Design on a Crime

Ginny Aiken

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Design on a Crime

Design on a Crime Trying to prove her innocence in a murder investigation interior designer Haley Farrell realizes that paintchips and fabric samples do not make a detective Has she been caught in the perfectly design

  • Title: Design on a Crime
  • Author: Ginny Aiken
  • ISBN: 9780800730444
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trying to prove her innocence in a murder investigation, interior designer Haley Farrell realizes that paintchips and fabric samples do not make a detective Has she been caught in the perfectly designed crime

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      223 Ginny Aiken
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    One thought on “Design on a Crime

    1. Lori Henrich on said:

      Haley is starting a new design business. To say she is a little nervous is an understatement. Marge has been in her corner encouraging her from the start. Haley has been through alot in the last several years. A personal tragedy has clouded her entire outlook, especially affecting her faith in God. Then her mother passed away, and now this leap into a new career.Haley has a big rooting section led by Marge. So when Marge turns up dead at the auction where Haley is meeting with her first potentia [...]

    2. Cheryl Landmark on said:

      Actual Rating: 2.5 StarsWhen I first bought this book, I didn't realize it was Christian fiction. I just thought it was a new cozy mystery series that I'm always in the market for. Not that the Christian elements are solely responsible for my rating of 2.5 stars, but they certainly did contribute to it. Don't get me wrong--I'm not adverse to the mention of God and Christianity in a book, but I found this one to be a little too preachy and heavy-handed for my liking. It seemed that nearly every s [...]

    3. Beth Peninger on said:

      I'm guessing this was the author's first novel and I applaud her courageous attempt. It wasn't horrible, it was a pretty decent read, but it wasn't spectacular either. It was what I would expect from a first time author getting her first book published (boy am I going to be "embarrassed" if I find out she's published before this!). Ginny Aiken has a good idea for a series and I'm curious to know if the books in the series get better as she grows as an author. Aiken tries too hard to be "relatabl [...]

    4. Melissainau on said:

      My interim comments on this really say it all. I'm not rating it because it is so not for me. I'd give it 2 stars because I am generous. Even if I were religious, I don't think it would be more than a 3 star crime novel. It's muddled and there are too few clues to the killer's identity. Meanwhile, no-one much mourns the dead woman because omg! She was promiscuous 15 years ago! And she was an agnostic! I was amused/horrified by the psychologist who proselytized to her patient and the gossipy doct [...]

    5. Daphne Self on said:

      The reader is introduced to an Agatha Christie-like cozy mystery meets Inspector Clouseau-style heroine in this charming murder mystery, Design on a Crime: Deadly Decor Mystery.Maybe not a profound whodunit story, but this book packs a wallop with the list of suspects, the main one being designer Haley Farrell, bungled "snoop" sessions, comical happenstances between her arch-rival Dutch and the "Karate Chop Cop", and Haley's downs-and-ups in her faith.The main story may seem more of "who killed [...]

    6. Saphie on said:

      I loved the general plot of this book, but had a few problems -This book is excessively wordy - I found myself skimming over paragraphs because I felt they were to redundant. I applauded the author's wide vocabulary, yet somehow at the same time it annoyed me.It doesn't help that I'm not the sort of person whos super into fashion, caring about different fabrics and exact shades of colors. But I cant hold that against the book, since I knew going in it would have some of that. This should have be [...]

    7. Brandi on said:

      I have read many Christian fiction novels and mysteries, and most of them feel as if a little religion is thrown in so they can call it Christian. This one, on the other hand, was nearly painful in its preaching. In fact, this is one of the few books I haven't been able to finish. I found the main character just plain annoying, and the mystery started out OK, but turned into a side note after all the religion came into play.As I said, I am definitely not opposed to Christian fiction. This was ju [...]

    8. Melissa on said:

      I'm so glad I'm finally done reading this book! I wanted a good mystery, something akin to my childhood favorite Nancy Drew books. I was very disappointed. I finished it because it's a neuroses of mine, but if I could have allowed myself, I would have put it down. The author dealt with a murder mystery and a trauma victim, and I didn't think she did either very well. Honestly, my favorite part of reading this book was roasting it in this review.

    9. Martha on said:

      What I liked about this book is how strongly the author dealt with the heroine's angst about her faith issues. Hailey's lack of faith is very plausible, and how her father and friends helped her address it was right on the mark. I will say the murderer was not who I thought it would be, so the ending was a surprise. Good book, and I look forward to seeing how Hailey evolves in her new business and her foundling faith.

    10. Cassiday Tamillo on said:

      Another freebie. Generally a decently written book, but I feel like all the free mysteries I download lately end up having a heavy hand with Christian beliefs. While I personally can look past it to the plot of the book, I can see it being distracting to most. Especially since it's not listed as being religious fiction. Decent plot, believable characters, will probably give the second in the series a shot.

    11. Kristin on said:

      The story itself was ok, but it was all the pontificating that really turned me off. I read for fun, not to be preached at. Also, Dutch, one of the characters was VERY annoying. I will not read another book in this series.

    12. Tina Suttles on said:

      Not badModerately interesting, not too long. For anyone who doesn't enjoy references to the Christian faith, probably not your kind of read.

    13. Susan on said:

      The story was just about okay but the overlying God aspects became too much, too sugary, and really spoilt the tale for me.

    14. Abbi on said:

      Very light mystery. Decent writing, interesting characters, but the plot got a little thin at points. The mystery mostly served as a vehicle for the personal growth of the main character.

    15. TheReadingKnitter/ Kasey on said:

      I started this book on 04/11/2009. I quit this book on 04/12/2009. This book is just a little to cheesy for me it seems so I'm moving on and maybe I'll try this one again later

    16. Rachelle Lerner on said:

      I enjoyed this book even though it had a definate point of view that is not mine.

    17. Carie on said:

      HIGHLY recommend! Very good first book in a series. Excellent characterization - believable, well balanced (good/bad in each character). I could easily "feel" the characters and identify with them esp Haley. Good, flowing storyline. "Honest solution" (all info given) but not obvious until end. HIGHLY recommend. I was looking forward to reading the next 2 books but, as good as this book is, I will not be paying $5.99 each.

    18. Barbara on said:

      Enjoyable and fun.This story pulled me in right away. The many different characters and personalities were so well developed I felt like part of the neighborhood. I loved the variety of women who made me laugh and stress out. I will be reading more by this author as she made me laugh.

    19. Ahmed Kandeel on said:

      كتاب رائع ومتميز يوضح بكل بساطة طرق واساليب حديثة فى اختيارديكورات المنازل وكيفية استغلال المساحات الضيقة وتحويل اركان البيت لتحفة ديكورية رائعة وايضا يوضح طرق عمل تنسيق للحدائق وحمامات السباحة هو كتاب شامل

    20. Linda on said:

      This was a sweet cozy mystery. I did not guess the identity of the killer until the heroine did, and I'm still not QUITE sure I understand how the murder was accomplished. However, I like Haley, and the possible love interest will bring me back for book #2 in the series.

    21. Nora St Laurent on said:

      Haley Farrell is taking a chance on herself. After earning her interior design certificate, she quits her retail job and opens a decorating business. But starting her own company may be tougher than she first thought. Just as Haley's first assignment gets underway, she suddenly finds herself as the prime suspect in a murder investigation. What's worse, the victim is Haley's best friend and mentor, Margo Norwalk.Reeling from Marge's death, Haley soon realizes that the only way to prove her innoce [...]

    22. Lisa on said:

      This book was enjoyable, yet irritating. The main character was quite annoying, but she get better by the end. It was interesting reading a book where the main character was a Christian, at first I was excited, as I too am a Christian, yet she was rather annoying, and her friends and family seemed rather pushy about faith which I found irritating. The main character in this book, Haley, is an interior designer, well can you really be called an interior designer if you haven't actually worked as [...]

    23. Melonie Kydd on said:

      REVIEW This is a book that kind of has a multi-genre approach I found as it is a mystery, christian fiction and a chick literature genre, which I can honestly say that the Ginny Aiken covers wonderfully. I loved reading this book as it kept my on the edge of my seat and also gave me "feel good" feeling when reading as it addressed faith and compassion while Haley was working on solving the mystery and dealing with her past. I found Haley to be a wonderful heroine and main character as she displa [...]

    24. Michelle on said:

      Deadly Decor MysteryBook 1When I first came across this book, I thought chic lick. Based on the cover, it looked like a classic light-hearted, humorous, and somewhat silly sort of read. But this woman had it rough! She bravely quit her job to start her own business while living at home with h er now-widowed father. But her hopes at her first big interior decorating job was stopped when one of her best friends was murdered! She is held holding the "smoking gun," and all the evidence, motive, and [...]

    25. Yvonne Moncovich on said:

      Murder by designHaley is through with interior design school and ready to hang out her shingle. Marge sets her up with aLead on a huge job. Until marge turns up dead, with Haley as the prime suspect. Framed for a murder she didn't commit, the memories of a crime in which she was the victim are leading her down a twisted path. Can she find the real killer before the police throw her in jail? Will the God her father preaches about really abandon her again?This is the first Christian cozy mystery I [...]

    26. Deb on said:

      plot summary: what happens, when & where, central characters, major conflicts[return]haley is trying to get her career as an interior designer. at an auction, she stumbles across one of her friends--who has just been murdered! now she is a prime suspect in the murder, and in self defense she decides to try to figure out who did it. along the way she continues to deal with her personal battle with insecurity, following a rape she experience years ago. mostly this book is just a fun mystery, w [...]

    27. Christy on said:

      The beginning was really good with the excitement about the auction and would Haley get the job and then the murder. And then it wasn't so good. Haley was a very unlikeable character - whiney, friendless, and downright mean and rude. It took way too long to get to the root of her "past" and why it has affected her present so much. By the time it was finally revealed, I kind of didn't care. What was the purpose of the Dutch character other than to show up everywhere and yell at her? Bella was ann [...]

    28. Lisa on said:

      2.5-3 Haley Farrell risked it all to open her own interior decorating business, and her first client should be huge--a mansion being auctioned off, and the lady who's dead set on buying it will hire Farrell to do it over for her. When the auction house owner is found dead right before the sale and it turns out Farrell is the woman's heir, Detective Lila Tsu, who's also a member of the dojo Farrell frequents, is on the case, and it seems she only has eyes for putting Farrell behind bars for this [...]

    29. Mary on said:

      Design on a Crime - started out a bit slow for me. The protagonist in the story, Haley, had just signed on as a designer and her mentor had asked her to work an auction with her. During intermission, her mentor went missing, and Haley was the one who found the bloodied body. With all fingers pointing at Haley, she became the top suspect. Haley sets out to clear her name, and to figure out who killed her mentor. Some of the scenarios that take place don't quite seem plausible, but as the book is [...]

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