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  • Title: الاحتقار
  • Author: Alberto Moravia ألبرتو مورافيا
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
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    • ó الاحتقار || Å PDF Read by ✓ Alberto Moravia ألبرتو مورافيا
      476 Alberto Moravia ألبرتو مورافيا
    • thumbnail Title: ó الاحتقار || Å PDF Read by ✓ Alberto Moravia ألبرتو مورافيا
      Posted by:Alberto Moravia ألبرتو مورافيا
      Published :2018-05-26T05:14:21+00:00

    One thought on “الاحتقار

    1. Megha on said:

      Ayn Rand's writing is probably the only thing that I have read and found more annoying than Contempt. Moravia's idea had such great potential. An existential, psychological drama, doesn't it sound promising? In fact, Moravia did succeed in portraying the obsessive, supremely self-centered and over-analytic narrator, Riccardo Molteni, pretty well. He lets the reader discover the unreliability of the narrator and see through his wrong judgements slowly during the course of the novel. But being ins [...]

    2. StevenGodin on said:

      Born out of his own relationship problems with wife Elsa Morante, Moravia's Contempt is a rich but turbulent story of a marriage in decline, where Rome screenwriter Molteni is told by his beautiful wife Emilia that she not only doesn't love him anymore, but finds him deplorable to be around.Told with a profound sense of melancholy, the narrative possesses both an unpleasant behind-closed-doors feel, mixed with tragedy and farce. Very early on we realize that love is dead in the water so to speak [...]

    3. Yousra on said:

      هلمن الممكن أن تقرأ روايةفتكره كل شخصياتهاومع ذلكتحب الرواية ككل؟؟عجيب أمر هذه الرواية مستفزة لأقصى درجةكرهت كل الشخصيات وتعاطفت معهم جميعا أعطيتهم أعذارا وغضبت لذلك حزرت سبب احتقار الزوجة لزوجها حتى وإن كانت لم تقر سببا للإحتقاروتعجبت أن تمتلك الأجنبيات تلك النزعة الشر [...]

    4. Kimley on said:

      This is my third Moravia and damn if he hasn't become one of my favorites now!This is the anti-Homeric tale of the anti-Ulysses. The backdrop is a writer who takes on the dubious task of writing a script adaptation of Ulysses. Told in the first person by this screenwriter who clearly sees himself as an intellectual (referencing not only Homer but Dante and Joyce as well - woo hoo!) and sees himself as a man with integrity (no sea monsters in his script!) and yet he has a complete and utter lack [...]

    5. Fotooh Jarkas on said:

      رواية سايكولوجية رائعة ، أبدع فيها الكاتب بدراسة وتشخيص خواطر النفس البشرية لقصة تبدو لوهلة أنها نادرة جداالخاطرة التي راودت ريتشارد :"إن الخادم يستطيع أن يفعل كل شيء ، باستثناء عصيان معلمه ،وإن الدهاء والتبجيل اللذين يحاول بهما أن يتجنب عصيان سيده ،هما أشد إذلالا من الطاعة [...]

    6. Tosh on said:

      One of the greats among the greats. "Contempt" is a story about a screenwriter who loses his beautiful wife to his producer. Slowly the reader can see what's happening, and you just want to yell out at the page 'hey stupid, you are going to lose your beautiful wife to that awful man the producer!" But alas it's too late. And here lies a story about a man who is blinded by his indifference to the world. A very romantic story of sorts that is not romantic. A litle side note:Jean-Luc Godard made th [...]

    7. Walter on said:

      I’m not even sure the author gets what is going on in this narrative. I’ve seen the movie and then read the book. The movie’s distance really captures what is going on, the comment on consumer society: as merely because you own something doesn’t mean you’ll ever possess it, let alone understand it.That being: Beauty. That’s what in this book everyone is trying to possess and understand. The woman possesses beauty but doesn’t own it. The writer understands it but doesn’t own or po [...]

    8. Mikki on said:

      It doesn't happen often that I catch myself yelling aloud at the characters in a book. Some people scream at TVs (you know who you are), whereas I, when thoroughly provoked by a character, will go beyond the eyes-to-the-sky, heavy sighing, rapid paper cut inducing turning of pages and just let loose on a narrator. And If an author has me so engaged that I'm picking fights with paper? Well, then they've done their job.4th page, second paragraph in and I'm already getting tight. Wait a minute…wh [...]

    9. فهد الفهد on said:

      الاحتقار قرأت رواية مورافيا ومن ثم شاهدت فيلم غودار الذي اعتمد عليها، الفيلم برأيي لم يرتق للرواية، ويبدو أن غودار أنجزه بلا اهتمام حقيقي، إلى درجة تدخل المنتج وفرضه المشهد الافتتاحي على المخرج، بعيداً عن الفيلم الرواية رائعة وتضع القارئ في حالة نفسية من الترقب ومحاولة الف [...]

    10. Lina AL Ojaili on said:

      انه يحاول أن يستشف السبب بالضبط لماذا زوجته لم تعد تحبه، ولماذا على وجه التحديد لديها مثل هذا الازدراء الشديد نقطة ضعف رواية هي كثرة استخدام الايحاءات الجنسية

    11. Kathryn Jacoby on said:

      This book was agonizingly good. Read it if you want to witness (and perhaps relive) the rather rapid disintegration of a long-term relationship, step by torturous step. Each niggling doubt, each pang of hurt and betrayal, each willful choice to ignore one's intuition and instead select a creative interpretation of the incontrovertible facts. How does love turn into contempt? After the fact, it is usually too difficult (as well as painful and potentially self-incriminating) to let ourselves remem [...]

    12. M.Samer.Helo on said:

      260 صفحة أنهيتها في ليلة واحدة من المساء وحتى الصباح.وإذا أردت أن أكون حسن النية فيمكنني القول أن كثير من الأمور التي تشوب الحياة الزوجية وتعكرها تشبه إلى حد ما ما حدث في هذه الروايةأمر لا يقدره أحد طرفي الزواج قدره الصحيح، ويترك أثراُ عميقاً في نفس الطرف الآخر، تتفاقم الأمور، [...]

    13. لونا on said:

      قراءتي الثانية للروائي الإيطالي ألبيرتو مورافيا بعد "الهوان" وكانت تجربة مختلفة جداً لا علاقة لها بذلك الهوان، وأعتقد الآن أن هناك خللاً في ترجمتها بالإضافة أنها "من الممكن" أن تكون ترجمة مختصره، قد أقرأها يوما ما بالترجمة الإنجليزية لو صادفتني في إحدى المكتبات وللمهتمين فه [...]

    14. Thomas Hübner on said:

      mytwostotinki/?p=3285 Riccardo and Emilia are happily married for two years in post-war Rome. While Riccardo, the intelligent and likeable, though slightly narcissistic and delusional narrator, works as a journalist writing film critics to make a living, his dream is to become a serious writer and novelist. His beautiful wife Emilia, coming from an impoverished family, dreams on the other hand of living in their own house and of creating a comfortable nest for them, something much better than th [...]

    15. Madhuri on said:

      This brilliant book, amongst other things, is a good example of how intellectualism can mess up your life. The perpetual questioning of things that seem alright, questioning of the slightest inflection and intonation, questioning of an inconsequential moody denial. Questions about:Why did she not want to come out with me, why is she suddenly comfortable with spending time by her self, why does she sleep on the sofa, why didn't she make up after our last fight, are her confidences genuine? Is her [...]

    16. Cphe on said:

      A telling novel of a marriage gone horribly wrong, of lines of communication closed and the inability to reconnect.At first I was irritated by the narrator Ricardo, I doubted his regard for his wife and found it difficult to identify or sympathize with his total self involvement and lack of awareness, no matter how he tried to justify his position. It is a thought provoking novel, I'll give it that with the second half being more intense and driven then the first. It's difficult because while I [...]

    17. Pooriya on said:

      دنیای امروز طوری ساخته شده که هیچ‌کس نمی‌تواند راهی را که دوست دارد انتخاب کند، و برعکس باید کاری انجام دهد که دیگران می‌خواهند چرا پول باید در آنچه انجام می‌دهیم، آنچه هستیم، آنچه می‌خواهیم بشویم، در حرفه‌مان، در آرزوهامان و حتی روابطمان با آنهایی که دوستشان داریم، چنین [...]

    18. شكري أجي on said:

      حين وصلت للفصل الثاني عشر من رواية ((الاحتقار)) للروائي الايطالي البرتو مورافيا، شعرت بانني أفقد أعصابي فعلاً، فالبرغم من إنها كتابة رصينة ومتأنية، إلا إنها تحوي شعوراً غريباً يدفعك اياه مورافيا لكي تحتقر البطل، مولتيني. منذ الصفحة الثانية احتقرت الشخصية لحدود التعفن، لكنن [...]

    19. Nora Dillonovich on said:

      Here I am in Florida, staring down block after block of stripmalls and condos. I've been to this state before, I knew the odds were stacked against me, so I came prepared. For the past few days I have moved through the repetitive streets with nyrb on my left and criterion on my right, sandwiched, ringed in a protective pretention of a quiet sort. Ech oh! For the past two days Contempt has been my bodyguard. I watched this movie during a feverish Godard phase- I even bought the DVD, which is some [...]

    20. رؤيا شعبان on said:

      بعد مشاهدتي للفيلم الفرنسي الذي اخرجه جان لوك غودار سنة 1963 المقتبس من هذه الرواية ، استعجلت بقراءها مباشرة من دون انتظار لا سيما وانها كانت مُتوفرةفي مكتبه والدي مند زمن طويل و لم افكر قط في الاقترابب منها رغم الفضول الدائم و رغم اني ايضاً ، كُنت اخاف من ان سحر الفيلم قد يسرق [...]

    21. William1 on said:

      This is superb. Use of first-person narration a perfect match to content, especially toward the end when his arguments become ever more circular and his reason begins to go.

    22. Mérita Selimi on said:

      This novel could be compared to a long monologue of the narrator who tries to explain the circumstances that brought his wife to break up with him.Molteni always wanted to write scripts for drama and ended up a movie scriptwriter just to please his wife and her material needs. But just at the moment when everything seems to turn right for him, she announces him that she doesn't love him anymore. Worse than that she despises him and refuses to tell him why. The mental torture begins.Throughtout t [...]

    23. Apu Borealis on said:

      I'm a fan after just one book. The prose is so perfect, exact, clear covering such a gamut of emotions and thoughts. I felt sheer envy at the way he can corral those amorphous feelings and consciousness into these precise expressions. If I could, I would want to steal his gift.

    24. Hande Çakır on said:

      Kitapta tiyatro yazarı olmak isteyen ancak parasal kaygıları yüzünden senaryo yazarlığı yapmak zorunda kalan Molteni ve karısı Emilia'nin sarsılan ilişkisine şahitlik ediyoruz. Moravia'nın okuduğum ilk kitabıydı ve okurken kendimi film izliyormuş gibi hissettim. Daha sonra yazarı araştırdığımda bütün kitaplarının böyle bir etki bıraktığını gördüm, nitekim birkaç kitabı da film yapılmış. Baş karakterin, karısı ile ilişkisini Penelope - Odysseus ilişki [...]

    25. Salwa on said:

      عندما تطول مدة القراءة عن المعتاد اجد ان كتابة ريفيو قد تظلم الرواية لاني قرأتها على فترات متباعدة جدا (تأتي فترة لا تصبح القراءة شي مهم في يومي) أو ربما بسبب اللودو ستار وقتها قد سرقت وقت القراءة لدي :/الرواية التي تتحدث عن رجل وافق على كتابة سيناريو غير مقتنع به لأجل ان يسدد ا [...]

    26. Phú Vương Trọng on said:

      Những quyển sách mình đọc hết trong một ngày, hoặc là cực chán nhưng mỏng nên đọc cho qua, hoặc là quá hay không rời mắt được. "Sự khinh bỉ" của Alberto Moravia dĩ nhiên thuộc về trường hợp thứ hai. Tiếc là độc giả Việt, cũng như trên thế giới nói chung dường như rất ít biết về "Sự khinh bỉ". Mình không hiểu tại sao, vì với mình đây là một câu chuyện rất đặc biệt và đầy nhữn [...]

    27. Nitthita on said:

      อ่านสนุกครับ คงเป็นเพราะผมชอบน้ำเสียงในการเล่าและวิธีการเขียนแบบนี้คือ เขียนแบบมองย้อนกลับไปพินิจพิจารณาการกระทำและเหตุการณ์ต่าง ๆ ที่ผ่านมาในอดีต แล้วตั้งข้อสังเกต/ข้อสม [...]

    28. Luka Fadiurashvili on said:

      შესაძლოა არ არის მაღალი მწვერვალების დამყრობი წიგნი, მაგრამ გულშიჩამწვდომი და ერთი სუნთქვით წასაკითხი ნამდვილადაა. რომანი არის ზიზღზე, იმ ზიზღზე, რომელსაც მიზეზი საერთოდ არ სჭირდება. უბრ [...]

    29. Bushra on said:

      رواية غريبة ومشوقة تدور حول زوجين غريبين ينتقلان إلى بيت يتملكانه بالتقسيط ويعمل الزوج كمؤلف سيناريو ليدبر المال يضطرب حبهما السابق وتتصدع علاقتهما بسبب تغيير يطرأ على الزوجة فيبدأ الزوج بملاحظات واختبارات ليعرف لماذا ومتى وكيف حصل هذا لكن كيف تعرف ما الذي تغير أنت أم الشخ [...]

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