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Dixie Owens

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Becoming Kate

Becoming Kate After a horrific car accident Liz s life is over but somehow she s still alive Championed as the lucky recipient of the first successful brain transplant Liz soon realizes her bittersweet choice sh

  • Title: Becoming Kate
  • Author: Dixie Owens
  • ISBN: 9781599554020
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • After a horrific car accident, Liz s life is over, but somehow she s still alive Championed as the lucky recipient of the first successful brain transplant, Liz soon realizes her bittersweet choice she can either remain as Kate, an eleven year old donor recipient with a life and family Liz knows nothing about, or she can alert the doctors to her condition and risk disappAfter a horrific car accident, Liz s life is over, but somehow she s still alive Championed as the lucky recipient of the first successful brain transplant, Liz soon realizes her bittersweet choice she can either remain as Kate, an eleven year old donor recipient with a life and family Liz knows nothing about, or she can alert the doctors to her condition and risk disappearing forever But can Liz really learn to become a little girl again And what will happen to the husband and children she left behind Becoming Kate is an enthralling exploration of identity, family, and what it really means to be alive that will keep you guessing to the very last page.

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    One thought on “Becoming Kate

    1. Tristi on said:

      Liz is happily married, with two children. She has her life down to a routine, and on this particular day, her routine includes running errands. Construction work has been taking place in their neighborhood, and her vision is blocked as she pulls out into traffic. Unable to stop when she sees a large truck, she is in a terrible collision and dies.Kate is an eleven-year-old girl who has barely had a chance to live. Stricken with a horrible illness six years before, her chances of survival are sli [...]

    2. CompassBookRatings on said:

      I wasn't sure about this book as I picked it up, but I quickly changed my mind. I loved how the author wrote from so many different perspectives. It added alot of depth and more stories. All the stories weave together to make this one big emotional web. You can feel the community going through emotional upheavals or through celebrations. I loved watching Kate/Liz's mentality and attitudes shift throughout the book. The ending was marvelous. It made me cry- that's how good it was. I felt like, al [...]

    3. Terri on said:

      For the first half of this novel, my rating was only 3 stars, but as it continued and the complexity of the issues was revealed, this book became a 4 star for me.This is a YA fictional tale of two women thrust together into one body: Liz a 29 year old wife and mother of 2, and Kate an 11 year old brain dead child. The writing is easy and the story is basically that Liz's brain is put into Kate's body and what results from this complex issue. The story reminded me of both The Adoration of Jenna F [...]

    4. Rachel on said:

      I first read about this book on and entered to win a copy. When I found out I did win, I was really excited to read it. This book is amazing! It tells a story about a wife and mother who gets in her car to do a quick errand. On the way to her destination, she gets into a car accident. The next thing she knows, she is waking up in a hospital and everyone around her is calling her "Kate" instead of her real name "Liz." Soon she finds out that she, Liz, died in a car accident and that her brain wa [...]

    5. Kelli on said:

      I was really interested in reading this book because the plot sounded so strange- the brain of a 29 yr old gets transplanted into the body of an 11 yr old. She's not supposed to still have her memories but she does and has to make the decision to let go of her old life as Liz and become Kate instead. I didn't understand the author's position on both the doctor and the reporter- they both had big moments where they seemed like the bad guy and at other times they were the good guys. So I never rea [...]

    6. Diana Howell on said:

      A friend gave me the book and a brief idea of the story line. What an interesting idea, medically, and completely unexpected, but I loved that the author was imaginative enough to present the idea of a brain transplant and the unique issues that arise when the brain retains it's memories. It really made me think abut how our memories define us. I'm not sure I would have handled being in the same situation as well as Liz did. I was impressed with the character development and am anxious to read t [...]

    7. Meg on said:

      This is a riveting story with lots of thought provoking ideas, ahead of our time--but how far ahead? I can hardly wait for the sequel, and find out more about Kate--the other characters--not so much. Will she be like Jackie Evancho? Will she grow up with kinds of challenges we can only imagine? Ms. Owens keep the storytelling real without a lot of literary style complexities which would distrct from the amazing storyline. It's a great "discussion" book for the ideas that readers can generate fro [...]

    8. Tom Ricks on said:

      I started reading this book in the early afternoon and literally could not put it down until late that night! Eating was a chore, work nearly out of question, I just had to know what happened next! Better yet, when I finished, I just wanted to start all over again. The flow was excellent, the character development credible to the last detail and the ups and downs of their lives felt personal. I loved it!

    9. Becky on said:

      If you're reading the reviews, than you already know the storyline of this book. Fascinating subject matter.I felt the book was "too goody two shoes" in it's approach. Also, it felt like it was written in a prose more suited to tween readers.If you want a quick read for the beach or to kill time, then read it. If you want a thought provoking book, then skip it.

    10. Carla on said:

      Character development was lacking and the story felt lack-luster and kind of forced. I did finish the book because it was easy and fast reading.

    11. Teri on said:

      Becoming Kate by Dixie OwensThis stunning debut novel by Dixie Owens is just the perfect novel to curl up with. Liz Lindsay, a twenty-nine year old wife and mother to two young children, doesn't know that today will be her last day of life as she knows it. When Liz is hit head-on by a semi, she wakes up in the hospital in the body of eleven year old Kate, who has spent most of her life in the hospital. With this devastating turn of events, Liz finds she has retained all her memories of her forme [...]

    12. Shyla on said:

      This was a bookclub selection and we had many different opinions, I will tell you just about mine! The idea of the book was very interesting, the first ever brain transpalt, only things don't go as planned. 29 year old Liz remembers being in a car crash, then she wakes up in someone elses body, 11 year old Kate's to be exact. Needless to say she is confused, scared and sad. She learns right away that "liz's" memories were to be erased but something went wrong and Liz is the only person inside Ka [...]

    13. Cheryl on said:

      About 1/4 through. Maybe I read too much SF, but is nobody going to consider that maybe this wasn't a brain transplant, but a body transplant? That it *is* Liz, using Kate's body? I know that wasn't the intent, but I bet if I were Liz I'd be letting everyone know immediately, or at least after talking to a lawyer. If Kate is still in there somewhere, *where* is she?Also it's not all that gracefully written or carefully edited. Also I see hints, in other reviews, that it ends inconclusively, beca [...]

    14. Linda C on said:

      This was a really interesting concept, and possibly in the hands of a better writer, it would have been a better book. As it was, it was just ok. I read it on the airplane, and it seemed perfect for that. Not a lot of thought involved, just an easy read. The idea of a person being the person that you are because of your memories, and of being an adult trapped in a child's body, similar to the Tom Hanks movie Big, was a great idea, but the book was just incredibly superficial. This is a very shor [...]

    15. Jennifer (NorthernLghts) on said:

      I really liked the plot of this book. The book is about what it would be like to suddenly wake up in a body that is not your own. How much of our memories make up who we are? It's a fictional account of the first brain transplant. But the end of the story, I wanted to know more. The story seemed incomplete where it left off and it was rushed within the last 10 pages. I thought the book could have included another chapter or two to pace itself to the end of the story. The author included time sta [...]

    16. Becky on said:

      I was going to mark this book as "OK" (2 stars) until I read the last page. The author ended the book in a way I do not accept, and it ruined the book for me.This book was hard for me to get through in the first place, but I did want to see how it ended. This new author has come up with a fascinating subject to write about, and that in itself is captivating. However, the story is trying to follow too many story lines in too few pages, which makes things really disjointed. The journey was not wor [...]

    17. Crystal on said:

      Supposedly two stars means "It was OK" and that's how I felt about this book. I picked it up because the premise-- what if brain transplant became possible-- intrigued me. The main character is the first successful brain transplant. The problem is, she remembers being "Liz"- a married mother of two, not Kate, an 11 year old girl. Started off strong, then I was completely turned off by the middle part of it (I won't ruin anything), and liked the ending, which rarely happens. I was also annoyed by [...]

    18. Christina on said:

      I LOVED this book. I was intrigued by the concept and how it would play out. Not only do you get the "ghost" element of what someone should have done before her sudden sudden death, but you also have her brain being transplanted into the body of a complete stranger. The writing was great, and I was truly interested throughout the whole story. As I neared the end, though, I kept waiting for the big conflict, the one you'd expect in such a story. It pretty much happens in the last three pages and [...]

    19. Katie W on said:

      Wow. This book was so strange to me at first and I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, not having read anything about it. But it ended up being pretty good and surprising me.Liz is happily married with two young children when an accident suddenly claims her life. The doctors at Stanford are performing the first ever brain transplant and put her brain into the body of a disease-stricken 11 year old girl, Kate. What happens is not supposed to happen--it's Liz in Kate's body and no one can know. As [...]

    20. Kara Anderson on said:

      I'm really terrible at buying good books. If I go find one myself it always turns out to be awful. I just need to stick to recommendations. So I was nervous to buy this book but I really wanted it. It took me a couple months but I finally did buy it and I'm happy to say that it was A GOOD BOOK! I really liked it! The author did a good job making something such as a brain transplant believable. I was really worried about how it was going to end, but I'm happy with the way it all turned out. Very [...]

    21. Katie on said:

      Just finished this book with my book club. It eventually drew me in as I wanted to know more about the characters and how some of the dilemmas were going to be solved or dealt with. I think the overall idea of a brain transplant was not very well thought out or developed in a way to make it believable. So, if you have medical background, word of warning:don't think about this book too much, because it just becomes a bit ridiculous with that in mind, otherwise it was ok. I had hoped it would have [...]

    22. Cait on said:

      It has a Jodi Picoult like quality; in that it is about a controversial topic; though I don't know how realistic brain transplants are it definitely reminded me of her style. I really liked that the story was from multiple points of view and not just the main character. It definitely made me think though and I would recommend this to anyone that likes Jodi Picoult. I found this book at a borders closing sale and I don't think I would have heard of it other wise but I am glad I did. I hear she is [...]

    23. Heather on said:

      What an interesting concept for a book. Completely unrealistic on so many levels, but I loved that the author was imaginative enough to pull this book together. It really made me think about a lot of things. I came away wanting to be a better parent and wife. I'm not sure I would have handled being in the same situation as well as Liz did. I was impressed with the character growth that happened through the book. I think every character grew in positive ways. This was an interesting, entertaining [...]

    24. Monica on said:

      I won this book in First Reads. At first I didn't know what to expect. But this is a really good book!! Makes you think about life. Just imagine being in Liz's position, its really hard to think about! I think it was handled well in the end. I mean it did leave you kinda like "Thats it?" But, thinking back, I totally understand it now. Overall, it was a very well written book. I loved it, had tears in my eyes and would recommend :)

    25. Aubri on said:

      I like to give first time authors a chance (as long as it sounds interesting of course), maybe because someday I hope someone will give my future book a chance :) I liked the idea of this book, creative and thought provoking concept, but it was lacking something . . . in the tone, and perhaps the flow and lack of resolution at the end (felt rushed). I can enjoy almost any book however, even if it has flaws, I never regret reading a book.

    26. Jeannette Katzir on said:

      Becoming Kate was a surprising little jewel. It is about brain brain transplants and what would happen if a surgery was successful and a body accepted a brain that retained its memories. Whether you are for or against this issue Dixie wrote an enthralling book, filled with twists and turns. The ending was satisfying and I enjoyed reading it.

    27. Rebecca Bryan on said:

      This was a fun read. It was a cross between Grisham and Jodi Piccault. The whole premise of the story, Does the soul reside in our body? Our Brain, was very intriguing. The only down side was there wasn't a happy happy ending. But when we are dealing with life and death there rarely is only a happy ending.

    28. Susan on said:

      I had mixed emotions as I read this book (such complications). It was obvious to me that Liz needed to accept her circumstances, but at the same time she doesn't belong in Kate's body either. I'm not sure I'd be able to keep it a secret like she did. No matter what, Liz/Kate's life will never be the same.

    29. Tamera Westhoff on said:

      This was not a favorite. It was a very interesting idea, but the execution wasn't what I expected. I felt like all of the perspectives detracted from Kate/Liz's story. I liked it enough to read the whole thing instead of skipping to the end, but I had no problem setting it down to do other things! This book makes you think, but not for long.

    30. Cathy on said:

      This novel had lots of potential, and in a few ways it lived up to it. But it just felt stilted too often. In the hands of a great novelist, it could be really an amazing book, but it just kind of fell flat.

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