The Melting Season

Jami Attenberg

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The Melting Season

The Melting Season From one of today s hottest novelists a provocative story about friendship and self discovery Catherine Madison left her small town in Nebraska after her husband deserted her She s also left behind he

  • Title: The Melting Season
  • Author: Jami Attenberg
  • ISBN: 9781594484995
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • From one of today s hottest novelists a provocative story about friendship and self discovery Catherine Madison left her small town in Nebraska after her husband deserted her She s also left behind her most shameful secrets of a family and a marriage that have plagued her with self doubt On the road, she s trying to become a new person But running away from the past iFrom one of today s hottest novelists a provocative story about friendship and self discovery Catherine Madison left her small town in Nebraska after her husband deserted her She s also left behind her most shameful secrets of a family and a marriage that have plagued her with self doubt On the road, she s trying to become a new person But running away from the past isn t as easy as she d hoped Her journey leads her to Las Vegas, where she forms surprising new friendships that compel her to reveal what she d sworn she d keep hidden, and teach her what human connection really means.

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      295 Jami Attenberg
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    One thought on “The Melting Season

    1. Ami on said:

      So funny story One of the ladies in my book club picked "The Melting Season" for our monthly book. As this book got stranger and wierder (and I'm no stranger to wierd) I kept waiting to figure out what this nice conservative-ish lady saw in this book containing a penis enlargement surgery, transvestite celebrity look-alike one night stands, and scores or other sexual wierdness. When we got to the book club meeting and started giving her a hard time about it, she had no idea what we were all talk [...]

    2. Judy Mann on said:

      This book was stunning. Absolutely stunning. I kept putting off writing this review because whatever words I found to describe it sounded wrong. What I'm trying to say is that this story is a precious one.Yes- that is the story - a country girl steals her husband's money and leaves him. Period. She ends up in Las Vegas- where she meets Valka-a fabulous mess of a woman.I have to say that Valka was one of the most fantastic and beautiful characters that I have ever read. She took my breath away.At [...]

    3. Bethany on said:

      You probably shouldn't have clicked view spoilers.You have been warned.Okay. So this started out pretty promising.Woman seeks independence! She has a tragic past! She's stolen all/most of her husbands money! And now Vegas! A sudden friendship! Beatles impersonators!Then we start delving in her past:Penis. Tiny penis. Nubby penis. Penis. Penis. Penis.I just what? I what?Okay, so all this info was revealed very slowly and in a different order, but I'm just diving right in. Basically the main chara [...]

    4. Jennifer Armstrong on said:

      A great book about cool women that doesn't include one cliche -- a rare find, and a compulsive read.

    5. Jennifer on said:

      While I really enjoyed following Catherine/Moonie/Cathy through her journey, I do have one complaint. The character doesn't use any contractions. I know it is petty but the everytime she speaks I want to shake her and say "People don't talk like this!!!" Overall, was an easy read and a inspiration that it is never too late to find yourself.

    6. Melissa on said:

      I have tried, twice now, to get through this book. I may return some future day-but for now-no thanks.

    7. Jane on said:

      I cannot say that I loved this book, in so much that I loved the author. I loved the way Attenberg drove me through the chapters of a story about a bored and lonely soul who's only good luck in life, is the fact that she married a pathetic man with enough money to help her have an adventure of a lifetime when she finally get's abandoned by his sad ass. I was empathetic and at the same time curious, kind of the same feelings I had when I saw the movie Selma and Louise. If you're a meyers briggs t [...]

    8. Chris on said:

      This is a really outstanding book. I'm not a big fiction reader, so my thoughts may not count for much, but I was consistently riveted and entertained by Attenberg's story of journey and realization, most of all by her strong, concise prose style. Attenberg populated Moonie's thoughts with thoughtful observations while still noting that the character isn't used to trafficking in thoughtful observations. There's that annoyingly common compliment that a writer "really understands the mindset of th [...]

    9. Jinky on said:

      It was a chore to read this book. I thought about giving up but then I pushed forward hoping it'd come together by the end. Nope, not really! The mysterious and "not feeling" protagonist (Catherine) stayed pretty much that way okay, maybe there was an implication that growth had taken place but I felt that it was one of those imagery endings that did not work here. Don't get me wrong, I don't need the ending to be neat and explained remember, I liked Murakami's Kafka on the Shore, but I was no [...]

    10. Paula on said:

      This is a story of a Nebraska women who flees her small town life, an unhappy marriage, a controlling mother and a needy pregnant sister and heads to Las Vegas where she briefly lives the fast life. There she confides in a women with whom she develops a strong friendship and is able to move forward and confront the life she has abandoned. The book is about mid western life and sensibilities, and at the same time delves into the world of stardom and celebrity. Although some of the people seem lik [...]

    11. Sonya Doernberg on said:

      At first I wasn't sure this book was for me--an Omaha woman in her mid-twenties takes a big chunck of her husband's money and heads to Vegas, staying in a few raunchy motels along the way. I hate Vegas! However, once the main character gets to there, the book gets interesting and deep. It kind of sucks you in and you can't put it down until you finish. It passed the Sonya test! Definitely a worthwhile read! I haven't read anything else by the author but will probably take a look at some of her o [...]

    12. Kevin on said:

      There's some really intriguing stuff for many readers to enjoy here. I really liked the descriptions of the Midwest and the frostbitten scenery and people in it. The Las Vegas scenes are fun and snappy. And the storyline about the husband who wants to "correct" his small penis is a pretty unique element too. The revealing bit toward the end about the mother and her bedtime story is pretty crushing.

    13. Laura Hogensen on said:

      Attenberg's female characters are honest, nuanced, and non-cliche. My one peeve, however, was that the main character does not use contractions in her speech, and I could never figure out why. In my head, her voice had a stilted, formal, robotic quality, and maybe that's what JA was going for when she was writing, but it ended up being more annoying for me than adding anything to the character.

    14. Jenny on said:

      I just didn't really enjoy this book. It was another book club selection and if it weren't for that, I probably would have stopped reading it mid-way through. I just couldn't relate to the characters and the story was kind of dry. Also, I felt like the story kind of jumped around and didn't explain enough in certain areas. All in all, I would not recommend reading it.

    15. Doriana Bisegna on said:

      I have already read one of Jami Attenberg's novels and thought I would give her earlier work a try. I enjoy Attenberg's writing. Her novels are full of interesting characters and their voices are strong. While not a page turner, I was immersed in the story and in the character's lives.

    16. Lynn Pribus on said:

      While I love love this writer, another reviewer hit it on the head when she also loved the writer, but not this book. Typical insecure protagonist, but this one gathers the courage to flee from desolate Nebraska farm country to Las Vegas with all the money in her joint bank account she holds with her husband who has left her.She meets and becomes friends with a rather strange, but caring woman in LV, eventually returns to the farm with the money, but~~~ No spoilers here!

    17. Caitlin Constantine on said:

      I thought the book had promise, not least of all because it's Jami Attenberg and she's written several short stories and essays I really liked. It had moments that I could relate to, as a woman who was married young to alet's call him "difficult." You know, the kind of person who has difficulty conceiving of other people with needs and ideas that exist outside of their own concepts of themselves. It's easy to get sucked into a relationship with a person like that, and I thought Attenberg capably [...]

    18. Jennifer on said:

      I really liked this author's first novel, _Instant Love_. This new book has the same zippy writing, and I was sucked right in. But, in the end, it didn't quite work for me.The premise is that a young woman leaves her husband behind in Nebraska and flees westward with a suitcase full of money but no plan. The reader gets to try to figure out what happened to her to make her go on the run. Sadly, the answers are pretty mundane. And, in a novel that is so focused on relationships, I didn't quite be [...]

    19. Lisa on said:

      Catherine Madison has left her husband and her town of Lincoln, Nebraska. All she has is a suitcase full of cash, a dysfunctional family, and years of pent-up secrets. She meets Valka in Las Vegas and this new friendship helps Catherine deal with her life. At first I thought this book was slow, but the writing is just sparse. It pulled me in in spite of myself. I wanted to find out what Catherine's secrets were, though I had to be patient. There are good, well-drawn characters, and some well-pen [...]

    20. waitwaittellme on said:

      This is the kind of book I always go for-woman on the run and on the road to self discovery, meeting quirky characters along the way, within an atmosphere of suspense. Sadly, this one was just meh for me. I think it was my inability to get inside the character's heads or really empathize with where they were coming from. They just weren't that well developed or interesting, and their choices did not always make sense within the context of who they were. It also just wasn't exciting enough for my [...]

    21. Carol on said:

      o Catherine heads west to leave behind a damaged marriage and a damaged family. She ends us in Vegas where she met a lady and they became good friends. Catherine’s story of her life at home with her husband and her problems with her mom come out while talking with her friend. With this being therapy, it gives Catherine the courage to go back and get her pregnant sister away from the Mom also.o 03/19/2010 - 5 - This was another recommended read. It had too much negativity and not enough hope an [...]

    22. Kelly on said:

      Disconcerting story about Moonie - a woman struggling with the ramifications of a brutal assault on her mother. The mother becomes an abusive, raging alcoholic; the father becomes a shell who distants himself from his family; the sister becomes the school slut; and Moonie is in a marriage where "she can't feel". She flees to Las Vegas and discovers that she needs closure for herself and her sister. I appreciate the journey that Moonie takes, but the book wasn't very engaging or though provoking. [...]

    23. Jodi on said:

      When Catherine Madison falls in love with a boy named Thomas, the love is so complete and all encompassing that when he nicknames her Moonie it sticks so well that everyone takes to calling her Moonie. As is often the case in small midwestern towns, this one located in Nebraska, Moonie and Thomas marry soon after high school. However, the couple doesn’t get the happily ever after teenagers often dream they’ll get. Of course, because if they did why would there be a novel?Read more

    24. Rachel on said:

      If you think the Middlesteins are dysfunctional, they are nothing compared to the characters in this book also by Attenberg. After reading it, I now understand why many reviewers called The Middlesteins her break-through book and its being treated more like a debut than the author's third novel. While I felt like I knew all of the characters in The Middlesteins, I had a hard time relating, and feeling sympathetic for, anyone in Melting Season.

    25. Cflack on said:

      I have mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed Attenberg's writing style and will definitely try reading another of her books. Her main characters were empathetic and well developed. I loved both of them and their developing friendship. For me the plot/journey was the weak point. The re-telling of how Catherine got to where she was, was a bit clunky and the description of Catherine and Valka's first encounter was a bit too "meet cute" for me.

    26. Dorinda on said:

      REad on a friend's recommentdation who is usually a good resource. She missed on this one. It was awful, cliche, trite, straining credulity and predictable. Not worth the time it took even if the author could describe Nebraska sufficiently to get you there, there was no reason to go there once she had.

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