Once Upon a Winter's Night

Dennis L. McKiernan

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Once Upon a Winter's Night

Once Upon a Winter s Night Dennis L McKiernan the bestselling author of the Mithgar novels presents a new version of a fable that fires the imagination and touches the heart Once upon a winter s night a poor crofter trades hi

  • Title: Once Upon a Winter's Night
  • Author: Dennis L. McKiernan
  • ISBN: 9780451458544
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dennis L McKiernan the bestselling author of the Mithgar novels, presents a new version of a fable that fires the imagination and touches the heart.Once upon a winter s night, a poor crofter trades his daughter Camille to wed Prince Alain of the Summerwood in exchange for a lifetime of riches Though love blossoms between Camille and the prince, he is haunted by sadnesDennis L McKiernan the bestselling author of the Mithgar novels, presents a new version of a fable that fires the imagination and touches the heart.Once upon a winter s night, a poor crofter trades his daughter Camille to wed Prince Alain of the Summerwood in exchange for a lifetime of riches Though love blossoms between Camille and the prince, he is haunted by sadness and will not allow her to see his unmasked face Believing she can lift whatever curse has been bestowed upon him, Camille acts on her own with devastating results, all she loves is swept away.Now, to regain what she has lost, she must embark on a desperate quest through the hinterlands of Faery, seeking a mysterious place lying somewhere east of the sun and west of the moon.

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      174 Dennis L. McKiernan
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    One thought on “Once Upon a Winter's Night

    1. Chris on said:

      First, let me say that I have read McKiernan's other work, his Mithgar series, and liked it. I hated this book. I love fairy tales, and I love fairy tale retellings, but this novel doesn't really add anything to the tale or re-invent the tale like other authors, such as McKinley, Lee or De Lint, do. The main character is boring and dull, and the fairy tale cliches are over done. Not only are the older siblings bad, they are really bad, even worse than the original tale ("East of the Sun, West of [...]

    2. Mary-Beth on said:

      I like East O' the Sun, West O' the Moon. In fact, I like it a lot. Imagine my surprise at how much I hated this book. The style of writing is lamentable. I can't stand it when an author tries to imitate some kind of medieval formal speech in dialogue. It's stiff and dreadful. If I wanted to read that kind of language, I'd go after the real thing.For example, the author is altogether too fond of ending a great many sentences with "or so Camille did think." Every time she says something she also [...]

    3. Jamie R on said:

      Very flat characters and some odd sexual stuff (the troll princess flashing her apparently ugly crotch, a woman being raped by dogs, which had no relevance to the story )Camille goes on a journey for more than a year to find her lost love, and it's so disappointing when they actually find each other. It's just like, "hey". I kept expecting her to suddenly realize her independence and kick him to the curb (he did, after all, purchase her from her father). But then I remembered that she's a comple [...]

    4. Kara on said:

      Top 5 Reasons I Am Giving This 1 Star1. Hitler gets an unnecessary and undeserved shout out2. Characters dance the minuet in pre-Christian France3. The heroine is dumb as a box of rocks4. The heroine can do stuff no one else can, despite the fact she is dumb as a box of rocks5. My cold was getting better when I started this book and now its worse: this book literally made me sick

    5. -k The Lady Critic on said:

      This was a book that I had bought at some random book booth at a small strip mall because the cover reminded me of the old fairy tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon and I love the movie The Polar Bear King. Really, it’s as simple as that. I barely even read the back of the cover to see what it was really about.Thankfully, it turned out to be some amazing money spent because not only is it a fantastic book – and a great adaptation of the fairy tale – but it opened the door to the rest of [...]

    6. Shelley on said:

      The writer seems to have set out to tell a story in the tradition of fondly-remembered childhood fairy tales to pay them homage, in an extended format for adults. The problem is it’s not longer on content or substance, it’s just longer.It’s formulaic and predictable. It has all (and I do mean ALL) the requisite characters and plots including but not limited to enchanted lands, a prince, a damsel in distress, an ugly (step)mother, goblins, unicorns, giants, sorceresses, witches, wizards, dw [...]

    7. Annie on said:

      It was terrible. It did little to nothing new with the fairy tale (it's set in France instead, but it makes no impact other than adding in french words where it wasn't needed), the language was terribly flowery and unnecessary, and I despised the characters.Camille is the card board cut out from fairy tales; beautiful and still very, very kind despite alllllll the hardships she's been through. How she survived with beautiful, unblemished, baby soft skin after living in a shack that's exposed to [...]

    8. Lucy A. March on said:

      I'm not going to lie and say this book is not both pretentious and flowery and at times melodramatic, because it is all those things!So much so, in fact, that I parodied this book (as a bad romance novel prop) in my Narnia/Hunger Games crossover fanfiction and as a passing joke in one of my Narnia spoof fics.But, remarkably, it's also a very good read!It's pretty, charming, at times dark and grim, and overall such a mentally visual treat. And, trust me, if you suspend your disbelief long enough [...]

    9. Benjamin Thomas on said:

      This morning I completed Once Upon A Winter's Night by Dennis McKiernan. This was not the book that I had really planned to read next's how it happened. I normally leave my current book on the dresser and grab it on the way out to work every day. I had been reading Way of the Wolf and was really looking forward to being able to read more on it during my lunch break that day. But I get up rather early and since it was still dark in the bedroom when I left, I grabbed the wrong book, one that my wi [...]

    10. Elfdart on said:

      east of the sun and west of the moon is one of my preferred stories from mythology, and this book did it little to no justice. i didn’t connect with the heroine at all and at times felt like she was trying too hard and with not enough motivation. i felt that the author was making her out to be more clever and strong than she actually was, which is annoying. i mean, we all love strong, smart, courageous heroines, and because we love them we can tell when someone doesn’t fit the bill, however [...]

    11. Carol on said:

      Wow, what a lovely, fun book to read! I liken some books to sorbets served between courses of an elaborate meal, and this one falls into that category: it goes down easily, it's refreshing, and it clears your mental "palate" between deeper reads. I almost felt transported back to the Uncle Remus library on Gordon Street in Atlanta, nestled into a sling chair with the Blue Fairy book in my lap. The story is based on (and faithfully retells) the fairy tale "East of the Sun and West of the Moon". I [...]

    12. Marla on said:

      I picked this up at a used bookstore based on the author, I liked his Mithgar books, but didn't care for this book.I had read some reviews here on that made me apprehensive, rightly so.There was no sense of urgency, even though the heroine had a specific time frame in which to complete her quest. At some points it was overly descriptive, which was okay in and of itself, I liked the description of the Summerwood estate, but did nothing for moving the story along in a timely manner. Several times [...]

    13. Jen on said:

      Read a review that mentioned a woman being absurd in a very bad way by dogs. Decided to read this book anyway. Got to page 118, then skipped to end-ish, page 409. Sure enough, Camille's older sister married an old man for money. He had six dogs, who slept with them at night Suffice it to say, this book will never be finished, I will NEVER pick up another book by this author and this particular copy will be chucked into the recycling bin. The writing was also really, REALLY bad. Overly flowery, t [...]

    14. Christine on said:

      I have an emphatic dislike for pretentious books - and this one is ridiculously pretentious. It reads like fanfiction, complete with French phrases and accents, cardboard cut-out characters, really bad sex scenes, and the general impression that everyone in this book is Too Stupid To Live.Oh, and there are sequels. Joy. I actually tossed this book when I finished it - and that almost never happens.

    15. Jillian Benavidez on said:

      Didn't like this book; the concept is wonderful, but the author simply did not pull it off well. I have not read anything else by this particular author, but his skill seems lacking and I've no intent after reading this book to pick up anything further by him.

    16. Sharon on said:

      A charming retelling of an old fairy tale. Sometimes I wanted to smack Camille, the protagonist, but I do believe that's normal. :p

    17. Anya Kawka on said:

      The problem with the plot is that it didn't develop. The problem with the main character is that she didn't develop. It was very male-gaze and objectifying of Camille she was a flat character, a vapid princess type the whole way through. Why was that pointless chirping sparrow pooping on her shoulder the entire 391 days of her journey? It never came in handy. Started out like a fun fairy tale, and I was hoping for some adventure and some meaningful moral at the end, but it just fell flat. Like, [...]

    18. Kate on said:

      Painfully, amateurishly overwritten to the point it's unbearable. Totally fails to capture a flowing, archaic fairy tale tone and tries so hard the pages bleed. Trust me, it's grotesque. The random French is also there.I wanted to read it anyway because I was still interested (so hard to come by fairy tale retellings that actually novelise fairy tales without lame, half-formed attempts at deconstruction), but then it throws in some bizarre apologies for its setting and I gave up more and more. M [...]

    19. Melissa Riley on said:

      Looooooooooong book with a very VERY repetitive story, but entertaining enough. I liked the main character, and the writing was fun and the locations/lore developed in the book were unique and interesting. I especially liked the description of the River of Time and the Fates. Overall, I'm glad I read it, but it's not in my top 20.

    20. Ruth E. on said:

      I liked the use of older language. It seemed to go along with the story well. Her adventures were interesting and kept drawing her closer to the prince, but there were plenty of troubles along the way which made it, of course, even more interesting.

    21. Sara Holloway on said:

      A splendid retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story. Mr. McKiernan can certainly spin a yarn!

    22. Julie on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed the book, with the exception of two references to bestiality that didn't need to be in there, if you ask me. Otherwise, it was a great book and I loved it.

    23. SaraKat on said:

      A fairy tale that the author inserted realism back into by putting in the non-fairy tale parts such as peeing and sex. Good story!

    24. Ashley on said:

      I really did think that the plot was enjoyable and the writing style quite unique from anything else I have read before. Admittedly there were some things I didn't like as much, but all in all it was a nice take on one of my favorite fairytales.

    25. Kathleen on said:

      I really enjoyed this one.It is very much a 'retelling' of a fairytale (in this case, "East of the Sun and West of the Moon"); unlike Ella Enchanted or Daughter of the Forest, it doesn't especially break with the traditional form. It was very much a return to the hours during gradeschool spent buried in large volumes of fairytales: once upon a time, an utterly noble protagonist, a series of tests, a few unexpected twists, and a happily ever after. In spite of this, here is something especially c [...]

    26. Kelly on said:

      Read this one years ago and enjoyed it while I was reading it, mostly because I've always been intrigued by the "East o' the Sun, West o' the Moon" fairy tale and there weren't a lot of retellings of it back then.However, in retrospect, it left an unpleasant taste in my mouth. I couldn't put my finger on why, not for some time, but now--after nine years--it's pretty clear. Sexism. There are only a few things I remember about Once Upon a Winter's Night anymore, and here they are:--A skeevy conver [...]

    27. Tess on said:

      2.5 Starsis book could have been great. I usually love retellings of fairy tales.Camille was an OK character - her innocence was a strength in the book, but annoying as personal trait. Overall I liked the world, I liked all the characters Camille met, and it was a pretty good Quest.Two things kept this book from being anything more than a 2.5 (or 3, via ). The first is the deliberate choice of the author to throw in random French words because he "felt" that East of The Sun, West of the Moon sho [...]

    28. David on said:

      Once Upon a Winter's Night begins with a large white bear knocking on the door of a peasant family on a cold winter night. The family notices a document holder discovers that a noble wishes to marry one of their daughters, a beauty with golden hair and a marvelous golden voice as well. He promises a great bride price and the greedy mother encourages the wedding And so, Camille sets off astride a huge white bear through the snow to the Land of Faery.McKiernan writes this wonderful fantasy novel w [...]

    29. Xena Elektra on said:

      It's been years since I read this, so I only remember so many details. But this will always stand out to me as the book with the most potential to be an amazing retelling of East of the Sun and West of the Moon.I love that fairy tale and this book had so much potential. Sadly the sensual, sexual, and sexist stuff ruined it for me. It seemed like every fantasy creature had this desire to flash their parts or stare at the MC's body. Most of it just seemed so pointless. But what really killed me wa [...]

    30. Kenzi on said:

      An intriguing fairytale!!While many a novel centering around fairies and dragons center around a knight in shining armor in raging battle against a dragon for a trapped princess's hand in marriage, this fairytale proved the stereotype most definitely wrong.Lady Camille, a heroine I will not soon forget, raged against trolls and monstrous beasts and nearly impossible to beat riddles told from the mouths of ancient Fae. But at last, the crofters daughter set her dear prince go and along with him, [...]

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