The Story of Beautiful Girl

Rachel Simon

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The Story of Beautiful Girl

The Story of Beautiful Girl It is Lynnie a young white woman with a developmental disability and Homan an African American deaf man are locked away in an institution the School for the Incurable and Feebleminded and h

  • Title: The Story of Beautiful Girl
  • Author: Rachel Simon
  • ISBN: 9780446574464
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It is 1968 Lynnie, a young white woman with a developmental disability, and Homan, an African American deaf man, are locked away in an institution, the School for the Incurable and Feebleminded, and have been left to languish, forgotten Deeply in love, they escape, and find refuge in the farmhouse of Martha, a retired schoolteacher and widow But the couple is not alone It is 1968 Lynnie, a young white woman with a developmental disability, and Homan, an African American deaf man, are locked away in an institution, the School for the Incurable and Feebleminded, and have been left to languish, forgotten Deeply in love, they escape, and find refuge in the farmhouse of Martha, a retired schoolteacher and widow But the couple is not alone Lynnie has just given birth to a baby girl When the authorities catch up to them that same night, Homan escapes into the darkness, and Lynnie is caught But before she is forced back into the institution, she whispers two words to Martha Hide her And so begins the 40 year epic journey of Lynnie, Homan, Martha, and baby Julia lives divided by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, yet drawn together by a secret pact and extraordinary love.

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    One thought on “The Story of Beautiful Girl

    1. Jessica Bell on said:

      I don't think I can articulate how wonderful this book is without sounding corny. I cried. From happiness and melancholy and a deep, yet satisfying sadness. This is a remarkable story. Beyond remarkable. If only I could give it six stars. No review is going to do this book justice so just read it. Though, Janice Phelps Williams' comes as close as one could possibly get. If you want to read it, go here: openlon/blog/janicephelI'm just going to leave you with my favorite line from the book:"Each p [...]

    2. Jaline on said:

      Book Summary:It is 1968. Lynnie, a young white woman with a developmental disability, and Homan, an African American deaf man, are locked away in an institution, the School for the Incurable and Feebleminded, and have been left to languish, forgotten. Deeply in love, they escape, and find refuge in the farmhouse of Martha, a retired schoolteacher and widow. But the couple is not alone-Lynnie has just given birth to a baby girl. When the authorities catch up to them that same night, Homan escapes [...]

    3. Kata on said:

      I picked up a stinky read. I can't say this book was positively stinky, because it started off with great intensity and a plot with a very interesting premise. Secondly, I cannot say it was too stinky because I read it from cover to cover. I try very hard to finish anything I select. My three stars are solely based on the premise of the plot and the enthralling beginning. I was pulled in until about half-way through and then it turned like a banana left on a sunny window sill. Bring on the stink [...]

    4. Elyse on said:

      Update: I've chatting about this book -again- with a few friends recently. I wrote my small review years ago -here on .Its a wonderful novel. The 'blurb' should tell you enough 'to choose'.For meis is a novel I 'still' never forget. So--its had years of lasting memories.I just noticed there are 'mixed' reviews --(glancing through)but I will mention a little something about the author. She did her research. --She knows 'this' type of story well. This book is one of those hidden gems --people ofte [...]

    5. Kristin Cruz on said:

      I blame Rachel Simon. I blame her for the bags under my eyes and the toothpicks holding up my eyelids. And, it's all because of this book, The Story of Beautiful Girl. 3 nights this week it's had me just one more paging myself into a 2:30 am bedtime. Y'all, I have to tell you about this book. Editorial reviews describe this book as an enthralling or unlikely love story but it is so much more. In fact, by calling this book a love story, I think the editors do it a disservice and turn away a bunch [...]

    6. Irene on said:

      This is a sentimental story ready made for a Life Time channel movie. The primary characters are supposed to steal your heart from the opening pages. There is a cognitively impaired young woman who has spent most of her life warehoused in a grossly substandard institution after being abandoned there by a family in the 1950s who does not know what to do with this handicapped 9 year old. There is a young man isolated because he is a deaf mute who is confined to the same institution as a teen who w [...]

    7. ❀Julie on said:

      This was a beautiful and inspiring story about a couple in love who, along with a newborn baby girl, escape from an institution for the "incurable and feeble minded" back in 1968, and what follows up until 2011. It touched me on a personal level, so was at times a bit disturbing, as I cannot imagine my child being put in an institution back in those days. But it shows how far we have come in helping those in need and not leaving them to be forgotten or given up on, or even mistreated, and most i [...]

    8. Diane S ☔ on said:

      I had only read to page 11 when I had the feeling that this book was going to be something special and quite possibly one of the best books I have read this year. So it was. I am usually a quick reader but when I like a book alot I tend to slow down quite a bit as I did with this book. One night changes the lives of all the characters, either directly or indirectly,and it is in turn heartbreaking, compassionate and joyful.

    9. Suzanne on said:

      What a glorious story. Very special. Homan and Beautiful Girl are two souls separated by a horrible system of 'care' for the disabled. The author has a sister with a disability and this is evident from the insights, understanding and beautiful way the story is told. How she captured and described the most inner thoughts of the main characters is amazing, and I love the character Kate. This book was such a nice read, and still has me thinking.

    10. Cheri on said:

      Beautifully written story of the story of life and love within the walls, and briefly outside the walls of a "Home" for developmentally disabled youth in an era when children like Lynnie were more hidden from the world. Although she has spent most of her life behind the walls of the institution, Lynnie has known the love of her family, craves that bond and develops a relationship with Homan, a young man whose deafness lands him in the same institution. They escape together and end up seeking ref [...]

    11. Donna on said:

      I'm beginning to think I'm one of the fussiest readers ever. I'm being generous with giving this 3 stars, because I really struggled to finish this. The book can be cut in half, the first half creating a somewhat plausible storyline and the engaging me in the saga. The second half spun into a crazy quilt, seemingly arranged to bring about the Lifetime Movie ending.There is no question that the warehousing of 'different' children was terrible in the past of this nation. And the author is to be pr [...]

    12. Gloria on said:

      I am notoriously stingy giving out 5 stars.In my mind, a book deserving of "my" 5 stars (I realize people rate books on different merits) must not only be well-written, but it must have some lasting impact on me. And perhaps even leave me changed somehow.Within the first 30 pages of this book, I realized it was going to for sure get 4 stars. But as the story moved forward, as the characters became more real, as the days segued into years and then decades, I felt my own frustrations linked with t [...]

    13. Kim on said:

      A beautiful story! I can totally see a movie being made from this. 3.5 stars!

    14. Barb on said:

      I really enjoyed Rachel Simon's memoir 'Riding the Bus with My Sister' and was excited to see she had recently published a novel. When I read what the novel was about, I thought Simon would be able to bring a special kind of insight to the story because of her own relationship with her sister who has a developmental disability.The story opens after Lynnie and Buddy escape from the School for the Incurable and Feebleminded. Lynnie has a developmental disability and Buddy is deaf. While on the run [...]

    15. Dem on said:

      The Story of Beautiful Girl was a book I had been looking forward to for quite awhile. The story takes place in 1968 a time when people with disabilities were shut away in institutions forgotten by their families and the world.On a stormy night in a small town in America a couple desperate and soaked to the skin knock on a strangers door. When Martha a retired schoolteacher answers their knock her world changes forever.The couple at the door are Lynnie and Homan who have ran away from the School [...]

    16. Marta on said:

      É ainda emocionada, passado poucos minutos de acabar de ler este livro que escrevo estas linhas.Este livro não é um livro fácil nem leve.A escritora, soube agora ao ler os agradecimentos, tem uma irmã defeciente mental.Escreveu uma história bonita e comovente.Não fui capaz de pousar este livro (excepto para dormir e trabalhar) até o acabar.Senti durante a leitura várias emoções como raiva, pena, revolta, ternura, admiração, alegria e tristeza.Entrei num mundo que desconheço. Sonhei [...]

    17. Debbi on said:

      As soon as I finished this book, I wanted to start it all over again.The Story of Beautiful Girl surpasses most of what I've read this year. Great characters who seemed so real, it felt like I'd met them Simon gives us an eye into their souls. Place was done so well that it seemed like being in a movie. I cannot remember when a book passage gave me goose bumps and this happened more than once here. Enough said: I LOVED this book! Rachel Simon is definitely one to keep an eye on please keep writi [...]

    18. Melissa Crytzer Fry on said:

      This novel really gripped me from the first page. The story premise kept me reading because I simply had to find out more about these deeply troubled characters, their tragic lives, their current unfathomable circumstances and their futures. Lynnie and Homan, residents from the School for the Incurable and Feebleminded, escape and Lynnie soon gives birth outside the school’s walls. When she is captured, Lynnie is forced to entrust a stranger with her newborn (officials from the School don't kn [...]

    19. Kara on said:

      This book was really amazing, but it was also really hard for me to read. I have a sister 10 years younger than me with Downs syndrome and it was hard to not envision what her life could have been like if she'd been born in that time or if my parents were like Lynnie's. People who are "special" are just that and my sister has been the greatest blessing for our family. How some people do not see it that way is so ridiculous to me! Lynnie and Homan's story was so touching and captivating that I cr [...]

    20. Laura on said:

      This book tells the story of Lynnie, Homan and Martha, whose lives are brought together suddenly. Lynnie and Homan are locked away in an institution, the School for the Incurable and Feebleminded. In love, Homan orchestrates their escape, and during their three days of freedom Lynnie gives birth to a baby girl. While on the run, they make their way to Martha's farm, and when the police and warders from The School arrive, they are recaptured - but not before Lynnie leaves the baby with Martha, as [...]

    21. Agatha on said:

      This is the same author as RIDING THE BUS WITH MY SISTER and BUILDING A HOME WITH MY HUSBAND. This one is fiction, though, while the others are both based upon her real life. I regrettably have to say I preferred her nonfiction books. This was written somewhat vaguely and I thought the characters were a bit simplistic and two-dimensional. At times, the action also seemed slow, and I found myself bored and/or not looking forward to getting back to the book. I do admire what she was trying to do h [...]

    22. Anna on said:

      I loved this book! The story begins with Lynnie and Homan showing up at Martha's house one stormy night with a baby girl. Lynnie and Homan have been institutionalized at a "school" for the disabled. They had escaped looking for a better life, but the officials traced them to Martha's and Lynnie is returned to the school. Homan manages to escape and Martha keeps the baby. The author gives voice to Lynnie, Homan, Martha and Kate, the kind social worker in charge of the cottage in which Lynnie and [...]

    23. RoseMary Achey on said:

      In the late 1960’s a beautiful young developmental disabled woman is raped by one of the attendants in a musty closet of the Pennsylvania Residence for Gifted Children and Adults. This woman’s name is Lynnie, she is 22 years old and has spent the past 10 years living at “The School”. Lynnie befriends a deaf African American man also a resident at “The School”, and they plot their escape. Lynnie is pregnant as a result of the rape and she has seen the horrors of babies who live at “ [...]

    24. Connie on said:

      Lynnie, a young white woman with a developmental disability, is thought of as "Beautiful Girl" in the mind of Homan, a black deaf man. They are both institutionalized in Pennsylvania in 1968 when they run away. Lynnie had been raped at the institution, and knows she has to get away to give her baby a chance when it's time to give birth. The couple get help from a retired widow, but Lynnie is captured by the authorities from the institution while Homan manages to escape into the woods. Lynnie ask [...]

    25. Heavensent1 on said:

      The Story Of Beautiful Girl is an enthralling love story with many obstacles in the way thwarting the lovers from being together for decades.The story begins with Lynnie a young and beautiful disabled white woman with limited speech abilities and Homan, a deaf-mute African American man, who have escaped from the Pennsylvania State School of the Incurable and Feebleminded in the last 1960's. Lynnie is pregnant and it is imperative to the two that the baby not be born under those circumstances.The [...]

    26. Janice Williams on said:

      Like waiting for a holiday, a vacation, or a very special event, anticipation is a big part of the pleasure and following along with Rachel Simon, via her blog and Facebook page, as she did a pre-release tour for her newest book, The Story of Beautiful Girl, helped get me through winter doldrums and kept the May release date firmly in my mind. I had read the online excerpt and was sure Beautiful Girl would become one of my favorite books. Titles that are on a special shelf; books by Amy Tan, Lis [...]

    27. Sarah on said:

      Four stars for subject matter, three stars for execution. This is an ambitious work of fiction. It explores the lives of a young woman with a developmental disability who is institutionalized by her family, and a young man who winds up in the same institution because of his deafness. It casts an unflinching gaze on the horrible practices within the institution. Those passages were excellent, and I think the book was at its best when stepping behind the curtains without moralizing. It was obvious [...]

    28. Deborah on said:

      This is one of my favorite books of 2011, and possibly one of the books that most impacted my thinking this year.A beautiful novel of friendship and survival under the most dire of circumstances, it's a book that is both heart-wrenching and challenging of everything we may have thought we knew about our country's past dealings in the mental health system.I was just captured from the first sentences of the book. The characters are magnificent in their rawness and their abilities to rise above wha [...]

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