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Juvenilia Jane Austen s shorter works Frederic Elfrida Jack Alice Edgar Emma Henry and Eliza The Adventures of Mr Harley Sir William Mountague Memoirs of Mr Clifford The Beautifull Cassandra Amelia Webster The

  • Title: Juvenilia
  • Author: Jane Austen
  • ISBN: 9781414500157
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jane Austen s shorter works Frederic Elfrida Jack Alice Edgar Emma Henry and Eliza The Adventures of Mr Harley Sir William Mountague Memoirs of Mr Clifford The Beautifull Cassandra Amelia Webster The Visit The Mystery The Three Sisters Detached Pieces A Fragment, A beautiful description, The generous Curate, Ode to Pity Love and FreindshJane Austen s shorter works Frederic Elfrida Jack Alice Edgar Emma Henry and Eliza The Adventures of Mr Harley Sir William Mountague Memoirs of Mr Clifford The Beautifull Cassandra Amelia Webster The Visit The Mystery The Three Sisters Detached Pieces A Fragment, A beautiful description, The generous Curate, Ode to Pity Love and Freindship Lesley Castle The History of England A Collection of Letters Scraps The Female Philosopher, The First Act of a Comedy, A Letter from a Young Lady, A Tour through Wales, A Tale Evelyn Catharine

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      238 Jane Austen
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    One thought on “Juvenilia

    1. Deborah Markus on said:

      This is one of the Cambridge series of Austen's work, so it's an all-out nerdathon. Let me put it this way: there are footnotes and endnotes. And lots of them. Like, only about half of this book is actually written by Austen. If that made you drool (or gave you a Special Feeling I don't want to hear about), get this particular edition.If you love the idea of teenage Jane Austen goofing off on the page, but don't necessarily need to have every Regency phrase, concept, proper noun, common noun, ad [...]

    2. Emma Glaisher on said:

      Not finished yet, but had to jump in and leave a review because I love this so much.Comments such as 'not as good as her novels' and 'needs a good editor' are completely missing the point. This is your chance to meet the young teenage Jane, exactly as she wrote, for her family and friends. They are not polished tales, they are thoroughly silly. That's surely the point. I've been laughing outloud at her bathos and sheer outrageousness.

    3. Sotiris Karaiskos on said:

      Η Jane Austen ασχολήθηκε με το γράψιμο από πολύ μικρή ηλικία. Αυτά τα πρώτα της βήματα τα έκανε σε τρία σημειωματάρια που ευτυχώς για εμάς δεν εξαφανίστηκαν. Αυτά τα μικρά κείμενα, τα διηγήματα και διάφορα άλλα πράγματα υπάρχουν σε αυτό εδώ το βιβλίο. Η αλήθεια είναι βέβαια ότι τα [...]

    4. Elena on said:

      Like every Jane Austen fan, I think her books are never enough and so I was very excited to finally get my hands on Juvenilia, a collection of works written between her twelve and eighteen years. Even if not refined and often unfinished, these earlier works were still an absolute pleasure to read, and a delightful look into Jane Austen’s view of the world and personality. Her humour is very vivid and her tone playful, entertaining and sometimes even outrageous. I laughed out loud several times [...]

    5. Sharon L on said:

      even as a young girl Austen was witty and comic in her writing. factual even. always honest with just a hint of kindness of a doting parent well aware of their child shortcomings in this instance the society she lived amongwhat a promising woman

    6. Rachael on said:

      This (along with Lady Susan) is one of my last Austen books left to read. In ways it is encouraging to read some of Austen's earliest work, because it shows that she developed her skills, that she wasn't crazy talented right from the off. Reading this as a regular book, however, was pretty hard going. Remembering which story I was reading (as they were usually only a few pages each) was tough, and the stories themselves were mostly pretty unbelievable (a lot of crazy coincidences and such). But [...]

    7. Tiffany on said:

      My version is 188, not 500+, so perhaps I read the abbreviated version. I appreciated reading her early sketches and small stories, and comparing them to her full novels written as an adult. Her irreverent History of England was particularly enjoyable to read. I have a feelingJane Austen would have been a riot to know. Very clever and witty.

    8. Danny on said:

      The juvenilia is fairly extensive, and divided into three volumes. Following are summaries of three notable pieces:Catherine, or the BowerThe story revolves around Catherine (“Kitty”) Percival, an orphan living with her censorious and forbidding aunt, Mrs. Percival. Before the story begins, she developed a strong friendship with the daughters of the local parson, Mr. Wynne. Kitty’s friendship with Cecilia and Mary Wynne is deeply rewarding. The girls talk about books and spend much of thei [...]

    9. Jonathan on said:

      Juvenilia is a compilation of three different volumes of Jane Austen's writing composed between the ages of 12-19 (or so), and honestly I was a bit surprised how funny the stories werebut it's primarily due to a lack of maturity of herself as a writer (duh, she was a kid). This being said, I don't think it's totally unreasonable to say that she shows off some really strong writing abilities early here, especially with how she experiments with genre and form throughout the various short stories f [...]

    10. Milena March on said:

      It's truly fascinating to read the early writings of Jane Austen. Going through them and seeing firsthand the sense of anarchy and energy with which she writes you can scarcely believe that it is the same woman who would later go on to write some of the best-known novels in the English language, and darlings of the Victorians and their Morality.

    11. Magdalen Dobson on said:

      Unlike her actual novels, Austen's short, sometimes unfinished stories show her wit and perception of society's stupidities much more plainly, making them downright hilarious! As they are short stories and not actual novels, they do tend to lack some depth but are still enjoyable.

    12. Kate on said:

      Most of Austen's later novels are reworkings of stories found in her Juvenilia. After reading these short stories, Austen's comedy and love of parody becomes all the more clear in her novels. At the very least, I know understand why Austen's heroines do not faint.

    13. Kirsty on said:

      I felt that, being a fan of Austen’s novels, reading her Juvenilia was a must for me. Unfortunately, I seem to have been mistaken. All of the stories collected here felt rushed, and the lack of editing in the volume very much annoyed me. Yes, fair enough, Austen wasn’t the best at spelling, but there was no need, in my eyes, to keep in so many of her original mistakes. Most of the pieces in Juvenilia are unfinished fragments, all of which share the same themes (yes, you guessed it – love a [...]

    14. Suzy Bess on said:

      Trois petites nouvelles absolument délicieuses à lire ! Rien de tel pour apprendre à mieux connaître une auteure tant adorée. On voit que dans ses écrits d'enfance, l'humour est maître de son imagination, mais que ses personnages sont déjà construits avec justesse. C'est fascinant, et on passe un excellent moment !

    15. Isil on said:

      Ce livre recueille les premiers écrits de Jane Austen. Ce sont des textes courts, souvent inachevés qui montrent l’évolution de l’auteure. Toute jeune déjà, elle fait la démonstration de son humour, ici parfois à la limite de l’absurde ou de l’humour noir même. En lisant son Histoire de l’Angleterre, je n’ai pu m’empêcher de penser à ce qu’Austen fait dire à Catherine Morland dans « Northanger Abbey » à propos de l’histoire. C'est aussi dans cette Histoire très d [...]

    16. Georgiana 1792 on said:

      A Miss Austen,SignoraIncoraggiata dal vostro caloroso patrocinio a La bella Cassandra, e a La storia d'Inghilterra, che grazie al vostro generoso appoggio, hanno guadagnato un posto in ogni biblioteca del Regno, e si avviano spediti verso la sessantesima Edizione, mi prendo la libertà di implorare lo stesso Sforzo in favore del Romanzo che segue, che mi lusingo umilmente di credere, possiede Meriti superiori a qualsiasi altro già pubblicato, o a qualsiasi altro apparirà in futuro, fatta eccez [...]

    17. Lilirose on said:

      Più che un libro vero è proprio è una raccolta di divertissement, scritti dall'autrice nel periodo dell'adolescenza. Per chi come me ama Jane Austen saranno una bella scoperta, perchè permettono di conoscerne un lato inedito, più giocoso e spigliato, ma allo stesso tempo vi si ritrovano in nuce tutte quelle qualità che emergeranno poi nei suoi lavori più maturi: la vivacità dei dialoghi, lo stile chiaro e scorrevole ma soprattutto l'ironia tagliente, che qui è molto più esplicita rispe [...]

    18. Saffina Firdaus on said:

      Super!!Tiap bab memperlihatkan proses dan kemajuan penulisan Jane Austen. Sejak usia belia dia sudah menggoreskan pena di atas buku catatannnya yang pasti sangat banyak, mengingat pada masanya, teknologi hanya sebatas penerang lilin, berkomunikasi hanya melalui surat, berkendara dengan kereta kuda.Setiap orang memulai apa yang dia suka dari awal. Begitu pula Ms. Austen. Tulisannya hanya beberapa kalimat dibuat menjadi bab singkat dalam novel awalnya. Pada bagian awal Juvenilia, terlihat semua ba [...]

    19. Truly on said:

      trulyrudiono/20Syair DukaSambil merenung, kunikmati melangkahSepanjang jalur kehormatan dan belukar pohon muradSelagi bulan pucat menumpahkan sinarnyaPada cinta yang kandas.Selagi burung bulbul bertengger di atas semak berduriBerkicau merdu dan sendu, dan burung muraiBerbincang dengan merpatiPerlahan menyusuri jalan raya,Kebisingan dengan merdu menimpa sungai yang mengalirhening-Rembulan menyeruak dari balik awanDan melemparkan sinarnya pada belukar pohon murai.Ah! Saat itulah sebuah adegan inda [...]

    20. Catherine Letendre on said:

      J'avais souvent entendu parler du sens de l'humour de Jane Austen que l'on discernait dans ses romans, mais pourtant je ne l'avais jamais distingué. En lisant ces premiers écrits, je saisi maintenant ce que l'on veut dire. Jane Austen a un grand humour; de dérision et pince sans-rire. Certains écrits ne sont que des ébauches, mais dans plusieurs on distingue la grande écrivaine qu'elle deviendra. Il y a même 2 histoires pour lesquelles je suis réellement déçue de ne pas connaître la s [...]

    21. Rocio Rodriguez Torres on said:

      After reading Northanger Abbey and liked it way too much, and finding out that the reason many people do not liked was because as her first official novel, it was a little amateur, and finding out there was a book with her early works, I decided immediately to read it.The book was full mostly with in-concluded novellas, they they were all really entertaining. I really liked "A History of England" and "Love and Friendship".

    22. Julie on said:

      This was a really interesting collection of experimental writings by Austen. I started out reading every story, but then skipped around depending on my mood. A lot of the "stories" were similar and very sarcastic. Austen refined her craft a lot before publishing, but this was a really interesting look into her thoughts and opinions.I'll probably pick this up and read it again sometime in the future, but I enjoyed what I read of it this time.

    23. Kristen on said:

      Specific pieces from Jane Austen's Juvenilia was read for ENG 277: Jane Austen's Adolescent AngstI read the following stories for the course:"The Visit," "The Mystery," "First Act of a Comedy," "The Three Sisters," "The Beautifull Cassandra," "Ode to Pity," "Henry and Eliza," "Jack and Alice," "Kitty, or the Bower," "Love and Freindship,"and "History of England."

    24. Uly Hidayah on said:

      Waktu baca bab bab awal ada sedikit penyeslaan, "Mungkin harusnya baca buku ini setelah baca buku buku nya Jane Austen yang lain." pikirku.Tapu semakin kebelakang tulisan tulisan nya semakin menarik. Ada beberapa cerita cerita yang 'menyebalkan' hahaha.Paling suka tulisan ttg curhatan Henrietta kepada temannya tentang kekasihnya yang bernama Musgrove.

    25. Krisz on said:

      I was happy to come across something I've never heard of. At first I didn't get the stories. I was like "phew, what is it? is it really JA?" but then I saw the point: they were cynical shorts. It's a fun read, but I prefer the real works!

    26. Sai_pazos on said:

      Y gracias a estas historias llenas de ironía, sarcasmos, quiebros y requiebros. Personajes atolondrados, diálogos absurdos y comentarios más ácidos que cualquier limón, yo me enamoro de Austen como no hacia desde el tiempo de Orgullo y Prejuicio.

    27. Fijke on said:

      Contains finished and unfinished stories by a very young Jane Austen. A must read for every true Austen fan. It's a lot of fun to compare these early works with her published novels and see how her work developed.

    28. Synthia on said:

      Interesting to read Jane Austen's early works. Fun to see how many things from the early stories developed into the larger famous works. She certainly had a mature sense of wit beyond her years about social customs!

    29. Carfig on said:

      Some really funny stuff, and a definite must-read for any Austen fan. Much of it needs a good editing, but it is juvenilia, after all. I enjoyed it, plus there is a really good cream cheese quote in "Lesley Castle."

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