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Fences The author of the Broadway season s best play MA RAINEY S BLACK BOTTOM returns with another powerful stunning dramatic work that has won him new critical acclaim and the Pulitzer Prize The

  • Title: Fences
  • Author: August Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780785796114
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The author of the 1984 85 Broadway season s best play, MA RAINEY S BLACK BOTTOM, returns with another powerful, stunning dramatic work that has won him new critical acclaim and the Pulitzer Prize The protagonist of FENCES, Troy Maxson, is a strong man, a hard man He has had to be to survive For Troy Maxson has gone through life in an America where to be proud and blacThe author of the 1984 85 Broadway season s best play, MA RAINEY S BLACK BOTTOM, returns with another powerful, stunning dramatic work that has won him new critical acclaim and the Pulitzer Prize The protagonist of FENCES, Troy Maxson, is a strong man, a hard man He has had to be to survive For Troy Maxson has gone through life in an America where to be proud and black was to face pressures that could crush a man, body and soul But now the 1950s are yielding to the new spirit of liberation in the 1960s a spirit that is changing the world Troy Maxson has learned to deal with the only way he cana spirit that is making him a stranger, angry and afraid, in a world he never knew and to a wife and son he understands less and less

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    One thought on “Fences

    1. Brina on said:

      Fences, a new movie starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, is a Pulitzer Prize winning drama by August Wilson. Part of Wilson's Century cycle of plays each depicting one decade of African American life during the 20th century, Fences takes us back to the 1950s when African Americans were first beginning to make inroads into white society. Troy Maxson has been married to Rose for eighteen years. A family man, he has worked as a garbage collector alongside his closest friend Bono during this [...]

    2. LolaReviewer on said:

      What a paradoxal character Troy is.You could analyse him for hours!

    3. BillKerwin on said:

      Whenever I think of Troy, I think of James Earl Jones, the man who created the part. Sure, I saw Denzel Washington in the movie, and Denzel is pretty good in it too, but Troy should be played by a man tall enough and broad enough for tragedy: a massive man, with a massive voice, like ol’ Daddy Darth Vader his own self.August Wilson’s Fences--the greatest play written by an African-American and one of the finest plays written by anybody anywhere—is the story of middle-aged Troy Maxson, once [...]

    4. Majenta on said:

      I read this in college for my "The Drama" course. I'm looking forward to watching the film.

    5. Bettie☯ on said:

      Description: "In his work, Mr. Wilson depicted the struggles of black Americans with uncommon lyrical richness, theatrical density and emotional heft, in plays that give vivid voices to people on the frayed margins of life." The New York TimesFrom August Wilson, author of The Piano Lesson and the 1984-85 Broadway season's best play, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, is another powerful, stunning dramatic work that has won him numerous critical acclaim including the 1987 Tony Award for Best Play and the [...]

    6. Sr3yas on said:

      3.5 Stars1987 Pulitzer prize winner for drama"Some people build fences to keep people out and other people build fences to keep people in"Fences is a very interesting period drama set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the year is 1957. The story is all about Troy, a 53 years old African-American and his family. We get to experience Troy's relationship with various members of the play and each of them is unique. We are exposed to many themes here: Racism, family values, relationships, and death are [...]

    7. Adira on said:

      I highly recommend this play! I saw it performed live in the West End and was blown away. The play itself has so many raw pieces of the African-American culture woven into it that you can't help, but feel as if Wilson is talking to you as he writes the play. It sort of feels like he looked into a piece of your soul and wrote what was hidden deep inside of it. Even if you're not of African or African-American descent, you'll find something in this play to love. The play is a quick read and worth [...]

    8. نقد روز on said:

      در پرده اول، صحنه چهارم، هم تروی و هم بونو داستان های دوران کودکی و سختی های خود را شبیه وضعیت لیونز می دانند. این خاطرات اغلب دردناک آن ها بستری فراهم می کند برای این که به شباهت ها و تفاوت های نسل تروی و بونو با لیونز و کوری پی ببریم. هم چون بسیاری از سیاهپوست هایی که بعد از لغو [...]

    9. Debbie on said:

      Fences is PhenomenalWhat a wonderful play. I wish I had seen the original starring James Earl Jones as Troy Maxson and Mary Alice as Rose. At the beginning of the book it lists the original players and mentally they fit perfectly. I pictured them the whole time. Even though I have never seen this live there is so much life in August Wilson's words that just reading it you can almost see the play. I feel the need to apologize to the memory of August Wilson for living in his birth city and the loc [...]

    10. Sarah on said:

      ميشه نظر نداد؟! ميشه نظر نداشت؟! بايد فكر كنم!پايان بندي، روابط خانوادگي، كاراكتر"رز" و تا حد زيادي "تروي" با مرگ فروشنده مو نميزد، چرا؟!

    11. ♥ Sandi ❣ on said:

      No surprise - great play - an August Wilson play. An average black man in the 1950's - trying his best to make his way in an average American city. Working hard, looking for more, and knowing that his chances are slim to none. The expectations of his wife and children, his expectation of himself and running from both. Responsibilities, vulnerabilities, infidelities and expectations are all witnessed in this short play. This will be a movie in 2017. Reenacted by Denzel Washington and Viola Davis [...]

    12. Rick on said:

      Fences, the sixth in the ten play cycle by August Wilson, takes place in 1957, two years after the Montgomery Bus Boycott began, ten years after Jackie Robinson broke the color line that by a so-called “gentlemen’s agreement” kept African-American players out of the major leagues (but two years before the Red Sox became the last team to include a black player on their team), six years before the March on Washington, seven and eight years before the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Ac [...]

    13. Eryn☘ on said:

      1 StarI really did not enjoy this. Literally, I could not find one thing that I enjoyed in this play. Nothing. There was not one character I could connect to or identity with. So, if I wasn't bored, I was mad at Troy for being so blatantly sexist. Honestly, plays just aren't my thing, so I cannot wait until the day I no longer have to read them for English classes.

    14. Leslie on said:

      A great American drama. The writing is masterful, obviously, but what struck me most on this first reading is the complexity of responses that Wilson evokes from the reader/audience. I am a middle aged Caucasian AP Lit teacher, so while some might expect my reactions to center on the African American experience, what struck me first was the recognizable conflicts between father and son, husband and wife, man and woman. I felt a kinship to Troy, Cory and Rose, even while I watched the fruits (con [...]

    15. Deirdre Keating on said:

      Aidan has been telling me to read this since his Honors English class read it in October. I finally picked it up (to better understand the essay he wrote about it) and devoured it in an hour or two. Talk about dense story-telling! Closer to poetry in a way, capturing so much in so few words. I will never forget Troy, who reminded me of a more-alive version of Willy Loman. Highly recommended.

    16. Josh Caporale on said:

      Fences is a play about race. It is also a play written about family struggles that any family can relate to and endure, but to be a black family in 1957 is an even greater challenge. August Wilson does an outstanding job capturing the moment through the primary perspective of a 53-year-old garbageman in Troy Maxson and a family that can be described as typical in the way that they are everything BUT typical. Fences is the kind of play that is easy to read, but at the same time it makes you want [...]

    17. El on said:

      This was the ninth and last of the Pittsburgh-related books I was able to get to out of the total of 10 before last night's Battle of the Books tournament.Much like most of my reading experiences, this is probably something I read in high school for class and then remembered nothing about it. Or maybe, now that I live in Pittsburgh, it is so highly referenced (for good reason) that it became one of those plays that I just figured I read, even though maybe I didn't actually.This is a quick read, [...]

    18. Maya B on said:

      I enjoyed this play. August wilson brings to light how difficult it was for african-americans to survive during segregated times. It was written as a drama with a dash of comedy. Wilson also gave an outstanding visual of family dynamics. I'm glad I read it and I cant wait for the movie to come out December 25th

    19. Laura on said:

      A working-class African-American father tries to raise his family in the 1950s, while coming to terms with the events of his life.A movie was made based on this play, with Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Stephen Henderson . Directed by Denzel Washington.

    20. Lulu on said:

      Loved it!!! Wish I could see the play, can't wait to see the movie!

    21. Phillip III on said:

      1 Minute Video Book Review:youtu/t2WB_oa6XFM"Can't visit the sins of the father upon the child."A few summers back, August Wilson's play, FENCES, was performed at a local theater. I missed every performance. That was upsetting. I love seeing plays. Recently, I saw that FENCES was being made into a major motion picture with Denzel Washington. With renewed interest, I ordered the play, and read it in one sitting.FENCES is set in the 1950s. The Acts mostly take place on Fridays. Payday. On the porc [...]

    22. Dusty on said:

      Suddenly, this play about an African American garbageman struggling to accept middle age and mortality is everywhere. It is printed in nearly all of the literature anthologies I have been thumbing through for my upcoming class on "Literary Diversity," and it has been turned into a movie starring the apparently Oscar-worthy team of Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. I figured it was time I stopped planning to read it and, you know, actually read it.Like Death of a Salesman and so many other theat [...]

    23. Chin Hwa on said:

      My first August Wilson play, _Fences_ paints a very grim and gripping picture of a hard-hit black family. This is the story of a man who saw his chance come and gone; a father with too much pride; a wife who gave everything in loving fidelity; and a son who must learn to forgive his father who 'done him wrong'. One of the most poignant scenes is when Rose, the protagonist's wife, discovers Troy Maxon has been unfaithful to her and fathered another child. Here's her heartbreaking speech:Troy: Ros [...]

    24. Blue on said:

      Every time I read another play written by August Wilson I think it is my most favorite. I have now concluded, for me, it is impossible to choose a favorite one from his plays. Each play is significantly satisfying in its own way. This play happens in the late Fifties. Troy Maxson is married to Rose Maxson. They have two sons, Lyons and Corey. Troy's brother also stays at the house. His name is Gabriel. Family and friends call Gabriel Gabe.Troy seems to be the radius of the other characters. He i [...]

    25. Kristy Miller on said:

      Fences is about the Maxson family. Troy works as a garbage man in Philadelphia, and is questioning why only white men get to be drivers. His teenage son, Corey, is trying to convince his dad to let him play football, and get recruited by a college. His older son, Lyons, is drifting between music gigs. His brother, who sustained a head injury and mental damage in WWII, has moved out, taking his monthly payment from the government with him. Rose, Troy's wife, is the glue that holds the family toge [...]

    26. Nicole Homich on said:

      Fences is a heart-rending picture of an African American family doing the best that they can in the North that rejected them after their migration from the South. Troy is a hard man, but he is someone that you have to feel for because of all the obstacles that have stood in his way from birth. *Spoiler-ish*Post-slavery, Troy's sharecropper father was a terror to his wives and children, abusing the only power he had, to the point where Troy walked the 200 miles then hitched a ride to "freedom" in [...]

    27. Naomi on said:

      I read this book in 8th grade, but decided to read it again because I forgot alot of stuff in it. But I do remember really enhoying this book because the book centers itself around such themes that made up a black america in the 1950's and 60's. The main character Troy Maxson is a middle aged man who has settled down with his wife and two sons, taking care of his care-free brother and his unsettling job as a garbage collector. His dream was once to be able to become a baseball player for the MLB [...]

    28. Ken Moten on said:

      I will definitely write a more proper review when i get the chance, but I had to comment. I saw this play on Christmas Day after having a copy of it on my shelf for years and DAMN do I feel like a fool for not reading it sooner. The cadence and heart of this play is incredible the characters in their attempt to break out of the cages that society (and they themselves) are trapped is amazing and the the genius of August Wilson is something I wish I had been exposed to so much earlier. I will elab [...]

    29. Mya on said:

      I really enjoyed it; I thought I wasn't going to but it was insightful

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