Playing with Fire

Manna Francis

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Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire Another short story in The Administration series Toreth gets angry after Warrick tells him about his one night stand He realizes he is a jealous hypocrite but doesn t really know what to do Sara steps

  • Title: Playing with Fire
  • Author: Manna Francis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 332
  • Format: None
  • Another short story in The Administration series.Toreth gets angry after Warrick tells him about his one night stand He realizes he is a jealous hypocrite but doesn t really know what to do Sara steps in to help.

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      332 Manna Francis
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    One thought on “Playing with Fire

    1. Baba on said:

      4 stars.Warrick has to attend a tech meeting and asks Toreth to go with him. “You mean on Monday?”“Yes. Sorry for the short notice. Call it a sudden impulse.”“A tech conference?” Toreth asked dubiously.“Yes. But it shouldn’t be too dull. The conference center looks excellent, even by corporate standards, and it’s in the Alps. Skiing, if you’re interested.“I’ve never tried it.”“Dangerous, potentially painful, pointless physical activity. Just your sort of thing.” O [...]

    2. Loederkoningin on said:

      Umpteenth reread. Yup. I'm just a sucker for the hot 'n dangerous, angsty fuckery and I'm not afraid to admit it anymore.When I noticed that people on the train were giving me funny looks, I finally realized that I was actually gnawing on my fingernails. Don't mind me guys! I'm just having a bit of a panic attack here because Toreth is completely losing it and Warrick is about to die!"White-hot blinding anger burned through him."AndPlaying with Fire started out amusing enough. With Warrick inter [...]

    3. Laura on said:

      My heart and head feel all twisted up and raw after this story. Manna Francis got under my skin with this one. Warrick is the one playing with fire, but both men get burned here. THIS was a very dangerous move. WARRICK! Very dangerous and cruel. Corporates certainly know how to do revenge up right with one cold, brutal blow. ”He hated most of all this loss of control, this feeling of someone—anyone--having power over him again. Even if Warrick didn’t choose to exercise it, even if he claim [...]

    4. Susan on said:

      I think this is one of the first truly emotional parts of the series . My heart ached for much of this: for Toreth, for Warrick… Silly me, even as much as I’ve read and come to know (but not yet truly understand…not quite there…) these characters, I can’t help but still hope for their happy ending. So, this one hurt. It was a game they probably had to play. But seeing now how much they are capable of hurting each other…Still, I’m glad Warrick did what he needed to do to get Toreth [...]

    5. Shelley on said:

      What a brilliant piece of mind-fuckery. Fan-bloody-tastic!Warrick scores a massive ten points and messes with Toreth's head big time! So satisfying to FINALLY see the tables turned and my emotions oozed evil glee to witness Toreth's jealousyd then Toreth get's mad and then he gets very very scaryoh sweet bloody hell, RUN FOR THE HILLS, EVERYBODY RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!Chilling, absolutely chilling to see what this man is capable of. Just when I thought I knew Toreth, I am completely thrown by him. [...]

    6. Nina on said:

      - Rereread (this is becoming ridiculous): 30.08.13 -Done. I don't even know why I kept reading yesterday night. I guess it's the I-can't-stop Manna Francis effect.Anyhow, I stand by all I said before: this story is fucking gorgeous - and, absurdly (but not really), one of my favourites.- Reread: 29.08.13 -I first read this story before I decided to actually read the whole series, as you can see in the review below, and I have to say that despite the fact that it was quite the deciding factor in [...]

    7. Lenore on said:

      So much for focusing on real life. I read this last night before I went to bed. Big mistake. BIG.Toreth going all alpha and the ways he chose to mark his territory messed up with me in ways I'm not particularly willing to explore right now.Mind fuck anyone?

    8. Julio Genao on said:

      Toreth acquaints himself with life on the other side of the sexual fidelity demilitarized zone, where he discovers that he really Shoulda Put A Ring On It.Things get somewhat out of hand, after that.For those following along at home wishing to update their scorecards, the game now stands at TORETH 438, WARRICK 1

    9. Marina on said:

      "You've got no rights over him. You don't own him. Isn't that what you wanted? Isn't that what you asked him for? You can't even remember how many people you've had since you met him. He does it once, and you are breaking fucking glasses over it. Half of the General Criminal coffee room would probably choke to death laughing if they could see you now. Pathetic fucking hypocrite."Warrick you made it so easy for him, so easy.

    10. Mel on said:

      This story was the best of the bunch yet. It was superb. The level of emotion in the book -anger, sadness, hate, need for retaliation, need for confirmation, need to be loved, NEED- evoked a wide variety of emotions in me. I now understand why everyone thinks Toreth is a scary fucker. But I also just want to hug him and tell him it'll be alright. (Hopefully.)4,5 stars

    11. Trix on said:

      This was a disturbing read. I remember a member commenting on one of the earlier stories that we didn't see something more explicit regarding Toreth's deranged and dangerous personality. We do now.(view spoiler)[I was seriously spooked by Toreth's dream. Maybe more by his calm reaction to it or lack thereof. He was more worried about his emotional attachment to Warrick and how that translated in his ownership by Warrick than the gruesome way in which he let loose and disposed of the faceless fuc [...]

    12. Penny on said:

      My heart is still pounding. This was sooo emotional and full of angst, just what I like the most. I looooved it! I am so glad Warrick had is own affair, it's not only fair but also an awakening call for Toreth. It wasn't mean, cruel or petty, it was necessary for both of them. Their relationship is progressing, slowly, but their feelings are showing more and becoming more apparent to each other. I really hope they keep advancing and finally get to a defined place. I'd like to see them living tog [...]

    13. Connie Cat on said:

      I'm only half way through this series and I'm already worrying if I'll find anything this great to read next!Re-read - even better the second time. “I told you I'm sorry, and I am. I told you I won't do it again, and I won't. I said neither of those things for form's sake, nor to make you feel better. I meant them." Warrick's voice was low but emphatic. "However, I will not apologise for the rest of my life for doing once something that you do with monotonous regularity.”Excerpt From: Manna, [...]

    14. Joy on said:

      OMFG--can this get any better? Kiss and tell--or was that fuck and tell?

    15. Sheri on said:

      Somebody was bound to get burned. It was only a matter of time. How the scorching happened was the shocker. Warrick was certainly going out on a very shaky limb playing this game with Toreth.ave soul."Because I wanted to hurt you." "I wanted you to know how it feels."It never feels as good as you think its going to when you try and dish out what has been tearing you up inside.d poor Warrick made his point. It was effective, but dangerous. Sara bravely approaches the horrendously broken Toreth wh [...]

    16. Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌ on said:

      Not one of you know even remotely how fucking excited I was to read this book. So excited. I love this kind of intensity and angst, and even when I hadn't even begun Mind Fuck, I was anticipating this book. Warrick finally is the 'bad' one for a change and Toreth just flew the fuck apart. So. Happy. It was a good as I imagined and even better. Not only that, the ending was just perfection! *in the mood for free hugs* They are so fucking good together.

    17. Yuki on said:

      I was mindfucked. Through and through. It took some time for me to realize that there was a DREAM involved, to be honest. I was assuming the worst.What a brutal, violent and perfect journey of Keir and Val.

    18. Johanna on said:

      I enjoyed this one tremendously! First of all the feelings of both Toreth and Warrick came across so strong and clear that I felt that I was suffering with them. Secondly I found Toreth's train of thought and his fierce jealousy extremely intriguing - in a very scary and irrational way. Warrick is a wonderful character, but Toreth is so complex and troubled that I find him absolutely fascinating and bizarre. In a way this story was about so much more than cheating, jealousy and trust. It left me [...]

    19. Jerry on said:

      What and apt title. What a horrendous dream Toreth had of what he would to do Kier and his "out of relationship fuck". I was picturing this actually happening when Toreth went back to the conference. Obviously something has happened to him that has allowed him to become involved and care about Kier and Sara. Sometimes not before he screws it up, so far always able to bring things back to normal--more or less. I predict something will happen in a future chapter where he will realize there is a re [...]

    20. Angelica on said:

      Warrick is a better person than I am. It took him long enough. Too bad he came to his senses.

    21. Camilla on said:

      Playing with fire indeed.This short is about Warrick finally getting some, away from Toreth And when he's pissed off, that Toreth screwed someone else, once again Warrick decides to let Toreth know that he screwed around too Which, of course, he has every right to, since they are only "regular fucks" and nothing more than that Nooo of course not Anywho of course Toreth doesnt take the news so well He actually thinks himself, that he's being hypocritical, but still, he wanted Warrick to be his an [...]

    22. Ana on said:

      4.5 StarsI enjoyed this one a lot, the best story so far. I begin to see emotions, finally!

    23. Mich on said:

      **Yep, Spoilers-don't read if you don't want to know ::wink::**Toreth is really getting a bad rap here. I still really don't see why everyone thinks he is such a cruel and evil guy. I mean his boyfriend invites him to this posh ski resort. He travels a far freaking way, and then Warrick slams him in the face with some pretty heavy stuff.Ok, yea- so I know T is a whore and does the same crap. But W knew what he was getting into when he started dating a bi-polar psychopath with mother issues. (no [...]

    24. Elizabetta on said:

      Glorious stuff. Gah, the heat. Toreth has dalliances all the time, tells Warrick about them, and Warrick has put up with it. You can’t expect anything else from Toreth, right? Mr. walking id. Thing’s are changing though. When Warrick makes a confession to Toreth about one dalliance of his own. Just one, Toreth goes bananas.Toreth’s possessiveness and jealousy humanizes him. He feels something, finally. But man can the dude go to some dark places. That dream where he takes his ‘revenge’ [...]

    25. Mara on said:

      I loved this but I didn't want to. Sometimes I don't know who I despise more: Toreth or Warrick. On the one hand, Warrick seems at times like a door mat and other times like a manipulative bastard. But Toreth is at times an emotionally retarded child and other times a thoughtless, selfish bastard with unrealistic expectations. Does someone's mental problems give them a free pass on knowing how to treat people? I don't think it does, but Warrick does't help by keeping on with him and then playing [...]

    26. Lisa Arbitrary - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog on said:

      ~~~Man these books are edgy. I feel like I'm balancing on a very weak ledge and can't quite get purchase. I LOVE that. When I want to scream at the page I know it's good.Manna's writing continues to be top notch and very gripping. Excellent!~~~Take a look at my Male/Male Romance Book Blog:attentionisarbitrary

    27. Lala on said:

      First read on December 18, 2014.Re-read on July 10, 2015.“Because I wanted to hurt you.” A slight, sour smile in profile. “I wanted you to know how it feels.”Ohhhh, burrrrn!Warrick finally showed his claws - and I loved it!!! Jealous Toreth makes a fine sight.ough, ok, my heart ached something fierce for him, too.This was perfect.

    28. Vicky on said:

      Oh YES he did! Warrick knows how to play Toreth like a fiddle. I love Toreth (he needs cuddles), but it was about time he got a taste of his own medicine. It sure got him thinking and the end result was perfect.Another great addition to this amazing series.

    29. Little Butterfly on said:

      Well written, interesting on a psychological level and not lacking in the steam factor, but Toreth starts to really scare me. He's a real psycho and his reactions are frightening. The violence is too much for my taste.

    30. Marlobo on said:

      This story left me melancholic and slightly depressed. Toreth, something shook the floor under your feet, isn't it? Someday you will have to stop blindfolding Warrick to take off yours.

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