Kathleen: The Celtic Knot

Siobhán Parkinson

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Kathleen: The Celtic Knot

Kathleen The Celtic Knot Life is noisy and hard but full of love for year old Kathleen Murphy and her family Kathleen dreams of living with her favorite aunt Polly far from her crowded home and the strict nuns at the con

  • Title: Kathleen: The Celtic Knot
  • Author: Siobhán Parkinson
  • ISBN: 9781584857488
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Life is noisy and hard but full of love for 12 year old Kathleen Murphy and her family Kathleen dreams of living with her favorite aunt, Polly, far from her crowded home and the strict nuns at the convent school She s surprised to find that she has a talent for dancing and a chance to win the dance competition But Kathleen s family has no money for the costume she needLife is noisy and hard but full of love for 12 year old Kathleen Murphy and her family Kathleen dreams of living with her favorite aunt, Polly, far from her crowded home and the strict nuns at the convent school She s surprised to find that she has a talent for dancing and a chance to win the dance competition But Kathleen s family has no money for the costume she needs until Aunt Polly comes to the rescue.

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      401 Siobhán Parkinson
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    One thought on “Kathleen: The Celtic Knot

    1. Lisa Lawrence on said:

      I really enjoyed the story of the Irish dancing and the other aspects of daily life in Ireland. Kathleen handled the issues of peer pressure, her school issues, and even her parents in ways that teach subtle lessons to the reader. The Gaelic and the details of the culture were delightful.

    2. Zane Jones on said:

      I love some of these books, they're so darling. Kathleen was no exception. :)

    3. Meghan on said:

      I love to dance so it was interesting reading about Irish dancing. The story went well throughout but I found the end lacking. The focus went from Kathleen to her aunt which disrupted the story. Still, it was a good example of Ireland in the 1930s.

    4. Betty Strohecker on said:

      This book is one of eight in a series of Girls of Many Lands put out by American Girl and ranging from the year 1592 to 1939. Kathleen's story takes place in Ireland in 1937 and tells of the trials and tribulations experienced by a family living in the poverty and political upheaval of that time. The love and support of family comes through in a story of sacrifice and hardship. The author includes a dictionary at the back to explain the meaning of Gaelic words used in the text. One of the enchan [...]

    5. Danielle Routh on said:

      Just a quick feel-good read from my childhood. Kathleen was always my favorite.

    6. Maddie Senator on said:

      Way back when I still got American Girl doll catalogs, I was really excited to see that they were putting out a new line of dolls and books called Girls of Many Lands. I immediately wanted to read this book because it was Irish, and the girl in it is an Irish dancer, no less! I think this is the only novel I've ever read that's about Irish dancing, which I really appreciate, because that's what I do!The story is about twelve-year-old Kathleen Murphy, who lives with her parents and four younger s [...]

    7. emma grace on said:

      September 2009 review:Kathleen Delaney lives in Dublin, Ireland in 1937. When she is given the chance to take Irish dancing lessons, she isn’t all that thrilled. But when she tries the first lesson, she finds out that she really has a gift for it, and that she loves it! Her family scrapes up just enough money to pay the rent for for their tiny apartment, and to buy food, so dancing lessons are out of the question for Kathleen. But when she tells that to the teacher, the teacher tells her that [...]

    8. Sarah Crawford on said:

      This novel takes place in Ireland in 1937, so it's not centered on the Irish potato famine or anything like that. Rather, it's the story of the average life of an average poor family living in Ireland at that time, and how Kathleen is given a chance to learn how to do Irish dancing.The story is done well, especially in showing the varied activities of the family members and how they have to struggle to make ends meet but still have a really good family relationship. There is some passing referen [...]

    9. Anastasia Teske on said:

      I read this book before I started Irish dance. Honestly, it didn't give me a good look into the world of dance, but it's still a great book to read if you enjoy historical fiction, or about life in Ireland in this time period. Kathleen's family is a typical, working-class family in Ireland shortly after the revolution. When Kathleen's inquisitive nature gets her in trouble at school, her teacher recommends she begin dance lessons as an outlet. At first Kathleen is reluctant, but she turns out to [...]

    10. Kerry on said:

      This is an entertaining tale of Kathleen, a young Irish girl. She is part of a large family, who lead their daily lives struggling for existence. Da is often out of work and there is barely enough food to get them through each day. Kathleen has dreams to carry her through. She dreams of dancing in fancy costumes, but often despairs that they will ever become a reality. The story ends on a high note, when Kathleen earns a medal in a dancing contest.This is an uplifting story that I would recommen [...]

    11. Madeline Henricksen on said:

      "Kathleen The Celtic Knot" is about a girl named Kathleen who has a talent for dancing. Her dance teacher tells her that she is the best in the class, but when she tells her that she can be in the dancing competition, Kathleen's bubble bursts. She needs a green brat (short cloak), green dress, black tights, and black shoes, not to mention that the lesson costs ninepence! Her family can barely afford her lessons, not to mention feeding themselves. She ends up wearing green CURTAINS to the dance a [...]

    12. Katy on said:

      It just bothers me that this girl has to do a lot for herself even though her parents are home a lot. I'm glad that the author choose to do it in first person because it describes how she is feeling a lot. Kathleen doesn't even know that she's passionate about dancing until she tries it and I think that she is very bold on the outside and very emotional on the inside. It must be pretty hard for her to get out the door to school with so many siblings. I would recomend this book for people who lik [...]

    13. Ellie on said:

      Cute story about an Irish girl finding her talent in traditional Irish step dancing. Had some WEIRD subtext commentary about the roles of women and marriage (WOMEN MUST GET MARRIED TO HAVE VALUE - this is my favorite message). Not entirely sure what to make of it, but I think some of it could easily go over the heads of kids.Also, fyi, there's one cigarette and a small discussion of having a baby out of wedlock. Helps make this one appropriate for 5-6th graders.

    14. Sarah on said:

      The story titled “Kathleen and the Celtic Knot”, is about a little girl named Kathleen who after her first dance lesson her parents aren't able to pay. After that Kathleen's dance teacher allows her to go to the lesson for free because she can see how good kathleen dances and how she loves it. When time goes by Kathleen's dance class are going to a competition for dancing. Then Kathleen reveals her dance and waits for the future.

    15. Kelly Kitka on said:

      This book was amazing when I was a kid. I had been an irish step dancer throughout my elementary and high school years. It was great to have representation in literature of the dance life. I also loved the doll! I still believe it is one of the most coveted dolls of the "Girls of Many Lands" series of dolls by American Girl. Her story of all of them was always my favorite!

    16. Mary on said:

      Kathleen takes place in old Ireland and begins with a regular day for the main character Kathleen. Accept when she is late for school and sent to the office. When she arrives the principal suggests she starts irish dance lessons and then one event leads to anouthor and she loves it! Along the way though there are some tough decisions and she might have to give up her lessons.

    17. Linda on said:

      Kathleen is an Irish girl living during the Depression. Her family is poor, yet optimistic, lively and encouraging. A nun as Kathleen's school suggests Kathleen take Irish dance lessons and Kathleen discovers her hidden talent. Sweet, but predictable. Kathleen is a little immature for her age, but nevertheless, girls will find this a pleasant story. Grades 3 - 6.No reviews available.

    18. Laura on said:

      I think this is my favorite of the Girls of Many Lands books (I have only read three or four, however). I liked the time period, learning more about why Ireland is now divided into two and I loved the dancing.

    19. Emily on said:

      I'm a big fan of traditional Irish dancing and Riverdance, plus I love books with dancing motifs! So this book was really fun for me. One of my favorite parts was how she made a stylish dancing dress out of the green curtains!! Go Ireland!

    20. Anastasia Flesher on said:

      I got this book from Books a million for my 14th birthday.i remember going to the american girl section and seeing it They started coming out with an older version of american girl, if you will. This book kept me interested. I would like to read the others in the series if they still have them.

    21. Denise on said:

      This is another good story about Ireland after WWI. Teh eyar is 1937 and Ireland is a rather sad place amist the world wide depression. The characters are well developed and the story is well done.

    22. Katie on said:

      These aren't literary masterpieces, but they are very popular with middle elem girls

    23. Meadow Frisbie on said:

      Kathleen is from Ireland, I'm part Irish, so it was a different experience knowing that is werer some of my roots are. Loved the cultural descriptions.

    24. Ellen on said:

      I wish they had had this American Girl series when I was of the magical age! I'll probably have to read the rest of this series- this one had a good plot and was well written.

    25. Hannah on said:

      I read these books ages ago!!! And I heartily recommend them to any girl who wants to learn about another culture. Kathleen was my favorite I *think*. It's been a while. =)

    26. Meredith Henning on said:

      Violet's 2009-2010 reading page: happyheartsmom.typepad/swe

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