace, intere [...]

    4. Matt Smith on said:

      If Queen and Country: A Gentleman's Game was Queen & Country the novel, and Queen and Country: Private Wars was Q&C as a season finale, then this book is Q&C as an action blockbuster, one relentless tide of one last operation for Tara Chace.Given the events of Private Wars this is wholly unsurprising. Part of the question of that entire novel was "just how many more operations does Tara Chace have in her". And the answer is this book, this last book. Needless to say it goes well. Esp [...]

    5. Jaci on said:

      Getting to know someone who is very outward about their interests has me, admittedly, more self-considerate about my own lately. Whether or not I've ever said much about Queen & Country to anyone, it has been the most influential fictional espionage series to me thus far, the bar to which I admittedly measure other spy fiction. I have collected in time nearly all of the series in some form or another, so I guess it's fair to say that I love it pretty strongly! This paperback was a quick plan [...]

    6. Michael on said:

      That's it. I'm through reading anything by Rucka. Well, actually I've read all of his novels so that's an easy statement to make. Chace realizes that she's been Minder 1 for long enough if not too long. She tenders her resignation to her boss and asks for a desk assignment but before that can happen the proverbial feces hits the air movement device and no once can do the job but Chace, not Minder 2, not Minder 3. Complicating things is Tasmin, her 5 year old who is now sick and Chace has no choi [...]

    7. Will on said:

      Greg Rucka is one of those writers that you find yourself impressed with in every book. He describes a world in which government works behinds the scenes, and a good politician can be more lethal than a sniper. And Tara Chace is good enough at her job to survive most of them.The Last Run is especially satisfying to me because Cocker, the man in charge while Tara is running a mission, finds himself with no more political capital to spend. He's overruled by his boss and corralled neatly to the sid [...]

    8. May on said:

      The Last Run is the final book in the Queen and Country trilogy (A Gentleman's Game and Private Wars are the two others). The main character in the trilogy is a female secret agent, Tara Chace. In The Last Run, Tara has elected to retire but is sent on one final mission before her retirement.I've enjoyed all three books in the trilogy, but this one is perhaps my favorite. The characters are well developed by this final installment, and the plot is both complicated and filled with unexpected twis [...]

    9. Nick Brett on said:

      The final episode in a trilogy I have really enjoyed. I have seen the odd review that suggests the author fails to capture a very British organisation (the Secret Intelligence Agency) or the British culture, I would completely disagree as I think it has been captured perfectly.In The Last Run, Tara Chace is feeling her age and the challenges of being a front line agent. As she seeks to resign, she is convinced to undertake one last mission, bringing out a sleeper agent from Iran. But nothing is [...]

    10. David Dalton on said:

      I have enjoyed reading this series. Tara Chace is like a female version of Jack Bauer, or you could say Jack Bauer is a male version of Tara Chace. Very similar in nature to Strike Back: Season 2 (Cinemax), but not with all the sex. Well written.

    11. J on said:

      Remember, one man's plot summary from the bookflap is another man's spoiler.Tara Chace, a brilliant spy for England, after a decade plus in the field wants to leave field work for a desk job. She's got a young daughter at home that she's raising solo after her husband, a fellow agent, was killed in the line of duty.But a curious event in Tehran, Iran, requires one last run by Chace. Using an obsolete code, someone has messaged to British intelligence that a high-level Iraqi wants to defect. Chac [...]

    12. Ramon Francisco on said:

      Para lectores hambrientos de historias cuyo riguroso realismo exija una mínima suspensión de la incredulidad sin sacrificar la tensión y el impacto del relato Greg Rucka suele ser una elección confiable, y su más reciente novela, The Last Run, es quizás el esfuerzo más destilado del autor por plantearnos un drama de brutal verosimilitud.Se trata de la tercera entrega de la serie Queen & Country, dedicada a la sección de operaciones especiales de la inteligencia británica. Al igual q [...]

    13. Dave on said:

      Endings are tricky and often messy things, but they're necessary especially in the world of series fiction. Awhile back I interviewed a writer about his series of books and he says if a series goes on too long you run the risk of it just becoming a collection of expected scenes and not a novel. So when you write series fiction you always want to keep things fresh and moving forward or you want to bring your series to a close. With his last novel “The Walking Dead” writer Greg Rucka showed th [...]

    14. Andrew on said:

      One of my favorite comics of the last ten years is Queen & Country, Rucka’s series about British secret agent Tara Chase. A few years ago, the comics series ended, but he continued Queen & Country as a series of prose novels. Like the comic, they’re gritty, violent, and very firmly based in the real world. They’re not James-Bond-with-Boobs stories full of larger-than-life escapades where the hero escapes unscathed after tossing off a few quips. They’re intense, down-to-earth, and [...]

    15. Alan on said:

      Greg Rucka started out a mystery novelist who then migrated to comics where he first created Tara Chace, a special operations operative for British Intelligence. Later he took into novels where his storytelling for this character works better. The Last Run is exactly that-Chace's last operation as a field agent. She has turned in her resignation, but the nephew of Iran's Supreme Leader has said he wants to come in (he was a former British asset). The CIA insists on Chace, and Britain insists on [...]

    16. Dave on said:

      The Last Run by Greg Rucka - again I've started a series by reading the last book. Not to worry though, that simply meansthat I still have two to enjoy.The centerpiece of this thriller is super agent Tara Chace,called in another review a "female version of Jack Bauer".Well, tactically yes, she's brilliant, but there's only onestrategic thinker in the entire cast and it doesn't go toowell for him.It's also been mentioned that the book starts rather slowlyand that too is true. However, once the ac [...]

    17. Jeff on said:

      While the best-paced of the "Queen & Country" novels, the ending of the series here seemed half-developed and not wholly satisfying. Don't get me wrong, where Tara ends up at the end of the novel is a logical ending for her, but I felt like Rucka was just rushing to this end instead of giving us some solid (though cliche, I suppose) final scenes/moments between Tara and Paul, Tara and Tamsin, etc. that would've provided some emotional payoff. I also wasn't a huge fan of Tara being nearly com [...]

    18. Mark Schlatter on said:

      The latest (and probably the last) volume about Tara Chance, the protagonist of the Queen & Country graphic novels and prose novels.I currently have a love/hate relationship with Rucka's work. His current comics series Lazarus is excellent --- a dystopian future with a strong realistic feel and a heavy dose of economics. I loved his early Atticus Kodiak novels. However, his other recent comics work has been hit or miss for me, and I really disliked the plot turns in the later Kodiak novels.F [...]

    19. Tobin on said:

      The latest (and last?) Tara Chace tale that began with the unparalleled Queen and Country comics and has continued in two other novels before this one. It's been five years since the operation readers know about, Red Panda, and Tara is juggling the pressures of life when a job only she could do becomes necessary.By this point Tara is a find of mine and it's great to read her again. This is a gripping read as Rucka doesn't waste any page on things that don't matter. I read a lot of "literature" t [...]

    20. Matt on said:

      I will take any and all of the Queen and Country I can get. LOVE this series (both the original comics) and the 3 novels. This one was the least powerful in some ways, because the hero (Tara Chace) has changed so much in the 10 years since we started following her character as a field operative on an assassination mission in Afganistan. That being said, it is one of the best things the author has done: kept her aging/changing rather than freezing her in time.That being said, in the moments where [...]

    21. Jennifer on said:

      This was virtually the only book I started and finished while I was out sick for a week, and it was altogether too short! I like the Tara Chace series - and while I agree she's nearing the age of retirement from the field, I'd still like to see what happens after her time as a spy. Just like the others in the trilogy, this one moves quickly through time, offers a good balance between the action and the thinking scenes, and furthers the character development of Tara and a few of her cohorts. Ruck [...]

    22. D.B. Reynolds on said:

      The story begins with Tara Chace flat on her back and wondering if she can get up. And she realizes the moment has come. It's time to turn in her sniper's rifle and ride a desk. She has a five-year old daughter who needs her to come home at night, not be halfway around the world, risking life and limb for British Intelligence. Just one more mission is this Rucka's final Queen & Country novel? I hope not. He's one of the finest suspense writers around and I read everything he writes with the [...]

    23. Beausephus on said:

      In just over 250 pages, Greg Rucka proves once again, how good his international espionage world of QUEEN & COUNTRY is. Swift and intense, with choppy prose and realistically detailed, albeit wonderfully fictional, the adventures of Tara Chace, a modern spy for the post 9/11 era are the most exiting reads on the market. While from the get-go Rucka sets this book up as Chace's swan song he nevertheless, like any good writer, sets up even more exciting possibilities if he should ever revisit t [...]

    24. James Schneider on said:

      Queen and Country has long been one of my favorite series, and this is the finest installment of that series. Rucka is in full command of his powers and the results are dazzling. This would serve as a poor introduction to these characters, but if you are already acquainted, you will be very pleased indeed. If, in fact, you are not acquainted, you would do well to become so. Q&C is particularly well suited to the reader more frequently prone to literary fiction and political non-fiction who w [...]

    25. Scotchneat on said:

      Did some speed-reading through some of the sections. I really liked the premise but something got lost in the writing of it. Basically, a long-serving spy is nearing the end of her tenure, finding it hard to meet the physical and mental demands of the job. A story that Elizabeth Bear handled very well in the Jenny Casey novels.Then a cryptic message comes out of Tehran and she's back to do one more job.I may see if there are early Tara Chase novels--maybe I'll like her better in the earlier days [...]

    26. Beth on said:

      Great book. Greg Rucka is one of my favorite authors these days and Tara Chace is one of my favorite characters. This is another in-depth, heart-pounding, intelligent spy novel that nails all of the best things of the genre and outshines most other spy novels because of Rucka's great gift for character. The plot is driven, exciting, and overlaps with contemporary politics but it is the characters that make this book work, especially Chace, who is so well-drawn I feel like I know her. Or want to [...]

    27. Jason Seaver on said:

      Having followed "Queen & Country" since the first issue of the comic, I'm not surprised that we finally got to where this one ends - I'm not sure how realistic Rucka's series is, but it certainly has the ring of truth to it.To a certain extent, that familiarity is what makes the book enjoyable; the action goes roughly as expected and even the final act's surprises are kind of familiar surprises. But it's good to see Tara Chase again, and I'm looking forward to seeing where Greg Rucka takes h [...]

    28. John Carter McKnight on said:

      A disappointing end to the Queen and Country novels. The previous two were tense, disturbing, memorable, a huge contribution to the post Cold War spy thriller genre. This final volume is fine. It's a serviceable, if transparent, story that moves from A to B to C at a decent clip. It's a fine way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. What it is not, is powerful, complex or imaginative. It gets the job done, but it reads like a publishing contract fulfillment rather than a work of passion and commitm [...]

    29. Zedsdead on said:

      Greg Rucka brings his Queen & Country character Tara Chase to straight print in The Last Run. It's the story of Chase's final mission, the extraction of a high-ranked Iranian defector. It's told from two sides, the British spies trying to complete the mission in Iran, and the Iranian counter-espionage agency trying to stop them.Convincing, plausible, riveting, fascinating. Great book. Wonderfully plotted and reasonably well-written. Reminiscent of the earlier Tom Clancy novels (the good ones [...]

    30. Duncan Mcgregor on said:

      Not a bad book, but a definite step down from Private Wars, which was itself a small step down from A Gentleman's Game. The way the book was set up just left me not caring enough about a job that nobody wanted done (again) that goes wrong (again), especially when so much of what was going on was telegraphed. Rucka's normal talent for misdirection must have been on the fritz while writing this.I don't regret having read it, but there is no real reason to keep going in the series after Private War [...]

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