Never Surrender

Michael Dobbs

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Never Surrender

Never Surrender The story of one man s defiance and a nation s courage Friday th May Hitler launches a devastating attack that in days will overrun France Holland and Belgium and bring Britain to its knees a

  • Title: Never Surrender
  • Author: Michael Dobbs
  • ISBN: 9780007107278
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • The story of one man s defiance and a nation s courage.Friday 10th May 1940 Hitler launches a devastating attack that in days will overrun France, Holland and Belgium, and bring Britain to its knees at Dunkirk It is also the day Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister He is the one man capable of standing in Hitler s way yet Churchill is still deeply mistrusted withiThe story of one man s defiance and a nation s courage.Friday 10th May 1940 Hitler launches a devastating attack that in days will overrun France, Holland and Belgium, and bring Britain to its knees at Dunkirk It is also the day Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister He is the one man capable of standing in Hitler s way yet Churchill is still deeply mistrusted within his own Cabinet and haunted by the memory of his haunted father.Never Surrender is a novel about the courage and defiance that were displayed in abundance not just by Churchill, but by ordinary men and women over three of the most momentous weeks in British history.

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    One thought on “Never Surrender

    1. Barry Nabbs on said:

      second in the series and one of my favourites. My Grandad was in Dunkirk so I find the matter fascinating.More so than the first book the story leaves a lump in your throat and the relationship of Henry and Don Chichester is patricularly memorable.This is the third time I have read the series and I still enjoy it everytime.

    2. Toni Osborne on said:

      Book #2 in the Winston Churchill series This historical fiction is set the first month of Churchill’s premiership during the time when Britain was uncertain if the country had the will or the mean to stand up and fight. The story tells what turned out to be one of the most important three weeks of the twentieth century. This suspenseful account based on historical events begins with Europe in turmoil. May 10, 1940, Germany had just completed its conquest of Denmark and Norway and has turned it [...]

    3. Keith on said:

      Historical fiction is so much better when one knows something about the era. Of course, it is also often the easiest way to jump-start an interest in another time, an interest that can lead to reading histories of that time. This is the second book in Dobb's Churchill series and it portrays the beginning of the war, particularly the military disaster in France and the Dunkirk evacuation. I've read a fair number of books by and about Churchill and about the steady march from Munich to war. Even s [...]

    4. Pam Brown on said:

      I have a new fascination for WWII. Historical fiction is my favorite genre, but I've preferred pre-democratic times when individuals could wield enormous power and influence via accidents of birth. I've read a lot of books about Tudor England and Imperial Rome. It's harder for one person to change history when constrained by 'the people'. 'Never Surrender' gave me a glimpse of Churchill and others as men who rose above the usual constraints by personality and character. Then there are King Georg [...]

    5. J.J. Overton on said:

      The build up of tension in this novel is very well organised. The device of using a character in the British Expeditionary Force, at the sharp end of the conflict, set against Churchill's strength of leadership back home is very effective. The uncertainty of the times, with Winston's drive to get things done, and to Never Surrender, is portrayed with effective story-telling and strong dialogue.

    6. Michael Barry on said:

      An interesting macro and micro view of the evacuation of the BEF from France. Well written.

    7. Prathamesh Deshpande on said:

      A well researched book and written in a style which makes it an even more interesting read.The book covers so many aspect, Churchill’s internal turmoil, internal politics in the British parliament and the predicament of the foot soldier as a result of the above.The Chichester family angle adds a lot of relativity to the story and makes you turn just that one more page to see whether the policies can help get them back to England.And finally, Winston Churchill, it will be wrong to call him the [...]

    8. Webajeb on said:

      I'm not usually a fan of political and/or war fictionbut learning more about Winston Churchill intrigued me so I brought home this book from the library. I really really enjoyed it!! I learned so much about the first three weeks of Hitler's invasion of Europe (the entire book takes place in that small timeframe) and saw it through the eyes of the political leaders of the time (including that jerk, Joe Kennedy, what an ass!), medical personnel, the clergy, and just regular civilians. This is actu [...]

    9. Eric on said:

      It's hard to believe that historical fiction could be formulaic, but Michael Dobbs seems to have established a formula for his Winston Churchill series. "Never Surrender" includes the intimate details of personal conversations, the gossipy epicurean musings of parliamentarians, the heroic common man side plot and the rambling self-doubts of WC himself. As a result, I didn't enjoy "Never Surrender" as much as "Churchill's War". Part of the problem is that the events covered in this volume cover s [...]

    10. Katie on said:

      This was a compelling, close look at the transition from the UK's monarchy-based strategizing to 'modern' international relations approach to being a world power - all while Hitler was at ramming speed on his way to the English Channel. The focus on ~3 critical weeks of this transition gave a great inside view of Churchill's key role in this time period. And while the political and front line maneuverings were very clearly presented, the book did not get bogged down in each parliamentary argumen [...]

    11. Rob & Liz on said:

      Excellent blend of historial facts with events of people in the early days of WWII (1940) and what the British Government and its people were dealing with as the German Forces advanced across Europe.It shows the strengths and courage of those charged with ensuring England would fight on against what seemed like great odds. One can read how it was for a military person to fight and try to survive or to die to ensure another person would continue the fight.It paints a few weeks of WWII at the star [...]

    12. Chris on said:

      At first I was down on this book, with its occasional typos and scenes that seemed too forced (one in particular where Churchill talks to his dead father). I was turned off. But I'd bought the book, so felt compelled to finish it. And it grew on me. The characters grew on me, and the compelling events grabbed my interest. At the very least, I learned a little more about Churchill and some specific events of WWII. I probably won't go out and get his other Churchill book, but was glad I read (and [...]

    13. Carla on said:

      It's a three story narrative around Churchill, a German refugee woman, and a young conscientious objector British man stationed in Calais and his reverend father just across the channel in Dover. I know this was used to show the complex story, but I feel like each of the characters deserve a whole book of their own, and I don't like the jumpiness. I would recommend it though for those interested in WWII or Churchill.

    14. Malinda on said:

      I know the history, know the outcome, but that didn't stop this book from keeping me interested and even in suspense. The historical detail is great. I feel like I really know Churchill now (and Hitler too--I've read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and thought I knew Hitler fairly well, but this shed new light on him.) How did Churchill survive the first two weeks of his job as PM? A good question. Amazing.

    15. Nancy on said:

      This is the second in the series of four Churchill novels by Dobbs. This one covers 1939-40, from the time Churchill became Prime Minister through the evacuation at Dunkirk. Hitler is advancing across western Europe, Churchill is struggling to unite Great Britain towards the war effort and Joe Kennedy is still an uncouth ass,

    16. Stefan on said:

      Never Surrender was an intelligent, perceptive novel which I thoroughly enjoyed. Dobbs really captured the atmosphere in London and France from Churchill’s appointment as Prime Minister to the fall of France. Dobbs also succeeded marvelously at capturing the complex, awesome personality of Churchill.

    17. Lori on said:

      Excellent story of the beginning of the war. This is a Churchill you rarely read about, yet seems to be accurate. Good writing, engaging characters, and such a good job of depicting England at the beginning of WWII when they were alone and staring at defeat. It takes him from his first days as Prime Minister to the evacuation of Dunkirk. Highly recommend it.

    18. Kevin Wheeler on said:

      He has a knack of describing the events and people of Britain during WWII that is very believable. He's a master at blending fact and fiction to create a story I find hard to put down even though we all know the outcome. It's really more about the people, the historical characters, and how they reacted to the events that were going on around them.

    19. Jennie on said:

      Great stuff! The book centers around Churchill's assumption of power as Prime Minister on the eve of Dunkirk. Stirring, decisive times and historically critical to know for any one who loves Western Civilization and the English-speaking world.

    20. Scott on said:

      Excellent paced and full of intrigue, classic speeches, and british grit. Follows the days leading up to and during the evacuation at Dunkirk as Hitler overwhelmed Holland and France, and how Churchill fought against his own cabinet to get the boys home.

    21. Nancy on said:

      I have to admit I had a hard time getting into this book and staying focused on it. I read it on Kindle and kept wishing this book had X-Ray so I could look up all these people, because I kept forgetting who was who. it did make me want to read more about this incredible time in history.

    22. Ross Mcneil on said:

      Very enjoyable read, struggled to put it down. A great fictionalised account of an incredible time in Britain's history. Was a lovely look into the inner workings of Churchill's mind and not necessarily a glossed over glamorous account of his history.

    23. David Gill on said:

      The story of Churchill and the politics of the time, around the evacuation of Dunkirk. An interesting book showing how close we came to surrender or negotiating with Hitler and the problems Churchill faced with the politicians both in Britain and USA.

    24. Matty Struski on said:

      Great way to tell the story of the struggles that Churchill was up against during his first days in office. Not only against the Nazi war machine, but about the members of his own governemnt that had serious doubts about whether he was the right person for the job.

    25. Mike on said:

      I enjoyed this historical fiction. I found that most was well researched and that it gave a good feeling of what Churchill and better yet the UK was facing in those early years of uncertainty of WWII.

    26. Omar on said:

      Very few historical texts, and this by no means a historical text but a great story woven out of a few historical truths, really capitalize on the effect Churchill's father had on Winston's character. This book does a great job of showing the complex father-issues Churchill struggled with

    27. Cliona on said:

      Great BookHistorical detail and real characters mixed with drama and fictional characters. Moving and at one point reminiscent of that wonderful Marseilleise scene in the movie Casablance

    28. Julia on said:

      It was fascinating, I always knew Churchill as a great English political leader who gave the great quote "never, never, never surrender" But I feel like I really got to know him here with some of his shortcomings and quirks, a very interesting man, and a crazy time in history. I loved this book.

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