Winter And Night

S.J. Rozan

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Winter And Night

Winter And Night Private detective Bill Smith is hurtled headlong into the most provocative and personal case of his career when he receives a chilling late night telephone call from the NYPD who are holding his fift

  • Title: Winter And Night
  • Author: S.J. Rozan
  • ISBN: 9780312986681
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • Private detective Bill Smith is hurtled headlong into the most provocative and personal case of his career when he receives a chilling late night telephone call from the NYPD, who are holding his fifteen year old nephew Gary But before he can find out what s going on, Gary escapes Bill s custody and disappears into the dark and unfamiliar streetsBill and his partner, LPrivate detective Bill Smith is hurtled headlong into the most provocative and personal case of his career when he receives a chilling late night telephone call from the NYPD, who are holding his fifteen year old nephew Gary But before he can find out what s going on, Gary escapes Bill s custody and disappears into the dark and unfamiliar streetsBill and his partner, Lydia Chin, try to find the missing teen and uncover what it is that has led him so far from home Their search takes them to Gary s family in a small town in New Jersey, where they discover that one of Gary s classmates was murdered Bill and Lydia delve into the crime only to find it eerily similar to a decades old murder suicideNow, with his nephew s future and perhaps his very life at stake, Bill must unravel a long buried crime and confront the darkness of his own pastWinter and Night is the winner of the 2003 Edgar Award for Best Novel.

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      176 S.J. Rozan
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    One thought on “Winter And Night

    1. Una Tiers on said:

      It was hard to chose between a three and a four. This book was dark, and from Bill's point of view instead of Lydia. The plot was fine but the theme was too dark for me.

    2. Hobart on said:

      ★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2 This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader, to read more like this -- drop by and make yourself at home.---On the whole, I enjoy the Lydia Chin novels in this series more than the Bill Smith ones, while I'd say the Bill Smith novels are better novels. Winter and Night was the best of both worlds -- it was probably the best written in the series, and I really enjoyed it.Bill gets a call in the middle of the night to come help a teen that the NYPD has taken into custo [...]

    3. Katherine Clark on said:

      I am interviewing S. J. Rozan on Saturday, so I am reading all of her books. Because of snafus at two libraries, I fell behind and an now having to scramble to read the end of the series before Saturday. I was really nervous about this. I am a very fast reader, but I have work and animals, but man, if they keep being like this book, I have nothing to worry about. It was like being in a speeding car, uncertain as to whether I would survive. Man, this book was exciting and upsetting and aggravatin [...]

    4. Mary Sue on said:

      This was my first S.J. Rozan and I am hooked. Her main characters Bill Smith and Lydia Chin work well as partners lending each other strength, wisdom, experience and the ability to analyze and solve complicated mysteries. The main villian of the book is football. Or at least the overwhelming influence of football victories on the lives of the average citizen besides, players, coaches and parents. Evil, evil football.

    5. Steve on said:

      The title Winter and Night comes from a poem by William Blake. It doesn't appear to have much to do with this book but Google gives a reference that in this poem, the phrase "winter and night" means death."Your spring and your day, are wasted in play. And your winter and night in disguise" Spring and Day are used as metaphor for life, and winter and night a metaphor for death, when people return to the Earth, but are lost to other people.Winter and Night is the eighth entry in S. J. Rozan's seri [...]

    6. James Fearn on said:

      Really liked this one. Protagonist Bill Smith, a maker's-mark-swigging-Bach-listening Private Investigator, deals with some salty characters in this novel. He is contacted by his nephew who is picked up by local police. His nephew, Gary, is released to him, however escapes before Uncle Bill can obtain an answer from Gary about an explanation for his escapades. Uncle Bill goes after him delving into the past lives of those he encounters. The trail of evidence leads him from a small town in New Je [...]

    7. Reed on said:

      I raced through this book, loving the tight writing and subtle messaging/plotting and great character development, assuming this would be a "5" experience without a doubt. And then and then the whole damn train nearly fell off the track near the end and wound up clacking ineffectively into whatever station it thought it was headed to. What a huge disappointment this book turned out to be -- so much so that it made me angry as I finished. I'd give it a "2" if I hadn't enjoyed the journey so much [...]

    8. Kathy on said:

      Setting: Warrenstown, New Jersey; New YorTheme: family, dysfunctional families, anger, lies, high school angstCharacters:Bill Smith – Bill’s point of view – we get another glimpse into his tough past… the family moved around a lot as they followed their father’s military assignments – and his father physically abused him, his mother, and his sister… when he was 15 (and getting into a lot of trouble) Mom finally decided to stand up to dad and returned to New York to stay with her br [...]

    9. Sara on said:

      This is the first of this series I have read but I plan to read more----I was drawn in by a comment on the back of the book saying "this woman can write!!!" and I certainly agree. Bill's nephew is picked up by the police and they call Bill but he soon disappears. Bill has been estranged from his sister and her family for many years and he's determined to find out what the nephew is up to---and this leads to a small town in New Jersey where football and the "jocks" rule not only the high school b [...]

    10. Melanie Winter on said:

      This was a well written book and interesting story. My volunteer, Barbara, loaned me the book. The story is about 2 PI's, both of whom are related to other characters in the story. It was written similar to the old hard boiled detective stories with a lot of side commentary with an edge. The story was similar to Columbine with the tensions between HS kids and some wanting to even the odds. I recommend this book.

    11. Tom Kopff on said:

      This is #8 in the Lydia Chin-Bill Smith series, but the first I've read. It was entertaining and fast moving, but the portrayal of the football-mad small town that excused any sin as long as the high school team won was a little over the top. The interplay between Smith and Chin makes this worth the read; I want to try some of the earlier works in the series.

    12. Mary Beth on said:

      Told from Bill's point of view Interesting view of the Lydia/Bill relationship. I found the Columbine- like story a little trite.

    13. Vicki Kohl on said:

      Interesting. I listened to this, and I think the narrator's acting style may affected my enjoyment.

    14. aPriL does feral sometimes on said:

      The novel conducts a perfect blitz down the center to a touchdown, helped by a strong zigzagging strategy. It's not a blowout, regretfully. Injuries are many and the field is littered with defeated players from both teams.Private detective Bill Smith dominates the defense in this outing, shutting down a small town's police playbook in their old-school drive of interference. The people of Warrenstown, New Jersey fumble which results in bad calls at the lines of scrimmage. Partner Lydia Chin helps [...]

    15. Nikki on said:

      It seems to me that a series writer has a tougher time winning awards that a writer of stand-alone novels, and not just in the mystery field -- just look at how Laura Ingalls Wilder never won a Newbery, and Beverly Cleary had to wait for hers until she wrote a stand-alone "problem novel." Since I greatly enjoy watching characters develop through a series, I'm always disappointed when a favorite is nominated but doesn't get the final prize.I picked up Winter and Night at a used book sale some tim [...]

    16. Patti on said:

      What an amazing book! I read it before, when it came out in 2002, but forgot what an intense read it was. This book is told from Bill Smith's point-of-view, and is the story of his nephew who wants to do the right thing, but is first picked up by the police, then given into Bill's custody; Gary runs away from Bill in order to finish what he started. It takes Bill, and his partner Lydia Chin, down quite a long path to find Gary; through Bill's past, his relationships with his father and his siste [...]

    17. Kirsty Darbyshire on said:

      I couldn't wait another year again for the next Rozan so I splashed out on the US hardback. This one is narrated by the male half of the PI team, Bill Smith, and the characters are closer to home investigating in New York City and New Jersey. I didn't like this as much as other episodes in the series, something about it missed me. I think it was that the setting was mainly concerned with American football and high schools and that Rozan was taking it for granted that I'd know a lot of details th [...]

    18. Rick on said:

      I saw a review of Rozan's last book in the New Yorker's crime corner and thought I'd try her work. The idea of a man-woman PI partnership was intriguing as were the descriptions of the two protagonists. So, I started with this book -- what appears to be the first book in the series that is published for Kindle. Overall, I'm pleased with the first venture and would have rated it a fourth star except for my criticism noted below. I'll also note that I've bought another (A Bitter Feast) to see if i [...]

    19. Rina on said:

      Sebenarnya ini tipe buku kesukaan saya. Cerita detektif, agak-agak suspense, penuh teka-teki, dan tidak terduga. Tapi ini terasa Amerika sekali. Semuanya tipikal Amerika --atau setidaknya seperti yang ditampilkan di film-film action Hollywood standar--. Cara kerja kepolisiannya, detektifnya (yang punya partner perempuan Asia yang cantik, tangkas dan pintar), remajanya yang genk-genk-an dan diskriminatif terutama pada kelompok nerd, pesta narkoba dan seks yang berujung pembunuhan, pertandingan fo [...]

    20. Bunga Mawar on said:

      Buku gratisan hadiah ultahnya Kubugil. Baru selesai dibaca satu minggu setelah dimulai wong minggu lalu saya tinggalkan di Jakarta saat saya nglaju lagi ke Parung :) Mau nggak mau jadi ingat film "Disturbing Behavior". Kalau kamu nggak masuk kelompok orang-orang keren di kota kamu (yang walaupun cuma kota kecil sebenarnya ga jauh dari metropolitan New York), artinya kamu harus siap hidup terkucil. Apalagi karena indikator keren di Warrenstown ini adalah keterlibatan dalam olahraga (American) foo [...]

    21. LJ on said:

      Winter and Night - VGS.J. Rozen - 8th in seriesWhen Bill Smith receives a call from the New York City police telling him that his teenage nephew, Gary, is in jail and has asked for him, Bill is certainly surprised, especially because he has had no contact with his sister, Gary's mother, in some time. When he manages to get Gary released into his custody, the boy will not say why he has come to New York, only that he has something important to do. Bill insists that Gary must call his mother, but [...]

    22. Yvonne Mendez on said:

      Even though this story has a good plot, with several twists and turns made just at the right time, more than once I would get so annoyed at the story-telling flow that I almost stopped reading the book. All the characters were nothing more than stereotypes, the abusive jocks, the geek victims, the invincible super-rich, etc. But that's not what annoyed me, for me it was the never ending descriptions and metaphors OK the time-frame of the story was fall, do I really need to know how much chill wa [...]

    23. Joan on said:

      I really liked this audiobook. I had read a couple of the earlier books in the series which I thought were okay. But this one really grabbed me. The narrator did a good job of portraying the characters.Bill Smith gets called to the police station to pick up his nephew, Gary, who was picked up when he tried to rob a drunk. Cop friends release Gary to Bill's custody and don't file any charges. Later that night, Gary leaves Bill's apartment through the bedroom window and disappears. When Bill locat [...]

    24. Susan on said:

      This series, which features Lydia Chin and Bill Smith as New York PIs, alternates books between the two partners as storytellers. Bill narrates this one in which his teenage nephew, Gary, arrested in Manhattan, has to ask for his uncle's help. When Gary vanishes, Bill and Lydia start investigating in his hometown in New Jersey, a community obsessed with football to the point of pathology. As they become more involved in the dynamics of this toxic town, the book explores basic questions of good a [...]

    25. Rachel Groves on said:

      This is the first SJ Rozan book I've read and I really enjoyed it. I like the writing style, the characters, the story and the pace suited me just fine. The story and plot kept moving enough throughout the book to keep me interested although I had expected a bit more drama in the end at the resolution. Although there is suspicious death/murder in the plot it's not really about murder and gruesome crime. It's much more about the characters, about family relationships, small town mentality and the [...]

    26. Becca on said:

      This novel was a solid B , clearly good but not quite great. First, I was pleasantly surprised by Rozan's writing. This is pretty much a straight classic crime novel but with the quality of writing kicked up a notch. Many of her characters, including her detective, were very nuanced and well written, and although the criminals are just a bit too perfectly and infuriatingly evil to be really interesting, it makes the book fun to read. In terms of plot, it was solid and kept you interested but the [...]

    27. Diah Ayu on said:

      katanya buku ini pemenang Edgar Award, walopun toh aku gak ngerti penghargaan macam apa itu, heheheenernya seh ini buku misteri yg agak2 berbau detektif gitu. tp cara penceritaannya beda banget dg buku sejenis yg biasanya mengumbar ketegangan dan dramatisasi. buku ini justru bercerita dg gaya narasi yg detail, agak datar, dan tidak menekankan kekuatan cerita pada unsur 'pemecahan teka-teki' seperti novel detektif pada umumnya. tapi itulah bagusnya buku inihwa yang terpenting kadangkala bukanlah [...]

    28. Monica on said:

      Although this book was written 10 years ago, the problems of disaffected young men, the power of jocks, drugs and high school sports and the way protecting the home team and its secrets can ruin a town are still remarkably current.The story is written from Bill's point of view, and we learn a lot about his background and his dysfunctional family as he searches for his runaway nephew, a high school football player from a small New Jersey city. The personal and professional relationship between Bi [...]

    29. Teresa in Ohio on said:

      I enjoy this series because of the interaction between Lydia and Bill and because they take turns being the main character. In this installment Bill gets a call that his nephew is in NYC jail and requested him to come rescue him. This is the beginning of a trip down memory lane with Bill, even Lydia doesn't know his secret. Along the way she experiences a side of him she hasn't seen before and a rift develops in their relationship. Trying to unravel while Gary ran to NYC leads Bill to small town [...]

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