Scandalous Lovers

Robin Schone

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Scandalous Lovers

Scandalous Lovers Frances Hart spent her life as a devoted wife and mother Now newly widowed she is determined to discover all Victorian London has to offer and to experience real passion for the first time Acclaimed

  • Title: Scandalous Lovers
  • Author: Robin Schone
  • ISBN: 9781575666990
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • Frances Hart spent her life as a devoted wife and mother Now, newly widowed, she is determined to discover all Victorian London has to offer and to experience real passion for the first time Acclaimed barrister James Whitcox knows no equal among his peers, but he also knows there s to life than professional expertise and duty He is determined to be equally versed iFrances Hart spent her life as a devoted wife and mother Now, newly widowed, she is determined to discover all Victorian London has to offer and to experience real passion for the first time Acclaimed barrister James Whitcox knows no equal among his peers, but he also knows there s to life than professional expertise and duty He is determined to be equally versed in the pleasures of the flesh To that end, he joins the very secret Men and Women s Club, an exclusive society founded to examine and explore the many aspects of human sexuality And when their paths cross, Frances s honesty and need inspire James to action Together they will tutor each other in physical desire, in passion and in love.

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    One thought on “Scandalous Lovers

    1. Floripiquita on said:

      Después de El tutor, este fue mi segundo libro de esta autora y me siguió sorprendiendo casi tanto como el primero, aunque me parece menos redondo. A pesar de ello, me encanta que los protagonistas sean personas muy adultas, incluso viejas para la época en la que transcurre el libro, y que la trama gire en torno a la libertad de las mujeres para decidir sobre su vida y su sexualidad en una época en la que eso era casi impensable. La Schone, como siempre, a su aire, alejada de modas y tontuna [...]

    2. Eastofoz on said:

      What an arduous read this was :-/ More than once I just wanted to put it down and start something else. It’s very well-written and if you’re looking at that alone it’s a 5 star book, but it’s listed as an erotic romance and I didn’t feel much of the romance. The book reads more like historical fiction with erotic elements at times than romance. It focuses a lot on how women were basically treated like chattel in Victorian England –very scary and interesting but the romance part just [...]

    3. Calpurnia on said:

      Entre 2 y 3 estrellas porque no me ha disgustado del todo.La idea del libro es buena pero la ejecución le ha salido mal. Es un poco pretencioso. Trata de filosofar sobre los derechos de la mujer en época victoriana y no sé , se le queda grande.

    4. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears on said:

      It has been nearly six years since Ms. Schone's last novel 'Gabriel's Woman' and in that time the erotic romance genre has grown from a few paltry titles into one of today's hottest markets in women's fiction. E-books have popularized erotic romance, making them widely available as well as giving newer romance writers their first taste of publication. Even Harlequin, seeing the way of the wind, has gleefully jumped into this market with its Blaze and Spice lines. With the popularity of this genr [...]

    5. Christine Strowbridge on said:

      Love, love love love!! I am in deep love with Robin Schone and her books. I can't stop reading them, and I have to have more when I'm done. James and Francesautiful. This is not your regular "gorgeous young woman falling in love with a dashing no good rake", oh, no, this was such a real story. Fourty-nine year old, mother of 5 and grandmother, Frances finding herself AND finding love with 47 year old James. It sucks when you can't find words to describe such an intense and deeply moving story. A [...]

    6. Mitzi on said:

      Love this novel.Love this authorAnd I wanted to get copy on my Kindle so I could reread on vacation, but the ebook price of $14.99 (as of 1/21/2011) is outrageous, imo.

    7. Carmancita SanMartín on said:

      Me está gustando bastante, porque son personajes que no suelen ser protagonistas en las novelas románticas, personajes maduros. Había leído críticas sobre la crudeza del lenguaje que utiliza, pero creo que nos debemos poner en el contexto de la novela y la nula libertad sexual que había en esa época para las mujeres y el puritanismo hipócrita que dominaba la sociedad.Los personajes secundarios también son interesantes y espero que conozcamos algo más de los miembros de este Club de hom [...]

    8. KatLynne on said:

      A keeper and a favorite! This is my first read by Robin Schone and I loved it! Forty-nine year old Frances Hart is a recent widow. This mother and grandmother has dedicated her life to caring for her home, her husband and family. Her life has been centered around details and she's never experience passion. Now, a widow of three months, she's seeking more than what society says should be fulfilling. Her quest leads her on an erotic journey with unexpected but delightful results. Barrister James W [...]

    9. Evolet Belova on said:

      Nota: 9/10Esta es la primera novela que leo de esta autora, y la verdad es que he quedado encantada. Di con sus novelas por casualidad y me sorprendí cuando supe que eran novelas románticas históricas y eróticas. Nunca había leído un libro histórico y erótico a la vez. Son dos mezclas que en la literatura, para mí es un poco rara, puesto que todos los libros románticos históricos que he leído, escenas sexuales muy explicitas como que no tienen. Y esa mezcla me ha sorprendido. Pero el [...]

    10. ☂ ℬrandi on said:

      ❤❤❤One reviewer described this book as a "an arduous read" and for the first 30 chapters (200ish pages) I would agree. I found myself reading slowly to fully comprehend the complexities of each sentence. The book is very well written with very strong and effective details. When the H/h are finally physically intimate the degree of complexity is greatly lessened and it becomes a much less challenging read. The book offers a great deal of intrigue and eroticism with lengthy development for t [...]

    11. Eva on said:

      More than once I said to my friend that one or the other dialogue is really stupid and it is true, more than once I wanted to put it down and read something else. Yes, it’s a typical Schone book because the story has LOTS of parallels with “A Lady’s Tutor”, too many in my opinion. Frances walks into a meeting of the Men & Woman Club without knowing their goals and she answers a question asked by James Whitcox. She’s end 40s, mother and grandmother and a widow of several months – [...]

    12. Myself on said:

      Cuando empecé esta nueva propuesta de #Malditas me intrigó y quería seguir leyendo a ver qué sucedía pero se fue haciendo más lento por momentos y se me fue haciendo pesadísimo, no veía el momento de terminarlo, a punto estuve de dejarlo más de una vez. No tenía muy claro qué es lo que me quería contar la autora, se iba mucho por las ramas y no me convencía Para mi gusto podría haber ahondado más en la historia entre los dos personajes principales. El tema de fondo que quiere, o p [...]

    13. PT on said:

      Another keeper. I am amazed with the various character types that she is able to keep coming up with. I think this was my favorite so far. I find it appropriate that they met a sex discussion group. I enjoyed the scenes with the group. It does seem like it easier to discuss things with strangers that it is with friends and family.

    14. Tory on said:

      I bought and read this book because it said something like 'best selling erotic fiction' on the cover. I'm interested in what the general population considers erotic. This, though, just made me wildly uncomfortable. I know it's stereotypical that women like to talk. About everything. I mean, I can even see how real discussion of feelings and sensations could bring lovers closer together. I'm not such a good "talker" myself, but I can see why it's attractive. That's all fine and well, but I canno [...]

    15. ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~ on said:

      ETA 8/2013 - Rereading this sensual, erotic story for the umpteenth time - I think this is my favorite RS story to date.My second Robin Schone book and not my last, by any means. TheFountainPenDiva’s review is excellent and comprehensive so I can't really add anything to it.This is a beautifully-written, very intimate love story of an older couple in Victorian times who are in the right place in the right frame of mind to find and recognize each other. Two people trying to find a loving connec [...]

    16. Afton on said:

      so so incredibly odd. all over the place, erotic in the way a drunken fumbling with a stranger might be. not at all romantic.

    17. Ana Maria on said:

      Esta novela me ha encantado y es especial para lectoras maduras maduras de edad me refiero.La protagonista, Frances, es una viuda y abuela de 49 años que no sabe lo que es el placer y quiere disfrutarlo antes de que sea tarde. James, ha quedado apesadumbrado porque no supo brindar placer a su esposa, muerta recientemente en un accidente de tránsito. Juntos intentarán encontrar la respuesta a sus dudas. He leído en varias páginas web que esta novela no es del gusto de muchas lectoras. Les pa [...]

    18. Gena on said:

      This author defines slow burn erotic romance for me :) I love it when she brings two characters together and they struggle through their imperfections, insecurities, etc. to become whole. That's what she's done here with James and Frances. Plus side: I enjoy books with older heroines and story lines where the hero/heroine have real conversations and struggle through to be honest with each other. Down side: it was really too too long and I've read a few of her books now so I definitely know that [...]

    19. Peg Hughes on said:

      AmazingBeautifully written story that managed to be erotica and an expose of their awful treatment of women by men in the nineteenth century. So very refreshing to have the central characters so mature: most romantic fiction and erotica reflects a world where only young people enjoy sex and there alternately any good books involving older heroes and heroines.

    20. Jana Smith on said:

      Such a great story. This waa the 5th book of Robin's that I've read and by far my favorite. Can't wait to read the next one. Thank you Ms Schone

    21. Meredith on said:

      I've always been fascinated by the late 19th century. What I like about this period is that I think it has so many similarities to the late 20th century. Both periods experienced rapid technological change--not just improvements on technology, but entirely new things that completely changed people's lives. Electricity. Refrigeration. Women's Lib vs. Computers. Cell Phones. My hateful Blackberry. It was an exciting time to live in, and also an awful one--read anything on American immigration in t [...]

    22. Elisa Vangelisti on said:

      Probabilmente proseguendo la lettura qualcosa di sostanzioso arriverà, ma non sono una persona paziente. E dopo 86 pagine su 260 (ovvero a un terzo della lettura) do forfait. Peccato, perché ho anche il secondo volume. Giunta a questo punto, comunque, non ci sono amanti né scandali a confortare la lettura. Quando un titolo non promette ciò che mantiene…ho anche il secondo volume che non ho mai iniziato

    23. Amy on said:

      Scandalous? Well, not by today's modern standards, certainly. But if a widowed woman and man came together in London about a hundred years ago and had a sexual relationship without being married first, it would certainly be "scandalous." Frances' son is certainly upset that a "woman of her age" shouldn't be having sex with a man who isn't his biological father, and her son certainly believes that her menopausal state has caused her to become "mentally ill", and that she needs to go to a doctor t [...]

    24. Manuela on said:

      Giudicare un libro solo dalla prima metà è riduttivo, ma già qualcosa dello stile e della narrazione si può dire. Senza dubbio lo considero un passo avanti rispetto a Il grido del desiderio, che mi era piaciuto pochissimo, ma comunque sono molte le cose che non mi convincono. Interessante tutta la prima parte delle sedute del Club degli uomini e delle donne, in cui si trattano argomenti, come la realtà delle donne del XIX secolo, che vedevano il sesso come un dovere, come un atto di sottomi [...]

    25. Jess on said:

      Nothing about the outside appearance of this book would suggest it would hold anything but the most superficial potential for emotional engagement, let alone incisive social commentary about women's rights and roles in Victorian England. That being said, don't be deceived by reviews like mine into thinking the sexual activity of the main characters isn't discussed in smoking-hot detail--it's rightfully published as "erotic romance," going considerably beyond your average bodice-ripper in terms o [...]

    26. Poschina on said:

      Avrei potuto buttare il tutto sull’ironia spinta ma più andavo avanti con la lettura, più mi sono resa conto che la definizione di Romanzo Erotico era riduttiva ed ingannevole, quindi vi tocca subire una bella recensione a base di rivendicazioni di liberazione sessuale, che è altamente probabile troviate noiosamente patetiche, ma questo è quanto. Siete comunque liberi di skippare questa sbobba ed aspettare fiduciosamente la prossima.Della Schone avevo letto “Il Grido del Desiderio” che [...]

    27. Manuela on said:

      Individuo sempre gli stessi difetti in quest’autrice. La Schone è senza dubbio una scrittrice capace, con un suo stile peculiare, ma per la terza volta sono costretta a rimarcare le stesse mancanze, o forse sarebbe meglio definirle sovrabbondanze. Forse in questa seconda parte c’è meno sesso, più amore e più dramma rispetto alla prima parte, ma si ricade sempre negli stessi difetti: sono troppe le scene di sesso gratuito e senza coerenza nel senso del racconto, messe lì quasi a forza, d [...]

    28. Aurélie on said:

      Oh mon Dieu, quelle merveille que ce roman ! Définitivement un keeper ! Robin Schone n'a pas sa pareille pour créer des personnages et une intrigue sortant de l'ordinaire. Oubliez les petites vierges habituelles, qu'elles soient lady, vikings ou filles de pasteur à la sensualité convenue. Oubliez les héros tellement virils, beaux, riches et musclés qu'on n'y croit plus, oubliez les rebondissements habituels et les grosses ficelles (ou plutôt les cordages de matelot). Robin présente un co [...]

    29. Amarilli Settantatre on said:

      Imparare ad amarsi a 50 anni Mentre gli altri romanzi della Schone mi erano parsi gradevoli ma non eccelsi, questo (orribilmente spaccato a metà nell'edizione italiana) mi ha letteralmente stregato, con uno stile conciso, tagliente, crudo, ma quasi ipnotico. L'abilità dell'autrice sta nel tenere in piedi e nell'amalgamare tre diversi piani: le vicende del Club degli Uomini e delle Donne, con i loro membri che a poco a poco svelano debolezze, segreti e troveranno (forse) un po' di felicità; la [...]

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