Batman: Streets of Gotham - The House of Hush

Paul Dini Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs

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Batman: Streets of Gotham - The House of Hush

Batman Streets of Gotham The House of Hush Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen deliver an exciting continuation of the saga of Tommy Elliot and Bruce Wayne in this highly anticipated sequel to HEART OF HUSH Cracking under the strain of living as Bruce

  • Title: Batman: Streets of Gotham - The House of Hush
  • Author: Paul Dini Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs
  • ISBN: 9781401231293
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen deliver an exciting continuation of the saga of Tommy Elliot and Bruce Wayne in this highly anticipated sequel to HEART OF HUSH Cracking under the strain of living as Bruce Wayne, Elliot plans his final, murderous revenge on Dick Grayson, Selina Kyle and other members of Wayne s extended network of friends and allies Will Dick and Damian bePaul Dini and Dustin Nguyen deliver an exciting continuation of the saga of Tommy Elliot and Bruce Wayne in this highly anticipated sequel to HEART OF HUSH Cracking under the strain of living as Bruce Wayne, Elliot plans his final, murderous revenge on Dick Grayson, Selina Kyle and other members of Wayne s extended network of friends and allies Will Dick and Damian be enough to thwart Tommy s plans or will the end of Hush require the return of Bruce Wayne Collects BATMAN STREETS OF GOTHAM 12 14, 16 21.

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      490 Paul Dini Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs
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    One thought on “Batman: Streets of Gotham - The House of Hush

    1. Jayson on said:

      (B) 74% | More than SatisfactoryNotes: It relies on flashbacks to sustain interest in stories where otherwise drab, anemic villains stew, scheme and soliloquy.

    2. Jeff on said:

      Hush is that B list villain that just won’t go away. Like a cockroach or Barry Manilow.Hush aka Thomas Elliot, aka another one of Bruce Wayne’s childhood pals, aka another nutter Bat villain with anger and mommy issues, has sculpted his face to look like Bruce Wayne because the Batman is “dead” for at least half this volume. No worries because Alfred and Batman’s pals are keeping faux Bruce on a short leash. It seems that an old gangster, just released from prison has mad-on for the Wa [...]

    3. Sesana on said:

      Fairly weak installment here. The opening storyline (with the Carpenter character) is a throwaway. I do like the Carpenter herself, most of the time, but the Director character introduced here is just a sad cliche. There's no tension in the story, because there's no question that he must, inevitably, fail. The actual Hush storyline, that makes up the bulk of the book, has a rushed conclusion. (This is probably not entirely Dini's fault, as cancellation was on the horizon.) In the end, it isn't e [...]

    4. Aaron on said:

      The first storyline in this volume, featuring the awful character The Carpenter, almost made me stop reading completely. The Carpenter, a girl who builds traps in supervillains' lairs, is tasked with creating a theater with traps so elaborate they will kill Batman. The guy who hires her is meant to be some sort of Hollywood caricature who wants to catch Batman's death on film, but he speaks only in cliches and terrible puns. Seriously, he says "greenlight" or "director's cut" or "lights, camera, [...]

    5. Sam Quixote on said:

      The first part of this book features the ridiculous “villain” the Carpenter, who sets out to work for a deluded villain director who plans to kill Batman (want to guess if he succeeds?) and film it – it ends how you’d expect. The second part, and the bulk of the book, concerns Thomas Elliott, aka Hush, who is currently masquerading as Bruce Wayne. Predictably he goes from being compliant with his role, to donning the bandages and going after Wayne once he returns. He’s joined by an old [...]

    6. Beckiezra on said:

      The 4 stars are for my feelings at the end more than my overall experience. What happened to Sonny?! Did we just forget the little orphan boy or should I know who he is as an adult or what? Is he the Joker, is that it? Crud. Well that maybe makes me want to lower the rating to 3 stars for making a good kid evilAnyway, I like a little more Batman in my Batman stories, though reading the previous two volumes showed he really was not the focus of the series. The series really makes you sympathize w [...]

    7. Gavin on said:

      OK, so I've read Part 1, and now Part 3, and I think Part 2 will be soon. While I enjoyed a good part of this, (such as the bits about old Gotham with the Elliots, Waynes, Zatanas, and the mafia) there just seemed to be a bit of a let down with how they wound things up. That and the first 2 stories collected in this edition are almost completely useless to the story line. That being said, it was still decent, but surprisingly featured very little of the Batman familyat may be a good or bad thing [...]

    8. Titus on said:

      'House of Hush' is the sequel to the highly acclaimed storyline 'Heart of Hush' by the same creative team: Paul Dini (writer), Dustin Nguyen (penciller), Derek Fridofs (inker) and John Kalisz (colorist).This book was very antecipated when it was first published, and for a good reason: 'Heart of Hush' was a brilliant study of Thomas Elliot AKA Hush's character, and not just that, it was one of the best Batman stories I ever read. And, after all, Dini was the main writer of the iconic 'Batman: The [...]

    9. Scott on said:

      Good, but probably the weakest of the three books. Batman really only has a supporting role this time around. I found the opening story featuring 'The Carpenter' amusing (it looks a fair number of other reviewers didn't really care for it), especially when her narration did not match the shown action. The 'Hush' storyline was best when showing the pre-Bruce lives of Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane.

    10. Stephanie on said:

      I'm going to say that this volume was my favourite out of the three. I preferred the middle->ending of the second volume, while disliking the beginning of that volume. Whereas, with this third volume, I enjoyed the beginning->middle but felt thoroughly dissatisfied with the ending.I'm a bit on the fence about this series as a whole. I've heard nothing but praise for it, however, I couldn't say I felt anything beyond 'meh' for it. It was enjoyable in parts, but overall it was just average, [...]

    11. Mike on said:

      "The House of Hush" (not sure why the title is wrong on here) rounds out Dini and Nguyen's Streets of Gotham title, and it's a solid conclusion. The first two issues, "The Carpenter's Tale", are a light diversion as The Carpenter (last seen in Detective Comics as part of the Mad Hatter's gang) helps out a movie-themed villain to build death traps for Batman. (Weirdly, this all takes place at the Monarch Theatre where Bruce's parents died, but there's no allusion to this at all). The rest of the [...]

    12. Arthur Cravan on said:

      Wow, I didn't realize this was the sequel to the last Batman comic I read when I hired it out. In fact, I didn't realize it until Robin started talking to that other dude. Abuse or something. But sure enough, it's the follow up. Which confused me even more, as all this business with Tommy Elliot being Bruce Wayne & Alfred & others knowing about it was I don't even know where that came from. Anyway, long story short, the tale woven didn't really capture me. The start with The Carpenter wa [...]

    13. Chantay on said:

      what does a newly released aging mobster , a lesser Roman Sionis/Black Mask and Bruce have in common? Absolutely nothing. Well, only that both want to kill Bruce Wayne for no real reason. And Batman is Dick, but then it's Bruce and makes out with Selina a lot. But if Bruce comes back how are we going to deal with Hush/Tommy Elliot. Of course just pass his face around. ta-da Bruce is Bruce again. Which leaves a gaping hole how come no one noticed that Bruce was himself and if so where was he the [...]

    14. Randy on said:

      These stories of a time when Batman is being impersonated are confusing. There are several different stories with several different bad guys. I am confused as to who is who and what they are actually up to.I picked this book up after reading a good Batman book. I had hoped that this would be good as well.I finished the book with the continuing hope of understanding all the different characters.I would not recommend this book. The art was OK, but I need more background knowledge of Batman to get [...]

    15. Nick D on said:

      An interesting approach to a Batman story. The focus shifts from the costumed heroes and villains to the old world criminal gangsters - ones that wear fedoras and chew on toothpicks. Of course it's not without it's meta-criminal moments, but there is something fascinating about an old-fashioned vendetta story where characters eat big sandwiches on the sidewalk in front of a shop called Vito's. It reminds me a little of The Long Halloween, which was mostly about warring gang families. Not as good [...]

    16. Anya on said:

      Filling in more of the Wayne and Elliot tangled backstory, Paul Dini's a stronger writer for letting this story unfold slowly and weaving in all the characters from the Hush stories. The first part has a rather unrelated short about the Carpenter and a new villain bent on filming the death of all superheroes. I hope Dustin Nguyen continues to illustrate this series, everything from the watercolour covers to the ink sketches is beautiful.

    17. Jay Bullman on said:

      I am not a big fan of Hush but I really like Paul Dini stories and Dustin Ngyuen art so I picked it up anyway. I enjoyed this quite a bit. I love the way Dini introduces new characters by delving into the past and then bringing them into the present. Even though this is the last of this series, I am hoping and looking forward to more of this type of take on the Batman universe.

    18. Eric Mikols on said:

      The first two volumes in this series were strong, with book one being the best. The final doesn't hold up though and it all seems rushed and messy. Like Morrison's Batman and Robin, switching Batman's from Dick to Bruce at the third act marker actually hurts the story and leaves it all feeling unplanned. Too bad, but not TOO bad.

    19. Jacquline- Jax on said:

      This is a book about Hush, so why is his story line so dull? It’s like he’s an afterthought to Pierce's storyline. That’s fine for filling the plot but not when it’s called House of Hush. Another thing that randomly bothered me is why/how do all these people keep living with their skin or faces torn off?

    20. Feather Mista on said:

      Por lo que veo, este es el tomo más difícil de conseguir (de hecho, es el último que me falta), y el que más capítulos tiene. Espero que cuando lo consiga (si es que lo encuentro), no tenga que dejar ningún órgano en el camino.

    21. Luis Reséndiz on said:

      en lo que a mí respecta, los volúmenes 1 y 3 de streets of gotham son lo mejor que se ha escrito con hush como villano, la mejor, hasta ahora, visión de hush como el exacto reverso de batman. padrísimos (y, acaso, mejores que el hush original de loeb y lee).

    22. Jorge Martinez on said:

      OkOkin my opinion, the weakest instalment in the Hush storyline. a. lot of room to improvement. I did like the background history about Bruce parents, though

    23. Jeff on said:

      It was mildly entertaining. Maybe it's just because I hadn't read the first two.

    24. Dan on said:

      Am I the only one who finds Hush annoying and boring? Plus a naked masked man who calls himself Bedbug. Yawn

    25. Brian on said:

      The Carpenter's Story at the beginning was lame, but the rest of the book was good.

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