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Eva Gray

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Behind the Gates

Behind the Gates In a terrifying future world four girls must depend on each other if they want to survive Louisa is nervous about being sent away to a boarding school but she s excited too And she has her best frie

  • Title: Behind the Gates
  • Author: Eva Gray
  • ISBN: 9780545317016
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a terrifying future world, four girls must depend on each other if they want to survive Louisa is nervous about being sent away to a boarding school but she s excited, too And she has her best friend, Maddie, to keep her company The girls have to pretend to be twin sisters, which Louisa thinks just adds to the adventure Country Manor School isn t all excitement,In a terrifying future world, four girls must depend on each other if they want to survive Louisa is nervous about being sent away to a boarding school but she s excited, too And she has her best friend, Maddie, to keep her company The girls have to pretend to be twin sisters, which Louisa thinks just adds to the adventure Country Manor School isn t all excitement, though Louisa isn t sure how she feels about her new roommates athletic but snobby Rosie and everything s a conspiracy Evelyn Even Maddie seems different away from home, quiet and worried all the time Still, Louisa loves CMS the survival skills classes, the fresh air She doesn t even miss not having a TV, or the internet, or any contact with home It s for their own safety, after all Or is it

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    One thought on “Behind the Gates

    1. Kelly H. (Maybedog) on said:

      The characters were very real to me but there wasn't really a plot through most of the book. It was obvious we are suppose to think the school is evil but it sounds like an amazing place, environmental, focusing on people and personal strength rather than technology. Phys Ed is constructive teaching the kids the kinds of thing they learn at outdoor camp. I also did t get a very good feel for the War and what was really happening in these girls lives before arriving here. But it was a decent read [...]

    2. Meghan on said:

      A slightly edited version is also posted on Luxury Reading and a shortened version is posted on my blog, Books and a Cup of Tea.Louisa lives in a world plagued with war. Nothing is the same, and it seems nothing will ever be the same again. In order to protect her and her friend Maddie, Louisa's parents send them to a boarding school called Country Manor School, where they have to pretend to be twin sisters. But when they arrive, things just start getting weirder and weirder. First, they have to [...]

    3. Giovanni Gelati on said:

      A Middle school book to share with my youngest daughter on occasion is fun and breaks things up a bit. Next week I will be reading a Brett Battles middle school novel, and sometime later I believe the new John Grisham YA novel also. Okay let’s get this rolling along and find out what is between the covers:“In a terrifying future world, four girls must depend on each other if they want to survive.Louisa is nervous about being sent away to a boarding school -- but she’s excited, too. And she [...]

    4. Peep (Pop! Pop!) on said:

      I ended up liking this one. It almost could be Young Adult, not because of the subject, just because of the interactions between the girls. I don't know how many books are planned for the series, but if you took the first five books and squished them into one book, it could definitely pass as a young adult book. But because of the length and the lightness, it's more middle grade.The way that Louisa and her friends interacted was good. At times I had to remind myself that they weren't 16 year old [...]

    5. Michelle on said:

      I really enjoyed this middle grade dystopian focusing on four young teenage girls at a boarding school. Dystopian is the big thing right now and I'm excited to see it being written for the MG crowd as well. Tomorrow Girls is a fast, fun read that is perfect for the middle grade reader.Eva Gray introduces the reader to a world that has been destroyed by war - a war that is still going on - and four girls that are sent to a boarding school by their parents. The main characters are Louisa and Maddi [...]

    6. Nancy on said:

      This is a different take on the usual high school theme. Four girls are sent to school in the future where the United States is at war with the Alliance. For their own safety, they surrender all electronic devices, jewelry, and even their personal identification bracelets. They are then trained in the fine arts of survival in the wild, archery, sharp shooting, canoeing, and occasionally English and other studies. It's grueling. It's difficult. The roommates don't always like each other and they [...]

    7. Amy Jacobs on said:

      With all of the hype surrounding dystopia themed books lately, it is no surprise that the younger teen books are jumping in on the trend. In the tween book Behind the Gates by Eva Gray, we get to peek into the future of how schooling for our children could be if wars have destroyed our country.At first, I couldn't really get into this book. While it had all of the elements that have sucked me into the dystopia world, I couldn't seem to make a connection with the characters. For me, there is a fi [...]

    8. Indi on said:

      awesome book! it's definitely for middle grades. very good plot twist and plot! very well written!

    9. Lisa Schensted on said:

      in a sentence or so: since the war started, things have been very different for everyone. for Louisa and Maddie, they're shipped off to a secluded boarding school that teaches them about responsibility, writing without computers, and survival.Louisa and Maddie are best friends under the guise of being fraternal twins. in order to ensure they end up at the same school, Maddie's ID bracelet is tampered with and both girls end up at Country Manor School. as if getting up at 5:30 every day isn't bad [...]

    10. Kait on said:

      Originally reviewed and posted on Victor's VillageWe usually don't talk about much outside The Hunger Games, but when we were contacted to review a young adult dystopian book that might appeal to Hunger Games fans, we couldn't resist!The book is Behind The Gates, the first book in Eva Gray's Tomorrow Girls series.The story is told from the point-of-view of Louisa Ballinger, a 13-year-old girl who is sent to the Country Manor School with her best friend, Maddie. She's not sent there because she's [...]

    11. Kelsey on said:

      This was my first middle grade dystopian and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Eva Gray created a unique and frightening future, where no one is safe. In so many dystopian novels of late, the focus is on older teens and their experiences, but Behind the Gates focuses on four thirteen year olds. This was refreshing and made it all the more interesting. It also made me wonder- would I have been able to do the things they did at that age?The novel opens when Louisa and her best friend Maddie are leaving to [...]

    12. Cassidy on said:

      This books is about these for girls Louisa, Maddie, Roise, and Evelyn. This book is in Louisa's point of veiw. There are four books in the series and each book is about one of the girls. The theme of this book is these four girls are figuring out why before the war they have to leave and where they are leaving to and then when will they get to come home. They figure out they are on the boarder line of Canada at a camp called Country Manor School(CMS). Then the conflict is the four girls are on t [...]

    13. Selma on said:

      This book was okay. I was looking for an easy read, and this book caught my attention. However I felt like the characters were always complaining, and it got annoying. But I did like the overall plot of the book.A terrible war has broken out, and Louisa's parents have enough money to send her and her best friend Mattie off to a boarding school, which is supposed to keep them safe.Once there, all of the girls' electronics are confiscated, for their safety they're told. They meet their room mates [...]

    14. D.M. Dutcher on said:

      It's half a book. Four young girls are bussed off to an exclusive private school in the Minnesota woods, and with the rest of their class, are taught things like wilderness survival and naturecraft. It's set in the backdrop of a mildly dystopian USA at war with a shadowy alliance. Of course, the school has more sinister plans. Unfortunately, it ends just as a normal book would start. The book sets up the conflict, and not too well. The character's aren't bad, and neither are the details, but the [...]

    15. Kathy Martin on said:

      In this future the US is at war with the Alliance. The Alliance has almost completely conquered Canada and Louisa's parents send her from Chicago to Country Manor School to assure her safety. But CMS is a little strange. It is isolated and the girls there have no contact with the outside world. They spend a lot of time learning survival skills like canoeing, camping and shooting with a bow and arrow or .22. Louisa likes the school because she excels at these skills. However, at least one of her [...]

    16. KWinks on said:

      I really liked this! Dystopian lit for tweens!! I know many Middle Grade girls who would love this series. It has a little bit of action, a little bit of friend drama, some survival skills, and more. I think this series will be popular.I also love when characters in books read books. The books mentioned in this book are A Tale of Two Cities and Julie of the Wolves. This opens this book up as a great partner book for a tween book club or classroom read. From the preview of the next book in the ga [...]

    17. LauraW on said:

      OK, high quality literature, this is not. But exciting and interesting it is. There is enough foreshadowing to make a forest, but still, somehow, the book grabbed me and kept me interested in reading further. I like the shifting and believable interactions between the characters. But there is one thing that annoys me - these half-books (or part-books). The ending is such a cliff-hanger that it is hard to think that it really counts as a whole book. I suppose that means that they get to sell more [...]

    18. Jeff Raymond on said:

      This book is one of those that you appreciate more as you get toward the end of it. What starts out as a garden variety boarding school conspiracy tale ends up being a lot more once you get through to the end, and it ends up working well enough where I'll be actively seeking out book two.The best part, for me at least, is that it's (finally) a different take on the whole dystopian rush we've been seeing as of late. Some nice government conspiracy (which doesn't occur enough in kids books) and so [...]

    19. Angela on said:

      Girls too young for the Hunger Games might give this preteen thriller a try. It didn't really hook me until then end, but I can see it being popular with the 9-11 year-olds who've been forbidden to dive into the brilliant brutality that this books YA counterparts offer. For adults: 2 stars in the beginning, 3 stars at the end just in time for the next book (simultaneously releasing). Lack of stars more for the writing than the story/plot.For kids: maybe 3-4 stars?Yay! for the Chicago and Minneso [...]

    20. Scott Freeman on said:

      This is a great middle-grade dystopian tale. It seems like this is the first in a four-part series that will come out every two months throughout 2011. I plan on giving it to my 10-year old to read. Perfect for that age group.

    21. Laura on said:

      It was okay. Easy to read. Told a lot instead of showing. Obviously not written for my age group.

    22. Leisa on said:

      Great book for my classroom. Great ending! Now, I have to read the next one to find out what happens next!

    23. Autumn on said:

      Good kids' dystopian lit. It was age appropriate which is rare in MG/YA. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

    24. Ebony on said:

      I actually thought I wasn't going to like it when my friend bought it for me, but boy was I wrong.

    25. Sharon on said:

      This is a fantastic adventure book for girls in upper elementary. (I say 'girls' because there are really no boy characters ,but I am sure some boys would enjoy it anyway. ) The story takes place in a future, war-ravaged America. Families with enough money are offered the opportunity to send their young teens to a 'camp' somewhere in the country. Once there, all electronic devices are taken away so the kids have no way to communicate with their families at home. Boys and girls are strictly separ [...]

    26. Olivia on said:

      At first, I thought it was a decent book but later on the characters just annoyed me! And the plot was so weak. I do not recommend.

    27. Awjtf on said:

      Great book! Couldn't put it down! Can't wait to read the other three in the series!

    28. Stephanie Harms on said:

      This series is amazing! It will have your attention right away and it remains engaged. Things aren't always as they seem!

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