Kind Of Blue: The Making Of The Miles Davis Masterpiece

Ashley Kahn

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Kind Of Blue: The Making Of The Miles Davis Masterpiece

Kind Of Blue The Making Of The Miles Davis Masterpiece This critically and commercially acclaimed tribute to the most popular jazz album of all time is now available in paperback With transcriptions of the unedited session tapes in depth interviews with m

  • Title: Kind Of Blue: The Making Of The Miles Davis Masterpiece
  • Author: Ashley Kahn
  • ISBN: 9780306810671
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • This critically and commercially acclaimed tribute to the most popular jazz album of all time is now available in paperback With transcriptions of the unedited session tapes in depth interviews with musicians freshly discovered Columbia Records files never before seen photographs and a foreword by the last surviving member of the band, drummer Jimmy Cobb, Kind of BlueThis critically and commercially acclaimed tribute to the most popular jazz album of all time is now available in paperback With transcriptions of the unedited session tapes in depth interviews with musicians freshly discovered Columbia Records files never before seen photographs and a foreword by the last surviving member of the band, drummer Jimmy Cobb, Kind of Blue is a vital piece of music history and will be essential for fans and scholars for years to come.

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      276 Ashley Kahn
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    One thought on “Kind Of Blue: The Making Of The Miles Davis Masterpiece

    1. Michael on said:

      Kind of Blue has sold 7 million copies (albeit in 50 years), making it the best-selling jazz album of all time. Far from being a safe commercial work, KoB broke new ground by introducing new structures to jazz. Perhaps the trick was that Miles discarded complex chord structures for simple vamps that frame endless (yet hypnotic) solos by John Coltrane, Bill Evans and Cannonball Adderly. Kahn recreated this session blow by blow although the only living player on the scene was drummer Jimmy Cobb, w [...]

    2. Herzog on said:

      A very attractive book which was well constructed. Providing the background for the seminal work was quite engrossing and the description of the work itself very interesting. I thought the chapter on the long lasting influence of Kind of Blue was also well done. All in all a very useful book for fans of the album.

    3. Ron on said:

      This extensively researched book opens a big window into a decade or more of American popular music, when Top 40 charts embraced everything from novelty songs to Elvis and Doris Day, and jazz performers commanded their own share of a vast audience. Sound recording technology had recently introduced LPs and stereo to consumers, and the music industry was booming. It was at this point, the late 1950s, that the young trumpet player Miles Davis stepped onto the stage and emerged as an influential in [...]

    4. James Martin on said:

      In a perfect world, every album I love would receive the sort of treatment that Ashley Kahn gives to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue. Kahn's book is 200 pages of impeccably well researched liner notes to one of the best jazz albums of all time. It's full of wonderful anecdotes, interviews, session tape dialogs, photos, and every other sort of historical context that brings Kind of Blue to life in a quite unprecedented way. Like all truly good criticism, Kahn's study leaves you with an enhanced underst [...]

    5. CyLarge on said:

      This book is great for so many reasons, but I'd have to say the best reason is because of how good a writer Kahn shows himself to be. Out of all the books on music I've read, this is the most crisp clear, fluidly written book. He explains a little music theory and Miles' modal method of thinking with no pretention and such precision that the quality of the writing itself rivals the excitement of the Kind of Blue recording process, which he also details very, very well. Very worth reading for any [...]

    6. Linda on said:

      I have read this book twice. I am going to read it again this coming week. I came across it when I was weeding through some books to donate to the library after the holidays. This is one of many books I would never let anyone borrow. Kind of Blue was one of the first jazz LP's (before CD's) I purchased at a very young age.

    7. Tosh on said:

      Strange enough (due to my perverse tastes) not my favorite Miles album, but still a classic, and this book nails down the history and the thoughts behind this specific album. Beautifully designed and well-thought out, this is a great volume on a particular piece of art and it's appreciation of that work.

    8. Michael on said:

      A very enjoyable look at the most revered jazz album of all time. I think the author did a nimble job at making the material accessible for non-musicians, though it does get technical from time to time. When I finished the book, I had a pretty good sense of why Kind of Blue was so important.

    9. Louis on said:

      HIGHLY recommended. A stunning account of what is arguably the most famous Jazz album of all time. Will read again.

    10. Stormcrow on said:

      This was such a satisfying book. I took my time reading it as I would often need to stop and listen to a particular piece of music before continuing. Sometimes the music was a song that was a precursor to the recording such as "Peace Piece" by Bill Evans. Other times, I would have to stop and listen to the songs themselves and hear all the nuances the author points out that I may not have noticed before. At any rate, it's a book that can be read quickly, it's not too long, but really living with [...]

    11. Salvatore on said:

      Único, claro, directo y cercano, no sólo me ha aportado, en lo personal, la sensación de haber hecho un viaje a este momento clave del jazz moderno con su valiosa rigidez investigativa sino también en el disfrute del autor durante el proceso de creación. Ha sido de esos libros que al acabar quiero volver a iniciar, cuya información y luz que me aportan es tan valiosa, en lo personal, insisto, que quisiera poder tenerlo siempre a mano debido la caducidad de la memoria.

    12. Eric Hunter on said:

      This book made me realize how little I actually know about music. I listen to, and enjoy, a lot of different music, but the various musicians who discuss Kind of Blue in this book mention subtleties that I just do not hear or understand. Still, it was an interesting, and enjoyable discussion of the history of jazz, and of Miles Davis's place in it, and the importance of Kind of Blue in that history.

    13. Ed Wyrd on said:

      Very well written account of one of the greatest jazz albums of all time. If you love Miles Davis' album, "Kind of Blue," then you'll appreciate this remarkable look at not only the making of that album, but the professional evolution of Miles Davis and the other musicians, Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, et al.

    14. Harry on said:

      Excellent deep-dive into what many (myself included) believe to be the single best jazz album of all time. Track by track, no detail skipped - GREAT STUFF.

    15. Christopher on said:

      Kind of Blue: The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece is Ashley Kahn's chronicle of the recording sessions of that great jazz album made possible when Sony opened the Columbia archives to him in 1999.Kahn begins the book with an overview of Miles' career from his entrance into the scene in the mid-1940s to the end of the hard bop era in the mid-1950s. This is followed by coverage of Davis' early work with Columbia Records, the discovery of modality, and the departures of his drummer and pianis [...]

    16. Victoria Moore on said:

      I don't remember the first time I heard "Kind Of Blue", or how many times I've listened to it since, but I do know it's become my favorite jazz album. A funny thing happened the last time i listened to it, I became intrigued with how it was created and why it struck such an emotional chord with me. When I checked out Ashley Kahn's book "Kind Of Blue: The Making Of The Miles Davis Masterpiece" from my favorite library I wasn't sure if I'd get the answers to the many questions I had about the albu [...]

    17. Mike on said:

      Solid and informative read about the creation of a classic jazz album. Lots of wonderful details to eat up if you are a fan of jazz. I can't really find a flaw with this book, other than that there is a slightly disorienting approach to inserting some mini-chapters about various aspects of the album's production into the flow of a larger narrative. I found myself having to read a ways, flip back to read one of these inserts, and then page forward again. It was disruptive to the otherwise engagin [...]

    18. David Rullo on said:

      Ashley Kahn's excellent book is like one of the 33 1/3 series of books on steroids. Kahn does an excellent job of presenting the climate in which Kind of Blue was recorded; gives details of the recording and impact of the album and does an excellent job of explaining who the major players were, not just the musicians but engineers, producers, etc.Kahn spends a lot of time exploring modal jazz and the role it plays on the album. He also discusses the thorny issue of who wrote and who received cre [...]

    19. Jason on said:

      A fulfilling narrative walk-through of the complete 'Kind of Blue' recordings. I enjoyed the little anecdotes about the studio ad-libs that you don't get on the official release. Also the descriptions of Columbia's historic studio. Nothing particularly astounding, but a good read for any Miles fan.

    20. Adhamh Ó Caoimh on said:

      A fascinating tome looking into one of the most important, beautiful records ever made. With fresh insight and wonderful photography framing the men who recorded the music, and their various stories, this book is essential for anyone even vaguely interested in Davis & his supporting cast, this wonderful album, and even music, particularly jazz. The writing is both fantastic and perfectly structured, delving into Miles, the early years and the years that came before the record, as well as the [...]

    21. David Livingston on said:

      Excellent account of how the record was made and the personalities involved, including Miles and those around him in years leading up to 1959 and in the wake of the album's release. I learned a lot about how records were made then, and about the music itself and how they performed it. I intend to get the book from the library again in the future, and listen closely to the album while reviewing the book's commentary on individual song and solo performances.

    22. James on said:

      This a really nice background information for the Kind of Blue Album and how Miles Davis formed the band that recorded the music. And like the book says it more of tribute to an ending of an era rather than a start to a new jazz age. However, many of the modern jazz has it roots to this album and warns that young musician need to have solid music education before trying to go into modal improvisations. Would recommend this book to anyone who has interest in music, history, and jazz.

    23. Bill on said:

      The content of this book is very goode layout is horrendous. I have 20/20 vision but the quotes in this book are all in a ridiculously small font making them as fun to read as the fine print on your mortgage. I'd recommend this book anyway if "Kind of Blue" means as much to you musically as it does to most jazz lovers. There is some deep content here an I'm sure even the most well informed jazz nerd will learn many things.

    24. Amanda on said:

      Fascinating, engaging, lets you inside the making of one of jazz's greatest albums. The transcripts of the studio banter (much of which can be found on expanded editions of the album) are gold, as are the quotes from those who were around the recording sessions. A must-have for any fan of the album.

    25. Rob the Obscure on said:

      A very insightful, well-researched, and well-written account of this landmark record by Miles. It is obvious that the author is not merely writing for purposes of scholarship - he has a passionate love for the subject, as do I, and therefore recommend this book highly to anyone interested in the history of American music as an art form.

    26. Jon Tutcher on said:

      A fantastic insight into my favourite album of all time. Got recommended it by a musician friend, and it really makes you appreciate the circumstances and scene in NY at the time 'Kind of Blue' was made (and the history leading up to then). Very easy to read too - would recommend to anyone into music!

    27. Brandon on said:

      I enjoy jazz writers - scholarly, articulate storytelling. "The Making Of" details not only the creation of one of the best albums ever produced, but also a study of Miles Davis' career and relationships with the musicians he worked with. After reading, repeated listens of Kind of Blue required!

    28. Blair on said:

      I tend to stay away from books like this, preferring to leave the music to speak for itself. But this book really illuminated what is still my favourite jazz album ever. (I try to avoid "bests", but sometimes you just know.) This is like a VH1 Behind The Music on steroids, in book form. The album speaks to me on different levels after having read this. In a good way.

    29. Thomas on said:

      An important book about an important album. Great history, great perspective from 40 years later, etc. If you love this album you should read this book. If you haven't heard the album buy the book and the album and enjoy them both simultaneously - there's much to learn about this period in american recorded music and of Jazz in particular.

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