Mystique: Ultimate Collection

Brian K. Vaughan Jorge Lucas Manuel García Michael Ryan

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Mystique: Ultimate Collection

Mystique Ultimate Collection Mystique has used her powers to go against the X Men in their battle for mutant human coexistence for years but in this complicated world Mystique begins to find the battle lines are no longer so cl

  • Title: Mystique: Ultimate Collection
  • Author: Brian K. Vaughan Jorge Lucas Manuel García Michael Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780785155119
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mystique has used her powers to go against the X Men in their battle for mutant human coexistence for years, but in this complicated world, Mystique begins to find the battle lines are no longer so clear In exchange for protection, Mystique reluctantly agrees to work for Charles Xavier But instead of being invited to join the X Men, Mystique is asked to participate in poMystique has used her powers to go against the X Men in their battle for mutant human coexistence for years, but in this complicated world, Mystique begins to find the battle lines are no longer so clear In exchange for protection, Mystique reluctantly agrees to work for Charles Xavier But instead of being invited to join the X Men, Mystique is asked to participate in politically sensitive operations as a secret agent Can this former mutant rights terrorist be trusted Collecting Mystique 1 13

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      458 Brian K. Vaughan Jorge Lucas Manuel García Michael Ryan
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    One thought on “Mystique: Ultimate Collection

    1. Anne on said:

      4.5 starsAlso reviewed for Addicted2HeroinesLook what Mama found when she took the kids to the local shop for Free Comic Book Day!So this is a few years old, but it's aged very well. From the slick art (that bumped it up half a star) to the timeless quality of the story line, this is one that I can see myself enjoying just as much in another 10 years Homeland Security has finally managed to capture the mutant terrorist, Mystique. Seconds before she's about to get put down for good, Magneto crash [...]

    2. Sesana on said:

      I vaguely remember when this series was released. It was, I think, around the same time that Morrison was writing X-Men. I had zero interest in reading it. I've never been a big fan of Mystique in general, and the sexy covers were kind of a turn off. I didn't read Emma Frost for much the same reason, though I admit that these covers are at least a step above those. And I never would have, if not for Anne's very positive review. Thanks, Anne!I really am glad I read this. I really didn't know what [...]

    3. David Schaafsma on said:

      I read this because I try to read everything by Vaughn, and had passed this one by. I did not look forward to reading an X-Men comic, really, but I knew he would add something to it, and I'm not wrong. Mystique, the shapeshifting assassin, one of the interesting bad guys in the Marvel universe, in this run is given the focus (if not a lot of depth), and becomes a sort of world-traveling espionage superhero who gets involved in geopolitics everywhere and surprises you with wit and great character [...]

    4. Allie Mayenschein (alliecatreads) on said:

      I really enjoyed this! While Mystique in this graphic novel was definitely different than the Mystique we typically see in the X-Men movies, I still really enjoyed this. It had a super intriguing plot, it blew my mind, made me fall in love with the artwork, and it was just a really fun time. If you are a fan of X-Men, then I highly recommend you check this out!

    5. Mercedes McLean-Wheeler on said:

      While I liked this series quite a bit, I still have some mixed feelings. It's an interesting study of Mystique, but it's far from Vaughan's best work. I think this likely because I like his work best when we get a fleshed out view of multiple perspectives, watch characters interact, and gradually see his masterful worldbuilding. But because this collection was so focused on Mystique, we didn't get much of anything else. Ultimately, if you want to read it because you love Mystique, I think it's a [...]

    6. Angel on said:

      When I picked this up, I was intrigued that Mystique had her own series. Even though she is one of the "bad guys" in the X-Men universe, I do find her intriguing. This series has Mystique up to her neck. She has made enemies around the world, and they all want her head. So, she makes a deal with Charles Xavier to be one of his clandestine agents: people who can do some sensitive missions that will not be traced back to Xavier or the X-Men. In exchange, she gets protection. The collection is a pr [...]

    7. Andrew Uys on said:

      I'm not surprised to find this 13 issue run by Brian K Vaughan to be one of the best Mystique stories around, largely because Brian K Vaughan never writes a bad comic book. Forced to work for Professor X, Mystique becomes his X-Corps' off-the-books fixer/agent. Taking place during a period of the X-Men (or X-Family) that I'm not very familiar with, this makes the read even better, as it serves as both a great stand alone series, steepled in espionage and "black ops" styled missions, and also off [...]

    8. Lori on said:

      Professor Xavier recruits Mystique to use her spy skills to further his agenda of protecting mutants around the world. Mystique finds herself in uncertain circumstances as the somewhat straightforward premise rockets from one desperate situation to another. The overarching plot falls apart toward the end, particularly in regards to the big baddie, but the general idea of Mystique using her abilities for the good of others was interesting.

    9. Heather on said:

      What an intense story line. Much more engaging than DC comics. New favorite villain is The Host, amazing concept.

    10. Hadas Sloin on said:

      A great run of this classic character!I admire Mystique since the days of the animated series, and I was delighted to read a story she's at the center of. Vaughan's Mystique is confident, kick-ass and non-apologetic. But more than that, she is a complex character with a grey moral compass. The independent stories could be more interesting, but I don't feel they are the important part of the story. Also - I love the strips in which Mystique is in mid-transition. I can't get enough of these.

    11. Jodi Geever on said:

      This comic was solidly okay. I didn't *need* to read it. I had higher expectations for the character Mystique. But the comic had some high points: *Much shape-shifting fun*Blurred lines regarding the nature of Mystique's (moral) character*Much needed butt-kicking*Globe trotting fight sequences*A strong female lead who's comfortable with who she is. But at the end of the day, I expected more. Better writing, deeper character development and backstory. Three stars.

    12. David L. Grant on said:

      EhBeautifully drawn but the writing leaves something to be desired. This feels like a man writing a woman and the character comes off as having no depth. Not sure if this is because of the writer of because the direction of this project lacked clarity. It's nice to look at though.

    13. Laura Baker on said:

      Is this book perfect? No. Did I enjoy reading it? Heck yes. The sexy art was obnoxious, and there were definitely some cringe-worthy moments, but there were also some really great characters, and I was consistently needing to know what would happen next. So it was a worth while read!

    14. Lizzy on said:

      I really enjoyed this book! Mystique is a very interesting character, and my only complaint is that I wish we got more into her personal life and family backstory a little more, but overall it was a great read.

    15. Michael on said:

      Shortpack: "You´re a wanted criminal?"Mystique: "Well, not in every country. I´m pretty sure I smoothed things over in Mauritania."Lazaro: "You´re American?"Mystique: "Nah, I just shoot like one."Mystique, unser Lieblings-Shapeshifter, hat den Bogen überspannt und wird so ungefähr von jeder Regierung dieser Erde als Mutanten-Terroristin gesucht, tot oder lebendig. Als ihr langsam die Puste auszugehen scheint, ergreift Prof Xavier die Gelegenheit und bietet ihr einen Deal an: Mystique soll f [...]

    16. Chelsea on said:

      This was pretty entertaining. My interest never really wavered and this was the first time I really read anything with a lot of Raven so I can't speak to how in character it was. I enjoyed the characters and Mystique's relationships with Forge, Shortpack and Charles. The plot lines were pretty interesting, as well. I was mostly moved by Mystique's motivations. She doesn't see herself as a hero to anyone yet she saves several people in this book. Her views on humans appear to be just a tad less e [...]

    17. Paige on said:

      "All humans are created equal Equally worthless"Ladies and gentleman, this is your anti-human protagonist- the beautiful, deadly and sardonic Mystique, of mutant fame.I pulled Mystique into my collection because I have big love for anti-heroes- even though she's technically a terrorist- Mystique is allowed to play up her limited compassion and talent for violence in exchange for having her interests safe guarded. What says 'anti hero' better than 'doing it because I have no choice'? I think they [...]

    18. Alaina on said:

      I liked seeing the development of Mystique's character and learning more about her. I had some mixed feelings about the political/social agenda that seemed to be constantly going on, but I guess it doesn't hurt to educate the masses about the Cuban Missile Crisis, terrorists and concentration camps that America has created in the past, and apartheid in South Africa. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of one of the artists in the volume--I believe he did the last couple chapters of stuff an [...]

    19. Jay Rox on said:

      this was a fun ride if you are familier with the character (Mystique) she is portrait as she should be Brian K. Vaughan didn't try to re-invent the character played it pretty safe for the most part. Mystique is basically working as a secrete agent for Professor X on sensitive missions that the X-Men cant be linked to. story's were not bad we had a few moments were she hesitates to pull the trigger wen the old Mystique wouldn't have so you see her slowly embracing her new journey as a heroin & [...]

    20. Rick on said:

      This felt like Vaughn getting lazy. It definitely lacked the depth of his other projects (ie: Ex Machina, Y: The Last Man) and felt very basic and structured. There were some elements introduced to attempt to spice up the very simplistic "secret agent doing secret agent missions but being a mutant while doing it!" story structures, such as the mysterious person trying to convert Mystique to being a double agent. However, by the end of the volume (and Vaughn's run on the title), this plot line ge [...]

    21. Matthew Price on said:

      Well-written espionage antics with an X-Men flavor. Mystique is a beautiful blue mutant who can shape-shift, making her a near-perfect spy.Brian K. Vaughan (“Y: The Last Man,” “Lost”) explored the concept of Mystique working as a secret agent for Charles Xavier in 13 issues of the “Mystique” series.Vaughan approached Mystique not as a villain, but as a conflicted potential hero, pursuing what she sees as civil rights for the mutant race. With fast-paced espionage, “Mystique” shou [...]

    22. Dayna Ingram on said:

      You and I both know that Brian K. Vaughan is entirely capable of delivering a hearty main course to his readers. It's just that here, it feels like Marvel specifically requested that he do up a delightful yet low-calorie dessert plate, and that's exactly what he did. While it is delicious, it is not exactly satisfying in the way a big ol' t-bone or rack of ribs might be, you know? EXTENDED FOOD METAPHOR FOR THE WIN

    23. S on said:

      I was sold on this book by being told it was about a queer shape-shifter mutant lady being James Bond, and that is exactly what I got so I'm pretty satisfied. Mystique was beautifully written and the adventures were both fun and slightly more intense than the reviews here had led me to believe. My only real problem was the extremely crude artist used for the first six issues; it's always a shame to see good writing paired with poor artwork.

    24. Colton on said:

      My cliche response would be "good but not great." I've been craving espionage/superhero hybrids lately and this certainly meets those qualifications. However, the opening arc is too slow even for an ongoing series. Not much action seems to happen and it takes forever for a very quick resolution. Past this point the book gets better but not fantastic. Not Vaughan's best work but still enjoyable, especially if you're a fan of Marvel's premiere shape-shifting assassin.

    25. Friedrich on said:

      Take a complex character from the X-Men comics and give it to a top writer - what might sound like a great read turns out to be quite light entertainment.Explosions and shootings within a few spy tales are nothing more than okay.The artists are quite good and benefit from elaborate colorists.Overall a nice book, but don't expect too much.

    26. Patrick Williams on said:

      Good, straight ahead, super-hero story from BKV. No startling revelations here, Mystique, under coercion from Professor X, teams up with Forge to run some missions. There are some typical double agent intrigues presented here, but no real twists, like I said at the beginning, just good, straight ahead, super-hero story from BKV.

    27. Arin on said:

      The stories were great but what made me love this the most was, obviously, mystique. Aside from her wit and snark, which were pretty funny most of the time. I really loved her characterisation! It was way more deeper than the earlier versions of mystique, who was just simply an 'evil mutant'. Also I enjoyed the artworks!

    28. Ana Rînceanu on said:

      This volume does require some suspension of disbelief at one point (view spoiler)[(like when Mystique is found carrying fake paperwork at the border, she shifts from a woman to Fidel Castro in plain sight and somehow this doesn't compromise her mission?! Oh please!) (hide spoiler)], but I really liked the last third of this book even if the last panel felt a little unearned.

    29. Ellie Massey on said:

      Actually a 4.5.I just couldn't get over the fact that Xavier could walk it just didn't compute for me.Brian K. Vaughan's signature style and humour were all over this graphic novel and I really loved the way he brought Mystique to life in a way that was much more true to comic book Mystique than movie her.

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